The 10 Transformational Truths (& Symptoms) of Using Your
IN-tuition as OUT-tuition - 10 Day Immersion.

… for intuitives who want to have successful boundaries, communication, relationships, intuition and esteem...


... without going through emotionally exhausting and time consuming painful experiences - again and again.


No more painful misunderstandings

No more overgiving and under receiving

No more dramatic disagreements

No more emotional exhaustion

No more costly ongoing therapy.


You are intuitive, right? At least you think so!

You always just "know" something, feel tuned into another level way beyond explanation, it's like a super power!

So why on earth is it that living life successfully whether personally or professionally seems such a challenge?

You wonder!

Until the day you set your eyes on The 10 Transformational Truths of Using Your In-tuition as “OUT-tuition” and recognise yourself - oh jeez!

What do you do now?

What does this mean? Is “OUT-tuition” even a word?!

Heck no!

The word "intuition'' is only just starting to be accepted in society! There's a LONG way to go before the world understands HOW Intuitives tick, but that doesn’t have to hold you back any longer...

Welcome to your 10 transformational life changing days of understanding how you tick!

Invest 1 hour a day with me as your guide for 10 days and watch your thoughts, feelings, esteem , communication, boundaries, relationships and life transform!


Give yourself the gift of a privately held group space with me as your guide for 10 days. Each day you will learn (through your workbook, short video lesson and my support in the group) one truly transformational quick fix for one of the ten symptoms of using your IN-tuition as OUT- tuition, to instantly start to turn your life around!

  • DAY 1:
  • Over Emotional Misunderstandings:
  • A wise woman wishes to be no one's enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone's victim - Maya Angelou

    As an intuitive you’ll pride yourself on values such as empathy and compassion (even if others judge you to be cold sometimes - see symptom 8 ). Yet that doesn’t always equate to having authentic, balanced successful relationships. Whatever the dynamic, be it friends, family, lovers and intimate others, or colleagues, community and co-workers.

    Why is it that being so tuned into another isn’t a recipe for successful relationships?

    Today your eyes open to HOW you have been using your Intuition not to tune into you, but out of you and into someone else (OUT-tuition).

    You’ll identify your true feelings and free yourself from what isn't yours so you can make the right decisions for your life.

  • DAY 2:
  • Feeling Everything Personally:
  • “Don't take anything personally because by taking things personally you set yourself up to suffer for nothing.”
    ― Miguel Ruiz

    Maybe you have seen it too? Like when a friend is distraught over something another person has done and you can see that it actually had nothing to do with them!

    How you wished you could make them see through your eyes because the pain would diminish in an instant?

    When someone stumbles across your core wound it feels personal, but it’s only ever story, and never anything to do with us.

    What if I said to you I guarantee you it’s the same for whatever has upset you in the past or present?

    Would you get it the same way?

    A way where you understand it SO completely the pain diminishes?

    Welcome to the day that you do!

    How transformational could that be for you?

  • DAY 3:
  • Struggle To Know Your Own Reality
  • "Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results" - Albert Einstein

    When using your IN-tuition as OUT-tuition you tune into others and out of yourself, so is it any wonder that you struggle with knowing your own reality?

    If you don’t know your own reality then how can you function?

    It’s like booking a holiday in France and getting on a plane to Spain - again and again, without being able to work out why you ended up there!

    It’s like being that little fly banging its head on the window repeatedly when you can see where the freedom is. If only it changed it’s point of view or reference - but it’s WAY too confused by the illusion of the glass.

    Driven by madness it tries again and again, sometimes by sheer luck it gets through (but not without a lot of pain) sometimes it means the complete demise.

    What if you could navigate life with the ability to know your own reality?

    Today you’ll learn a great simple exercise that will put you on the right take off runway heading for the open window!

  • DAY 4:
  • Making Dangerous Assumptions:
  • "Assumptions are the termites of relationships" - Henry Winkler

    The danger of making assumptions when you are intuitive is rife.

    Especially because your identity label is "I am intuitive"- you can end up defending that label at the cost of your relationships.

    Another reason this is such a dangerous thing to do is that it's so linked to feeling everything personally:

    If you take something personal you are assuming it's about you!

    Thing is as an intuitive it's such a natural for you to pick up on someone else's "stuff" and not even realise you have!

    How difficult do you think it is to have a relationship with someone who...

    Makes assumptions, takes things personally and is always right because they are intuitive?


    Let's turn that shidazzle around pronto!

    The key to do that is to find the courage to ask and be open enough to listen - and also not feel pulled into the other's story or your own!

    Sounds a fine balance to strike?

    You'd be right! But don't panic!

    Today you will learn a quick easy and simple way of diffusing drama!


  • DAY 5:
  • Over-trying, Over-doing, and Overwhelm:
  • “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”
    - Psalm 61:2

    At some point a breakdown follows which feeds into the not good enough vicious cycle of failure.

    This is not coming from intuition, it comes from OUT-tuition.

    The core wound of OUT-tuition feels like you don't have a basic right to take up space in existence, worth feels like something you have to earn, rather than have.

    Ouch! That sounds harsh, but stick with me here.

    You might say that it’s not that at all Tiff!

    It’s because when you are intuitive there’s nothing tangible, you can't prove it!

    Yes that’s true, and so then why do you feel the need to prove it?

    To yourself or anyone else?

    What if you felt good enough in your own self and worth to not have to prove a thing?

    Would you be acting the same way?

    Today you’ll find the key for making confidence out of anxiety! (No kidding!)

    No more stress, only a realisation about how much you have actually got this thing called life down already!

    It’s time to give yourself the credit that’s long overdue :)

  • DAY 6:
  • Not knowing (or mixing up) your needs and wants:
  • “If you don't know what you want, you'll never find it. If you don't know what you deserve, you'll always settle for less. You will wander aimlessly, uncomfortably numb in your comfort zone, wondering how life has ended up here.Life starts now, live, love, laugh and let your light shine!” ― Rob Liano

    Survival means sacrificing their own needs and wants to tune into their caregivers.

    But as an adult, survival depends on knowing what you need and want and not getting the two mixed up.

    Out of all the symptoms this is the one that's most crucial for the safety of yourself and others.

    As an Intuitive you are likely to be a “needless wantless anti-dependent”, you learnt not to ask for anything or depend on anyone but yourself.

    Now years later, you are so shit hot at tuning into others that you don't even know how to begin to tune into yours. What do you want? What do you need? How can you ask for it?

    Today we do a transformative tarot practice to make this possible and fun rather than emotionally exhausting.

    This exercise will help you tune into your needs and wants so you no longer struggle to know what makes you happy and healthy and your life thrive.

    You don’t need tarot knowledge but you will need a tarot or oracle deck.

  • DAY 7:
  • Not being able to express yourself until it's too late.
  • “If you have the words, there's always a chance that you'll find the way.” ― Seamus Heaney

    It’s really hard to express yourself if you don’t know what you need or want isn’t it?

    It comes out confused and if you're confused you can bet your bottom dollar the people in relationship to you will be too.

    Not knowing your needs and wants makes for problematic relationships - because you have a problematic relationship with yourself.

    Before you know it you are with your beloved and something they say triggers a meltdown in you from nowhere. The meltdown is big and dramatic. You feel engulfed by utter frustration, rage and despair.

    Whatever got said reinforced a glaring inability for you to get what you need or want.

    The thing is you didn’t even know you needed or wanted it!

    Not until this very moment - and now, not only is it too late, but your whole manner means you’ve made it even MORE impossible.

    Until now.

    Time for more Transformative Tarot to align you to what you need and want, and help you express it in a way that’s well received.

  • DAY 8:
  • Bouncing from no boundaries to big barriers:
  • “I am less sweet of a person now, but I am more loving.”– Brené Brown

    When healthy, functioning aligned boundaries are in place you will feel safe, supported, nurtured and looked out for.

    If anyone struggles with boundaries themselves but tries to put them on you, you end up feeling controlled rather than protected.

    As an intuitive (or should I say OUT-tuitive) your very nature means you transgress boundaries. AND so it's imperative to understand the consequences and how to manage them.

    As an intuitive (or OUT-tuitive) you will need to remain awake to when you are transgressing boundaries.

    There is nothing worse than that psychic medium that starts reading you without your permission is there? You feel violated, right?

    Or that coach or well meaning friend that assumes you want their help?

    Being boundaryless actually erodes connection rather than fosters it.

    Permission to pass through a boundary is key. Just like you need a key to a door (boundary) or you are breaking and entering. You just wouldn't do it would you?

    Unless you locked yourself out or you are a burglar!

    In the latter case you'd have boundaries enforced upon you, but if you are an intuitive (OUT-tuitive) you won't have such a saving "grace" as prison!

    Transgressing a boundary that is in the non-physical world is way more subtle and subjective than having a fence in front of you. And for an intuitive functioning through OUT-tuition retribution is far more karmic.

    So today you learn a way to highlight whether you’ve crossed a boundary ( your own or another's) and if so how to rectify it straight away.

    We also address how to stop swinging between being boundaryless and barriered up - both of which block you from getting your needs and wants met.

  • DAY 9:
  • Feeling like you don't belong anywhere:
  • “You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.”
    - Grace Lee Boggs

    If you struggle with boundaries then you can't receive what your heart needs or wants - if that can’t happen then how will you feel like you belong? Anywhere?

    Social situations, family gatherings. networking, interviews. presentations, heck even chatting to the neighbours on the street! Encountering anyone or anything “normal” becomes a massive thing, embedding the "no-one understands me" and “I don’t belong” story .

    And the longer this goes on for the more of a self perpetuation it becomes.

    The truth is you do belong, but telling yourself that and “knowing” that is a whole different story. Particularly when the world presents a daily challenge for you to live authenticity because “they don’t understand”.

    But they aren't the ones that need to understand. It's you that needs to understand that you belong and act from that deep knowing and understanding of that fundamental truth.

    Today I will teach you the “I don’t belong story buster!” which will realign your thoughts, words and behaviour so that you finally start to feel like you do belong - because the truth is, you do :)

  • DAY 10:
  • The struggle to obtain healthy self esteem
  • “And then I learned the spiritual journey had nothing to do with being nice. It had to do with being real and authentic. Having boundaries. Honouring and respecting my space first, others second. And in this space of self-care, being nice just happened, it flowed… not motivated by fear, but by love.” - Michele Olak

    As long as you are always trying to obtain healthy self esteem you never will.

    Healthy self esteem isn’t something you get from the outside. That’s why it’s called self esteem. Anything you try to get such as approval from others, promotion etc is “other -esteem”.

    When part of our body breaks the natural reflex is for another part of the body to over compensate, resulting in complex issues. That’s what happens with “other- esteem”. The self esteem "breaks", and it’s second nature to over compensate.

    With intuitives in particular “other esteem” is sought through relationships.

    You got trained to get your “self esteem” from others, but that’s not self esteem, and it's the very reason your self esteem has suffered (up until now :))

    Now we've covered so much ground together today's the grand finale! It's time to see how close the life you want to live is now, and what to do to finally close the deal :)


PLUS, THREE Bonuses!

  • BONUS #1: The 10 Transformational Truths (and Symptoms) of Using Your Intuition as OUT-tuition workbook
  • Bottom line?

    The intuitives that journal do way better than the ones that don’t.

    So I designed a 100 page workbook especially for this course providing you with a walk through of each symptom plus daily self care play sheets to help you track your progress in a gorgeous, fun and beautiful way!



  • BONUS #2:  Facebook Group Support
  • I am a great fan of group work, it’s powerful for being able to see so much more than if we did it alone or in a 1:2:1 setting, so I promise you if you show up in my group, do the work and ask for what you need I will respond to you - personally.


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