Multi-Award Winning Inner Transformation Specialist, Courage Catalyst and Author Tiffany Crosara presents

A 10-day live emotional detox program to help you connect to the wisdom of your intuition. 

Based on the structure of the cups in the Tarot

 Strengthen your still voice within through the deepest, most intuitive suit of the Tarot - The Cups, a gateway to infinite source and a doorway of potentiality.

We start on 30th of November


In just 10 days we will flush out the toxic beliefs, behaviours, and inner self-criticism that’s built up from the past and slows you down to make space for better habits and emotions, and relations to yourself, others, and the universe, all within 10 days. 

You will let go of any past commitments or relationships that are feeling stagnant and lack power and leave space for something new to emerge. Trust that only good will come out of this self-reflection and allow yourself the space to create the life you want.

I will guide you through your internal world on a journey through the cups in the tarot. We’ll go deep into each of them as you encounter each one, taking you on a magical ride where you will deepen your psychic abilities, get rid of old energies, and experience excitement, fear, joy, surprise, sadness and eventually it will lead you to an amazing life!

You've heard about Tarot. You've heard about the cups, but have you ever REALLY experienced them, not read them, but JOURNEYED with them?

When you do you’ll watch how your wishes and dreams come true by fulfilling your divine purpose and manifesting what you want in life. All of this while meeting new friends along the way.

Because when you journey through Tarot with others, you see through a thousand eyes.

There is a powerful opportunity to experience an emotional clearing and inner transformation during this release. How do you want to feel?

It’s 10-days of personal, soulful work. Each day begins with an activation, progresses through the tarot and ends with a transformation By the time you complete it, you’ll feel like a new person.

The 10 cups and days provide an opportunity for a progressive emotional release and fast so that you can catalyse your deepest dreams into reality. It’s up to you whether you use this to your advantage or not; the choice is yours!

Each day you will journey deeper into the world of the cups through a daily activation that will help you tune into your intuition to break through obstacles that have felt immovable with ease.

No more denying your inner voice of wisdom. It will get louder each day until you can do nothing but live in total alignment with it each and every day.

Honour your still voice within is a deep emotional cleanse clearing out any old stagnant energies and emotions clogging up your channel, so you can become free of the past and the master or mistress of your own feeling state, instead of being a victim feeling in a state.

  • Liberate yourself from the rat race of conforming and people-pleasing and start living the life that is aligned to your SOUL!
  • Finally experience true freedom and blissful divine connection through fulfilling the relationships to yourself, the divine and your loved ones!
  • Discover divine magic is REAL and how to tap into it at a drop of your hat!
  • No more feeling disconnected from the magic yourself or the universe!
  • No more feeling flat and uninspired with day to day humdrum!
  • No more wondering what your life is about and how to get connected to source!
  • Ready to transform your life from humdrum to happening and receive daily divine magic and timing into your life?



When you KNOW that you will be able to...

  1. TRUST your OWN natural source of DIVINE timing 
  2. Step DOWN from OVERTRYING and ALLOW the UNIVERSE to step UP and work WONDERS
  3. KNOW that YOU do BELONG. 

This results in the dream relationship with yourself, others, and the universe leading to the SOVEREIGN life of ease and flow, and a pace with grace…

Just because you’ve lost the magic in yourself, your relationships and others doesn’t mean it’s going to take you years rather than days to find it.

WARNING: This course makes synchronicity fire off immensely in your life, to the point that each day is magical.

Introducing Honour Your Still Voice Within 10 Day Detox for the Intuitive that's ready to experience more peace, intuition, and miracles in their life...

You won’t find this system anywhere else, it was birthed through me, and had been tried and tested and refined and refined over the last twenty years, and won no less than six awards of recognition along the way.

And you know when the magic is the strongest? 

When we are all in it together!



What you learn about intuition will blow your mind...

  • Why it's felt more like a curse than a blessing
  • Why its been so hard to receive (until now)
  • What TRUE intuition is
  • How to use it wisely
  • Who you truly are
  • How to be empowered in relationships
  • How to be an empowered intuitive


Ever heard that "Spiritualised is Traumatised"?

Not here. You may have trauma, but this is the place you stop acting from it and heal. You'll see this being reflected back, transformed:

  • Relationships
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Health
  • Confidence
  • Belief


Nobody has business problems.

Only personal problems that become abundance or business problems. 

  • Get ready, willing and able to receive energetically
  • Clear years of low self worth and esteem
  • Become awareness of all the ways  abundance is coming to you, and be part of a community that supports it


Happy Families :)

“An amazing journey of self-discovery. I wasn’t seeing at first but looking back at my notes I realise my mindset was changing quite a lot, my ex has been around more and I no longer feel sad or regretful, I’m learning to fend for myself and can talk to him now without enormous emotions. My daughter found it extremely difficult when we parted as she has known him for half her life and of course, is grandad to her daughter so it affected the whole family, but now we are also healed and have a wonderful relationship which makes me truly happy, thank you Tiffany"

- Julia Monroe

Discipline and Mindset:

"I wasn’t looking forward to journaling but it’s just flipping WOW! .. Especially reading back. Realising I’m stronger and more determined than I thought & the amount of integrity I have. Feeling a bit Xena Warrior Princess! "

- Ros Whipps


Powerful Fast Track Healing:

“I healed more in just a few weeks working with Tiffany than I ever did in ten years of counselling and therapy ”  

Jackie Charest, Nurse, - Canada


Honour your still voice within is NOT a TAROT course, it’s an enlightening inspirational  Transformational Personal Development Course, that works with Transformational Tarot to get you there.

No meanings, no readings, no prediction, no spreads, just pure connection to the divine from the archetypal power of the picture in the card.

Activating archetypal power means:

  • No more doubting who you are.
  • No more compromising or people pleasing.
  • No more feeling scared to live and speak your truth.
  • No more feeling flat and uninspired with day to day humdrum.
  • No more disconnection from your intuition or the magic in yourself or the universe

The wisdom of the Tarot has spoken to you through the cups. Now it's your job to listen. 

Ready to open your heart and take time to honour your Still Voice Within and change your life in 10 days?


Then let's get started, but I'm telling you this is a journey into parts of the soul, of yet unseen. 

And it's not for the faint of heart.


It's for you if:

  • You've had enough of being stuck and are ready to do whatever it takes to let go. 

  • You realise the truth can be hard to swallow but you know it's worth it. 

  • You want to live a deeper, more connected life to yourself, your intuition and others..

  • You can't work out why you can't get out of the relationships / work / mental or physical health / or family funk but know you need to and now’s the time.

  • You are excited by the prospect of learning Tarot in a transformative manner.

  • You have a curious, non-judgmental flexible open mind and understand these things work in mysterious ways 

  • Are ready to work with intention - even if your intention is to find out what your intention is. 

  • Are ready to look at the behaviours that no longer serve you and transform them accordingly

  • Are honest, open and ready to communicate and ask for what you need. 

  • You value fun, honesty, grace, diplomacy, commitment, growth, and community.

  • The thought of 10 day bootcamp has you saying 'where do I sign?"

It's not for you if:

  • You'd rather stay in the dark or your comfort zone.

  • You'd rather be reassured, even if it's not the truth, or what serves you.

  • You don't want to know anything about Tarot.

  • The thought of a 10 day bootcamp has you running for the hills

  • You are paying lip service to transformation using it as spiritual bypassing

  • You need to be right, or prove something

  • You feel the need to deflect on to and rescue others, and aren’t ready to put yourself first

  • You give unsolicited advice

  • You are stuck in the shame and blame victim cycle of projection.

  • Your natural default is to take things personally, jump to conclusions and get defensive. 

  • You see feedback as an attack rather than necessary for progress.

  • You always look for reasons why you can't rather than why you can.

  • You struggle with tech and don't want to create a strong support network online - even in the times of covid. 

  • You aren’t truly ready and willing to practice the five agreements and able to be directed back to it when need be. 

You should only do this 10-day bootcamp if you are ready to commit to The Five Agreements: 

Don Miguel Ruiz Five Agreements:


Speak with integrity and say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.


Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering


Find the courage to ask questions and express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.


Doing your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are tired as opposed to well-rested. Under any circumstance, simply do your best and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.


Don’t believe yourself or anybody else unconditionally. Use the power of doubt to question everything you hear: Is it really the truth? Listen to the intent behind the words and you will understand the real message.

“By practicing the Five Agreements, what you are really doing is respecting everything in creation. You are respecting your dream; you are respecting everybody else’s dream. If you use these tools, your effort is really for everyone, because your joy, your happiness, your peace, and your heaven are contagious. When you are happy, the people around you are happy too, and it inspires them to change their own world.” – Don Miguel Ruiz


Then let's embark on a deep emotional 10 day detox of your internal world, uncovering the ability to honour the still voice within.


You will join us in the membership for the duration, and have lifetime access to the digital course instantly



Just so you know you are in safe hands:

  • I've been with Tarot since 4 years of age. 

  • I’ve had decades of experience of reading instantly and non-stop at high speed on live TV and the London circuit - ultimately leading to a MASSIVE wake up call.

  • I am an award-winning published author on the subject.

  • I have written on the re-education of Tarot for a multitude of magazines.

  • I won multiple awards for vision, spirituality, empowerment and helping others to make better life choices.

  • I spoke internationally on the same stages as the biggest names in Tarot.

  • I’ve been named as one of the best Tarot teachers in the world by Predication Magazine, The College of Psychic Studies in Kensington and The UK Tarot Conference.

  • I invented The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer which won a gold award for most visionary product of 2019.

  • I’ve always lived this life, full time, it’s who I am, authentically -but it’s not always been easy!

  • I know that real tarot is about freeing yourself from the external world so you can come into alignment with who you are and live it - what other reason are you here for?

  • My zone of genius is my ability to connect you to profound life-changing  levels through working with the divine archetypes of Transformative Tarot



You will join us in the membership for the duration, and get lifetime access to the digital course asap!