Multi-Award Winning Inner Transformation Specialist, Courage Catalyst and Author Tiffany Crosara presents

 The Transformational Truth of Tarot 

Re-opened 11/1/23

A powerhouse of tried and tested

multi-award-winning transformational tarot techniques

Are you ready to open to the magic of transformative tarot on your purpose, passion and partnerships?

Through journeying with the major arcana of the tarot (the BIG why behind your life), every day becomes magical, as you connect directly with the divine in yourself, others and the Tarot.  

See a dramatic difference in your life in just one month with:


  1. Self-acceptance – through journeying with the major arcana, you discover the magic in you. Seeing yourself as a precious purposeful being with something truly wonderful to give yourself first- and then others. 
  2. Understanding your own dynamics, and those in your relationships. You connect with clarity and know how to blossom into a truly graceful and self-sufficient wise wo/man.
  3. Communication becomes super clear – as you learn how to communicate in a way that is heard, understood, well-received and supported. 
  4. Connection with yourself and others goes through the roof in a good way as a by-product of number 3. 
  5. Relationships to yourself and others heal in a way you never dreamed possibleas your practical magic connects you to your higher self and the person you are becoming. 
  6. Physical realm  Transform the unhealable into healable – from the mind through the soul, right down to the body. Kiss goodbye to anxiety, depression and burnout (because of points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
  7. Money What is it you want? To buy or sell that house?Start earning a living from your soul purpose? Set your intention and show up committed, asking for what you need and implementing then it can happen within three months.  

With the help of 22 Divine Guides at work in your life, the hardness of your life dissolves and your ability to receive becomes effortless and magical.


    • Manifest your dream relationships?

Surprise yourself with how fast your relationships transform. Experience the understanding, support, love and respect you’ve been craving (even from some relationship write-offs).

    • Align with your legacy:

Discard disconnection and discover the divine plan to your life and your “super-natural” gift. Replace confusion with crystal clear knowing how to co-create what you were born to be, do and have in divine harmony with the “YOUniverse”.

    • Transform ancestral karma:

Free yourself (and the next generation) from ancient ancestral wounding – it’s the best present for yourself, the world and your children (if you have them).

    • Discover divine magic is REAL and how to tap into it at the drop of your hat!

Fast track your soul map of evolution as 78 of your guides manifest and get to work on your life! Imagine the power in that?!

  • Become the Boho CEO of your life! – If you choose to.


The Transformational Truth of Tarot is for the Intuitive who wants to power up their Purpose, Passion and Partnerships at the rate of a Miracle a Month


Re-opened 11/1/23


Tiffany said I’d be amazed, and I am!  “I lost myself, and worst still, that was normal. I signed up, Tiffany said, ” you will be amazed at where you will find yourself at the end!”  It couldn’t have been more accurate.  I found myself, my freedom, my independence, my creativity (I started to draw for the first time since I was 4) I ran a marathon, left my marriage, sold my home, started a relationship my boy and I am truly happy in. My stress and worry levels disappeared and the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s been so epic I wrote a book about it!”

Claire Chilvers –  Now Tarot Author, Consultant and Blogger- Forever Consciousness.  UK

After activating the magic in the major, it’s time to open the minor arcana – which there is nothing minor about btw!

The major arcana are the “puppeteers” of your life, the big why behind what’s playing out. The minor are the puppets, so in module two these puppets  play out with passion and purpose in the following:

  1. With the Swords it gets Mental – Infusing you with a stellar high-level mindset that spurs and inspires you forward, propelling you into even more of a powerful divine warrior/ess than you already are.
  2. With the Cups it gets Emotional – Learn to let go, release being a human doing and go into being a human being, immerse yourself in divine timing so instead of contracting, controlling and constricting the life out of what you want, relax and receive.
  3. With the wands it gets Creative – Know who you are, what your gift is,  and let it shine by transforming people-pleasing and procrastination into inspired creative action.
  4. With the Pentacles it gets physical – Manifest from the place of self-worth so you attract the right people and opportunities into to your life.


Since graduating, Fiongal set up The Wellness Foundry and has been named one of London’s Top 10 Tarot Consultants by Time Out Magazine, and regularly appears in the Metro, The Independent and Cosmo as well as other mainstream media… He now has a deck and a book on the way.

“I’m stronger in myself, my tarot abilities and psychic sensitivity – it’s really exciting. A lot of my self-doubt has gone, and I’m easing into things more. The difference in my abilities and myself are staggering. I thought I knew more about the tarot than I did, but I see this as a positive thing. It has been humbling; reflects my growth and progress;  I feel truly ready to be reading for paid clients. I have also found tarot to be a great inspiration for my creative processes and writing – there are some characters that I have merely lifted from the Rider Waite Deck!”

F. Greenlaw – The Wellness Foundry

If you wish to, you can also learn how to become the Boho CEO of your life with ‘The Grad’ 

Earn from your reason for living (even if you already are, but feel like it could be better)

Here’s how:

  1. Identify – who you are, what you do, how and who you serve.
  2. Communicate –clearly so the world understands how you serve them.
  3. Spot – your nightmare and dream clients so you only ever do the work you want with the people you want when you want, the way you want.
  4. Serve –  your dream clients’ transformation in a way that’s congruent and consistent for them,  you and your cash flow.
  5. Launch –to your audience and start earning from a pool of identified dream clients instantly – No website needed.


“I’ve studied with many mentors, they all gave me a piece of the puzzle, however, Tiff saw me as a WHOLE person helping me find and put my unique self and purpose together, she understands me and she’ll understand you too, you have nothing to lose by booking a call with her because you won’t get the hard sell either!”

Jocelyne Kelsey Leach

And if you are a Tarot Reader …No more for entertainment purposes only! It’s now time for highly regarded and highly paid purposes only!

  • Ready to receive wholehearted support for your purpose?  

  • Ready to stop treating the reason you were born as a plaything?

  • Ready to stop letting the world dictate to you how they treat you or Tarot?  


Accredited Transformational Truth of Tarot Graduate Certification*

Learn how to attract your ideal clients and create and hold a safe space for one-to-one transformation for your own unique program through The Transformational Tarot as a basis for the structure to bring you your ideal clients that will pay you specialist prices consistently.

Accredited Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Guide Certification*

Learn how to hold a safe space for group transformation through being a Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Guide for the Award Winning Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer process and find a fun and safe ready-made tried and tested way to step into leadership!

*£150 per assessment/exam – one pass required for certification.


I’m living my soul purpose – a travelling spiritual teacher! “I’m so lucky I found Tiffany. A repeat pattern from my childhood had me stuck going nowhere and I didn’t believe I could change it. I’ve broken the cycle and got way more than a high level of high self-esteem. My vision became clear and my life is now full of unconditional love, laughter, excitement, courage and most of all peace. I’m living my soul purpose teaching spiritual practices around the world and helping people transform the vision of themselves and Tarot! I have made friends with a lot of interesting people, some celebrities too!”

Wendy Yeung, Travelling Transformative Tarotist – Toronto, Vancouver,  Hong Kong & The World!



  • Weekly Transformational Truth of Tarot Lesson

You’ll be led expertly through the tarot from The Fool to The World and beyond. By learning what it is truly made of, welcome to the world of mythology, numerology, astrology and kabbalah all in one.

  • Fortnightly Transformational Truth of Tarot Zoom

Every fortnight, zone into a zoom to connect with your tarot family, learn from each other,  create magic and get the support you need.

  • Daily Support Facebook Family

The quality of a small intimately held group regulated by Don Miguel’s Five Agreements combined with the daily support from me and my team  –  means it’s safe to share and deep friendships blossom accordingly.

  • Weekly Transformational Truth of Tarot Sessions

Once a week, you’ll connect with another member in the community to conduct Transformational Tarot Sessions together, this is where the real practical magic happens.

  • Weekly Accountability

You’ll receive weekly accountability questions – answering them propels you through any blocks and gives instant revelations, you’ll really look forward to this weekly time for you!

  • Monthly 11-day Live Boost

Once a month I show up on daily FB lives for 11 days in a row to give you a power boost on your current journey with the Tarot.

  • My Multi Award Winning Coaching 

I’m looking out for you, taking an interest in you, I’m on the journey with you, I’ll call you out when you need it, and guide you lovingly to the next rung of where you need to be – always in alignment with Don Miguel’s Five Agreements. As a scholarship-awarded Coach with The Coaching Academy- my superpower is in seeing your patterns, holding the mirror up, helping you see the alternative to break the chain and bring in the magic and transformation that is often so hard to let in when you are intuitive.


  • The Transformational Truth of Tarot Fortnightly Zoom Intuitive Facebook Family
  • The Transformational Truth of Tarot – lesson by lesson
  • Weekly Transformational Truth of Tarot Readings
  • Regular Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer sessions
  • Monthly 11-day live power boost
  • £150 per month (free one-month trial inside Manifest a Miracle a Month starts 11th Jan)
  • No contract –  cancel anytime.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot 

Re-opened 11/1/23

Is for the INTUITIVE that:

      • Lost themselves in others and knows it’s time to put themselves first and is willing to do what it takes.
      • Is looking to be part of a community of like-minded souls.
      • Can’t work out why they can’t get themselves out of the relationships/work/mental or physical health/or family funk but know they need to and now.
      • Gets this is more than a course, it’s a daily spiritual practice of how to live a life that will give you miracles and commits accordingly.
      • Is excited by the prospect of learning tarot in a transformative manner and is willing to open their mind to let go of any ways they may have learnt before.
      • Has a curious, non-judgmental flexible open mind.
      • Is always looking for the bigger picture and understands these things work in mysterious ways. 
      • Is ready to work with intention – even if your intention is to find out what your intention is. 
      • Ready to look at the behaviours that no longer serve and transform them accordingly.
      • Is honest, open and ready to communicate and ask for what they need. 
      • Values fun, honesty, commitment, growth, and community.
      • Is committed to looking at how much they have achieved above and beyond how much further they have to go.
      • Is happy to play and take imperfect action of 1% progress a day rather than 100% perfection. 


The Transformational Truth of Tarot

Is NOT for the INTUITIVE that:

      • Just wants to learn tarot – this is WAY more than a tarot course.
      • Is looking to be saved and to get more than they put in.
      • Says they are up for transformation but when it comes down to it, aren’t – actions speak louder than words.
      • Is stuck on seeing tarot as a predictive thing or wants to learn meanings and spreads.
      • Wants to be right, or needs to prove something. 
      • Is unaware of boundaries and gives unsolicited advice and isn’t up for learning a new way.
      • Is stuck in the shame and blame victim cycle of projection and isn’t up for personal change.
      • Wants to use the community for free weekly transformative tarot sessions but not return. 
      • Isn’t truly ready and willing to practice the five agreements (below). 
      • Sees feedback as an attack rather than necessary to get you to where you need to go.
      • Is always looking for reasons why they can’t rather than why they can.
      • Struggles with tech and doesn’t want to learn – even in the times of covid. 
      • The intuitive that takes things personally, goes into over-emotionality and defensiveness, makes assumptions and resorts to passive-aggressive projection.
      • The intuitive that over-analyses everything and isn’t up for being shown a different way.


  • Why it’s felt more like a curse than a blessing 

  • Why its been so hard to receive (until now)
  • What TRUE intuition is
  • How to use it wisely
  • Who you truly are
  • How to be empowered in relationships
  • How to be an empowered intuitive


Ever heard “Spiritualised is Traumatised”?

Not here.

You may have trauma, but this is the place you stop acting from it and heal. You’ll see this being reflected back through transformed:

  • Relationships
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Health


Nobody has an abundance or business problems, only personal problems that become abundance or business problems.

  • Get ready, willing and able to receive energetically
  • Clear years of low self-worth 
  • Receive consistent cash flow and step-by-step help to launch to my audience to fast-track it for you!


Transformation of all your relationships happens from the beginning.

Whether that’s your mother or your lover, your children or your colleagues, your friends or your foes.

They transform as you find the truth of who you are, what you need and want and how to communicate it.

Walls drop where once were needed, as the reasons for the walls fall away. 


Many have gone through this program and come out the other end free of the issues that there was no cure for before.

Now I am not talking about Cancer or HIV etc, but afflictions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, weightloss and burnout are big ones that have had a high success rate.

This happens because once you are in the program you can no longer ignore your intuition and carry on doing what isn’t right for you.


As you go through the program your purpose, passion and creativity come alive.

Have you always wanted to write a book or create a deck?

We’ve had people do both, quite “by accident!”

People who believe they they aren’t creative, get shocked by what they find.

We’ve also had plenty of people leave their jobs and start their soul-aligned businesses.

Transform 13 common intuitive frustrations into superpowers:

1. Understand and accept yourself and feel that from others. 

2. Communicate effectively and receive what you want AND need.

3. Have Faith that the divine is at work – without a doubt and daily.

4. See-through situations straight to the heart of a matter – and be empowered by it, rather than rocked by it.

5. Feel connected, confident and creative each and every day.

6. Trust and knowing in divine timing.

7. Know you are guided, who you are and your purpose.

8. Ability to relax and let go of what you can’t control.

9. Belonging – because you do. 

10. Manifest self-esteem very quickly, rather than it taking years of draining and costly therapy

11. Align with your Authenticity and be comfortable in your own skin. 

12. Shed layers, right down to extra weight, creative blocks and “incurable” issues. 

13. Open Doors once shut and fulfil the relationships, divine opportunities and daily miracles on the other side.


When you know how to communicate with yourself, the universe and others, so your needs are received.

What would you say if I said the understanding, support, love and respect you’ve been craving is less than a month away? 

Even in regards to some relationships you might have classed as write-offs?

Relationships from your lover to your mother, your coworkers, clients and colleagues, your family and friends, your children and your child within (whatever the relationship, on this planet – or another, I’ve had my fair share of grief, including my own daughter) all harmonise as if by magic (which by the way – it is).

All through EASE and MAGIC because of the SURGE in synchronicity.


“I’d lost my mojo. Grief, stress, trauma, upset, trust issues and overwhelm closed me down. Isolated living in fear and scarcity. Confused, exhausted, indifferent, numb, heart locked with battle armour and my confidence at an all-time low, I just didn’t recognise myself anymore!  I needed to open myself up again and work on ME.

I’ve been carried through barriers of anxiety, shyness and low confidence. I’ve learnt that making mistakes is good, life is not always about being right, big lesson there! Just let go, go with the flow, and manifest your luck and the life you want. 

I’ve learnt the importance of grounding and greater clarity in thought and decision-making, and I have learnt the importance of not taking things personally. I’ve learnt how to be less judgmental of myself and others offering more understanding-  or better still no judgment to others and to myself!

The power of connection and support have been pivotal in helping rebuild ME. It’s a real co-creative collaborative experience.  so much support, empowerment, reassurance, positivity, encouragement, learning, focus, motivation, insightful discussions served up with a healthy portion of compassion, it’s so lovely to feel that growth and witness growth in fellow group members too.

Along the way, I have learnt a brand new skill, as now I can read the Tarot yay! But it was far more than a textbook experience. My eyes have been opened to a much richer life tapestry through the learning journey with the cards, far greater effective use of my intuition, insight and wisdom. Which lead to a greater understanding of people and connection, noticing more and more synchronicities every day. 

Also, I love, love, LOVE the fact that it’s got me writing again! Express, express, express, it’s opened me up to another world, like another dimension. It’s drawn me out of myself.

Being on this course has definitely reached deep, deep areas I never thought I would go. Funny as it’s truly tested me, however in a seamless and subtle way, feels like I’ve faced my fears and just somehow managed to do it anyway – and that’s the magic of The Transformational Truth of Tarot!”

Emma Wilding, Founder of Braver World, UK

image14“I was wondering how to trust my intuition in regard to sensing when my late husband was near me.  I had no previous knowledge of this course, Tarot or of Tiffany, but our interactions spoke to me in a way that suggested she and the course would be the most authentic way for me to begin my process.

My learning curve was steep.  But the structure truly allows you to rely on your intuition and to trust the messages you are receiving.

Without a doubt, I am now there.  Tiffany was instrumental in providing gentle guidance that kept me on the path and allowed me to grow into what I was seeking at a natural pace for me.  Without her as the leader and the group’s support (there are no words to describe the support and unconditional love that emanates from the group which speaks volumes about Tiffany’s ability to mentor a group) I would not be where I am today – secure in my knowledge and trust of my intuition and also, which has had a major impact on my life, and  as a by-product, my grief journey has been softened too.”

 Susan Ray, VA, USA

What makes this program different from any other? 

I think by now, you’ve got what makes this SO different and UNIQUE, but just in case:

The Transformational Truth of Tarot is NOT just a Transformational Course, Personal Development Course, business course, or tarot course.

It’s my own hybrid. 

There is nothing else out there like it because it’s something I’ve discovered from being a lifelong intuitive…

From the age of four “spirituality” was intense. “super-natural” experiences were happening on a daily and I was seen as “weird” (which means connected to fate btw) I grew up in total self-sabotage mode, because I didn’t feel worthy enough to receive until I moved to London where my quirky talents got recognised, and I soon became what I wanted to be when I grew up – a “psychic”. 

I read for everyone from celebs to the homeless, on and off TV published books, won awards, made a game from Tarot and spoke around the world with the Tarot greats of our time – and it was great but some things felt very wrong indeed…

It was MAJORLY uncomfortable. 

 – My personal problems were escalating.

 – The majority of people coming to me were functioning from a very wounded place.

 – How the majority of people saw and treated Tarot made me very ill at ease.

Something was very wrong, but I didn’t know what or how to fix It, so I did what you always do in that situation – continued.

In my late thirties, I hit a crisis. 

Like a tornado, it ripped through my life, my marriage, my family, my home. I stuck a pin in a map and like Dorothy landed 24 hours away from Kansas ALONE miles away in the US of A.

I’m an only child so being alone on one hand doesn’t phase me – but this time was different. 

For the first time in my life, I was not responsible for anyone, and I did not need to be constantly tuned into anyone else and I started to feel very strange indeed.

Imagine – I read on average for 10 people daily over the span of 10 years – that’s 365,000 readings!

Even as an only child I was constantly tuned into someone else – my stressed-out single mum. As a highly intuitive only child, I absorbed it ALL.

This was the first time in my life, at nearly 40, that I didn’t need to be tuned in to anyone else. That realisation activated the real journey – my metaphorical yellow brick road journey home to the self. 

It began with my inner TOTO guiding me to realise how and why being intuitive had gotten me into such a fine mess and working out what to do to change it. 

As soon as I cracked that I began experiencing dream relationships with my husband and stepchild (who had hated me for a decade) 

Two years later I clicked my Ruby Red slippers and said there’s no place like home. 

Because I’d found it within – and that sparked the physical journey back to my home, my marriage, family, and business in the UK.

The clients I started working with changed because I understood what I did wasn’t saving, it was transforming. 

Ultimately, I’d done it, fixed the unfixable, despite there being no recognition of what intuitives go through, why, and how to transform it.

It took the below for me to get there  but it won’t take that for you to get there – well apart from the last three!… 

  • Being with Tarot since 4 years of age. 
  • Decades of experience reading tarot instantly at non-stop high speed on live TV and the London circuit.
  • Being an award-winning published author on the subject.
  • Writing on the re-education of Tarot for a multitude of magazines.
  • Winning multiple awards for vision, spirituality, empowerment and helping others to make better life choices.
  • Speaking internationally on the same stages as the biggest names in Tarot.
  • Being named as one of the best Tarot teachers in the world by Prediction Magazine, The College of Psychic Studies in Kensington and The UK Tarot Conference.
  • Inventing The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer which won a gold award for most visionary product of 2019.
  • Always living an out-of-the-closet alternative life and knowing how to navigate the intricate complexities of being this way and having this type of career.
  • Shed loads of training on group leadership hence one of the things I’m known for is bringing together intuitives who feel like they don’t belong.
  • Always finding the courage to say a full-time no to what I don’t want and a full-time yes to what I do want (without a trustee fund, investor, salary or wealthy spouse or parents behind me).
  • Knowing that real tarot is about freeing yourself from the external world so you can come into alignment with who you are and live it.
  • Knowing my zone of genius and owning it.


Follow Don Miguel Ruiz Five Agreements:


Speak with integrity and say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.


Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering


Find the courage to ask questions and express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.


Doing your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are tired as opposed to well-rested. Under any circumstance, simply do your best and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.


Don’t believe yourself or anybody else unconditionally. Use the power of doubt to question everything you hear: Is it really the truth? Listen to the intent behind the words and you will understand the real message.

“By practicing the Five Agreements, what you are really doing is respecting everything in creation. You are respecting your dream; you are respecting everybody else’s dream. If you use these tools, your effort is really for everyone, because your joy, your happiness, your peace, and your heaven are contagious. When you are happy, the people around you are happy too, and it inspires them to change their own world.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

It’s important to me you don’t feel like you are just another number lost in just another group. Or that I am just another “high-end coach” that forgets you once the kerching has been:

It has been a huge year. Tiffany will push and pull you. She’s very real. She shows up and boy does she know us, but most of all she lets us be known. A year on I am not the person who went from one abusive relationship to another. I read Tarot professionally, have qualified as an accredited life coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I have started my own business “Empowering Your T-Ruth”. I’m writing a Tarot novel. I am also in isolation undertaking chemotherapy. A year ago this would have destroyed what was left of me a year on, it’s making me.

Ruth Bennett

Tarot Consultant, NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist

It’s important to me that you see you can have harmony with your parents, romantic partners, and children. Who now are free to live without  inheriting your baggage, because the buck stopped here, with you:

My daughter’s anger was having a detrimental affect on my life. l thought I needed boundaries but early on I realised it was quite the opposite. My relationship with her healed – and quick! She said to me “I have my mother for the first time in my life!”  Constraints in my life fell away and I launched my own business called ‘Women Embracing Change” (funnily enough)!

Angela Campbell

Founder of Women Embracing Change - UK

It’s important to me and you that you have the freedom to live out your soul purpose sustainably in the way you want, because you are inherently worthy of it and you live life with your self-esteem switched on:

I had so many problems with my relationships and self worth and worst of all. I was passing them on to my daughter. I had a calling to earn a living through Transformative rather than predictive Tarot.  I had every confidence Tiffany was the one to help me with it all. She clearly knows her stuff. She didn’t disappoint. She came with some very real, very raw truths which helped me understand so much more about who I was and why I had been struggling for so long. Tiffany was there every step of the way. I had solutions for the first time! I received more than I expected. My relationships changed, and now I feel worthy and courageous enough to go for what I want. I am at peace with myself, my relationships and earning a living from my dream of being a Transformative Tarot coach! It’s 100% worth it and more!

Vicky Wallis

Transformative Tarot Consultant, UK

It’s important to me you know I am someone who has found a magical formula that no one else has, one that makes your transformation feel exciting rather than exhausting:

This course has literally changed my life, me, inside, for the better. Tiffany has been incredibly supportive, but real with it. Her formula works! I have never felt so safe and supported as I do in this group, and I am grateful for that.

Vicky Harvet

Therapist, UK

It’s important to me that you see and feel the changes happen for you fast:

I healed more in just a few weeks working with Tiffany than I ever did in ten years of counselling and therapy

Jackie Charest

Nurse - Canada

This program is changing my life and fast, I didn’t think for one moment it would be this good, it’s the best thing I have ever done to heal. I have had numerous amounts of counselling over the years, but nothing can compare!

Kathleen Warrender

Artist, UK

I’ve invested in myself for years but in the short time I have been in Tiffany’s courses the changes are tangible. People tell me  I’m a completely different person! I smile because I know for the first time I am coming from self worth and belonging. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does or says, I have validated myself. Perpetual burnout and ineffective control are now a thing of the past – I am so very pleased to say!

Sue Moorthy

GP - London, UK

It’s important to me you feel like you have found somewhere you can stay forever and still continue to develop should you wish:

I found Tiffany 3 years ago and I stay in her closed groups on purpose. The energy keeps on rising. I’ve been on a healing path for 11 years but it was only when I found Tiffany that I found me. I’m clear about who I am and the healing effect of that is profound. My doctor was amazed – he had no explanation except keep on doing what you are doing – and then I finally got discharged – after years! This is the magic of being who you are!

Nancy Branconnier

Voice of Desire, Musician, Channel and Transformative Tarot Consultant - Canada

I know what I am talking about and how to make the change happen with you. I know what it’s like to feel spoken down to by mentors. This makes me careful that my 30 years of experience, books and six awards, won’t stop me listening to you.

Tiffany is a fantastic listener, you feel her completely focusing on you, she allows you the space to be real and vulnerable with her, and she will be the same with you, she has changed my life in countless ways with just this one skill!

Harriet Evans

Mum, UK

I was adrift in my life, clinically depressed and “waiting” for things to get better. I was in a toxic, loveless marriage. I was exhausted after years of trying to tune in to others…my husband, my children, friends, and even random people I met in my day to day life. If anyone seemed unhappy it was like my whole inner balance was thrown off. Somehow I felt I was responsible for their negative state. The only way to regain it was to try and “fix” them.

My belief was that if I could just figure out what made them happy and how I could give it to them all would be o.k. in the world. So I would rack my brain and twist myself into a pretzel trying to figure out what would work. In the process I moved further and further from myself and played the mind game of “when”… “when this person is o.k.”, “When I can buy them this”, ” when all this work is done”, “when I can read all the self-help books that are piling up on my bookshelf”. 

I believed that when everybody was “o.k.” and every task was done, I would finally transform from this perpetually sad, anxious, exhausted, sleep-deprived, twisted person to this calm, serene, joyous, fun-loving balanced woman that no longer felt the weight of the world on her shoulders.

From the first time I heard her, it was as if Tiffany was speaking to me. It was as if she had many of the same life experiences and struggles that I had, but had come out the other side “whole”. Her candidness and openness about how using her amazing gifts of IN-Tuition as OUT-Tuition lead her astray and how she found her way back to herself is nothing short of inspirational.

Her gentle but empowering approach has given me the confidence I need to say to myself “if you can do, it so can I”. She is not only someone who can “talk the talk” but can and does “walk the walk”.

I started working with Tiffany Jane Crosara with an open mind and heart trusting that I would be guided to dig deep and find solutions to my lifelong struggle. I gained new awareness. I learned it was not my fault. I began to truly heal by understanding and forgiving the people in my life who had a role to play in my plight. I reconnected with my Inner Child and asked for her forgiveness and last but not least I learned how to communicate so things began to fall into place. 

I was able to have my ex-husband work through his pain about our separation and his resistance to selling our marital home. Within days of this conversation, our house was sold – something that was a monumental block I thought would never shift!

I am now depression free, “outuition” free and free to be me.

Sylvie Giroux

Retired Nurse and Therapist - Canada




On a fortnightly basis:

Manifest a Miracle group call happens on wednesdays at 7:30 pm GMT for 90 minutes. 

Daily practice speeds up as you go, but on average I’d say you need an hour a day, this can be split, 30 mins morn and evening works well, going down to 20 mins as you get it in the muscle. 

Weekly one to one Transformational Tarot Session with another member can range from 30 mins to hours depending on what you both want but on average let’s say an hour. 

Weekly Capability report – again depends, you can get this done with a cuppa in ten, but the more time you give it and yourself the better, so I’d allow 30 minutes to go deep and strike the gold. 

Weekly lesson – again gets less as you go through the course (e.g the first week is the most time-intensive at 6 hours and then it goes down to an hour and again to 30 minutes the further you go) so on average say 1 hr.

At a push, you can get it down to less than an hour a day or 5 hours a week, but the problem is people LOVE it SO much it goes up not down! 

Like anything the more boundaried you can be – the better and boundaries is one of the first things you learn about.


What you put in you get out, we aren’t dabbling here, this is a life overhaul, and will mean you have to reorder your time to invest in you. It’s a question of priorities. If a busy London GP in the times of Covid, who is also a single mum, solely financially responsible for looking after two children and her elderly parents can do it then so can you – If it’s important enough to you, you’ll do it. 



We’ve been serving an international audience for years and have found this time to be the best catchment – around midday for the Americas, early evening for Europe and early morning for Auz – however despite your location we don’t expect you to show up for every call – we do expect a commitment to showing up when you can – rather than I just don’t feel like getting up early, or I want an early evening, we have an effective system in place for your questions to get answered on the replays when you can’t attend live.


I love that you are asking this question as it shows the right mindset. As far as triggers go this is a pretty easy course, you are connecting with the divine aspect of archetypes, it helps you to bypass the ego and be directly connected to your higher self. It’s way more fun, creative, inspirational, magical and motivating than you can possibly imagine this side of the fence. This is exactly why it’s so effective in deep transformation and quickly, rather than modalities that relate to you at the human ego level and leave you exhausted and unable to progress. As long as you commit to practicing the five agreements…

  1. Use the word in the direction of truth, love and integrity, with all and everyone you talk about including yourself.
  2. Don’t take things personally
  3. Question rather than assume
  4. Do your GENTLE best. 
  5. Don’t believe yourself or anyone else – e.g suspend judgment and embrace curiosity, 

You’ll be fine – in fact with this added to your current mindset you’ll fly.


If you are ready to do the work then yes, although I cannot say what will happen for you as that’s yet to be seen, I can say in the past we have had countless members on antidepressants or other meds, who have been seeing doctors and therapists for years who no longer have any of it within months of the program. This is a grand claim but true – one thing we have not had any success with yet is Cancer, but things like fatigue, burn out, vertigo, anxiety and depression have a high success rate as your energy rises, some have reported effortless weight loss.



Yes, absolutely, the marketing is geared to women because sadly in four years we have only had three men, all of which were an absolute delight to work with, men are more than welcome, what qualifies you is the “who this is for” not your gender, colour, religion or anything else. 



Yes, you will need the Rider Waite Tarot, I know a lot of people don’t like the Rider Waite, still its number one of all time for a reason, and not because it’s eye candy. Choosing a Tarot deck is like choosing a partner, it’s not what’s pleasing that counts, but the power of the soul that blows you away as it reveals itself to you over time. However, if you are connected to another, that’s okay, simply use it alongside and you’ll double your insights. Any more than two decks is not recommended for the first six months. After that, you can bring in another.



Not a question as such but it needs addressing. I speak to a lot of spiritual seekers who just keep doing course after course, and never turn it into a profitable profession, they think they just need to keep developing, so they buy more courses, but never address the real issue that’s keeping them unable to turn an expensive hobby into something that pays them.

“Why can’t I make this work?  I should be able to!” My question to that is “has any of these courses actually shown you how?” 

If this is you you’ll need all 3 modules and upfront so there’s no question of your commitment to being all in and making it work this time. 

If you have done MMM when it was TTT but you didn’t do the Grad (module 3) you can come back and dive straight into module 3.


Yes, there’s a 14-day no-quibble money-back guarantee from 6th January and a 30-day guarantee if you can prove to me you’ve done ALL the work.