Would you like to be transported to Tulum
(Mayan City of the Dawn) in the Caribbean this January?


Realise nothing is personal


Forgive with ease and release guilt 


Understand your path is yours and others are on theirs


Understand the power of archetypal wisdom through your Mayan Astrology


Understand why things are the way they are by experiencing your past lives.


Sweat out the blocks to your purpose in a Temezcal


Open your heart through a Cacao Ceremony 


Connect to your power in ancient Mayan Ruins 


Discover your wild, open-hearted super - natural nature in the jungle! 


Dive deep into Ceynotes and the Caribbean to reveal a new world of strength and beauty.


Qualify as an accredited Past Life Regressionist (should you want to).


Certify in Mayan Astrology

Learn how whilst sleeping under the stars in your beach cabana nested on white sand and diving in and out of the ceynotes, Mayan ruins and warm caribbean sea!

And comeback a New heart opened You ready to create your year and life anew!

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