The Transformational
Truth of Tarot
Game Changer

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The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer!


Do you know you can find that you can discover you possess the answers you need to your biggest problems all by playing a game?

Do you ever wonder why trying to find the answers feels so much like hard work?

Ever have the thought that it shouldn’t be so hard trying to eradicate those repetitive problems that come round again and again, the ones we thought we’d learnt? The ones we’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours and pounds trying to solve?

Here's the looking externally, we forget that we really have the answers to what we need within, we lose our way and our path becomes complicated and convulted, we think someone else knows what’s best for our life and path and inevitably end up lost. I get it, I did it too! Many a time, and although I had a measure of success, it took me years to give myself permission to do it my way.

Let me explain, when I launched my signature program The Transformational Truth of Tarot I enrolled mentors that told me to focus on the transformational results you got, but omit the Tarot, but I couldn’t! What followed was years of feeling uncomfortable and misaligned, trying to make myself fit in a world that didn’t fit. The result was horrendous, a multi award winning author, live TV psychic, public speaker and facilitator that could no longer even articulate her elevator pitch, because I felt I was so wrong and what I did was wrong, my confidence in myself had been totally and utterly crushed, it was damn right painful and excrutiatingly uncomfortable, trying to fit my life to someone else’s solutions.

When I see my clients marketing, I see why they said what they did, it is indeed about the results, rather than HOW you get them, but with the Tarot, it DEMANDS attention. The thing is the attention it has had other the centuries has been rather misconstrued.

The Tarot is a mirror that helps you to get to know yourself, which is why the inscription over the Temple of Delphi was “Know Thyself” and why Socrates and Plato stressed that thee most important thing to do with your life was to get to know thyself, rather than try and work the world out around you before you’d even embarked on working yourself out was nothing but theoretical lunacy.

You’ll know it if you’ve gone down the path of theoretical lunacy, you’ll be caught in that infuriating cycle that makes you feel obsessed, addicted and frustrated.

The other day I came across a sad, old angry dog, running in continuous circles trying to bite off its own tail the poor thing was beyond frustrated. The owner says the dog gives up momentarily but all too soon starts running in vicious circles all over again again.
If only the dog could see that the thing he is so frustrated about is something he can't do anything about, and actually, if he could it would seriously hurt him.

The little old dog's lesson is teaching him to trust all is as it's meant to be, and not to waste precious energy trying to change something that's out of reach, how about a little love and self-acceptance instead?

That's not to say don't reach for your dreams it’s just we could all do with a little help with the serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr

“Don't Spend Your Life Going Insane!”

When you start the game you’ll embark on The Fool’s (sometimes known as The Hero’s) Journey, you’ll be a happy little dog, excited about the path you are about to discover.

You’ll come with your problem in your mind, and as you go through The Fool’s Journey with it, you’ll land on different archetypal heroes that will ask you probing questions, so that you find you actually have the answer within.

It may be hard to believe that a game has the power to stop you going in circles, and it won’t if you don’t apply it, but if you do, it will.

Through all those years of pain I had with marketing that I spoke to you about back at the beginning, i’ve been searching for a way to help you see just how powerful this way of working with Tarot is, it’s not predictions, it is transformational truth.

I created it in The Transformational Truth of Tarot course as these testimonials will tell you:

But I couldn’t find a way to help the people who didn’t come on it understand, and of course they didn’t come on, because they didn’t understand it!

The pain of not being able to find the way meant I was that dog chasing that tail - for years.

That was until I went to a sweat lodge taken by a Shaman in a Mexican jungle, there sweating it all away something profound was being stripped down and later that night The Magician from the Tarot woke me from my dreams with the concept of the game and the rest was history!...

The Transformational Truth of Tarot was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 10 days!

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