The Transformational Truth of Tarot is a reading with a difference...

It’s a formula made from a blend of coaching and Tiffany's own unique approach to the Tarot which she has developed through reading for thousands of people.

It's a formula that works best with those that want to improve their lives by taking their power back into their own hands. The answers do not exist outside of you (e.g in a prediction). Tarot has power to predict because it is a mirror of your patterning, but The Transformational Truth of Tarot happens when your patterning is reflected back to you.

The awesome power of prediction lies in being able to look at what might happen if you were to change that patterning, as well as best ways to go about it. This is where the coaching supports the clarity of the Tarot.

To have a Transformational Truth of Tarot Reading means to:

  • See your patterns clearly.
  • Recognise where you have been deceiving yourself.
  • Feel connected to your intuition at a powerful level.
  • Gain awareness of the opportunities around you.
  • See the possible implications of any decision ahead.
  • Increase understanding of why things are the way there are.
  • Increase your self knowledge.
  • Maximise the potential in yourself and your life.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot works best with internal type questions such as:

  • What am I learning from this (situation or person)?
  • Why is this situation the way it is?
  • What do I need to know to move through this to my greatest ability?

Which means you can still find out about any situation or relationship in your life, and in a way which helps you become aware of the power within yourself! How awesome is that? This is when Tarot becomes truly Transformational.

A Transformational Truth of Tarot reading from Tiffany is £250 for 1, but as coaching works best over a period of time you can choose monthly packages that get cheaper the longer they go for - payment plans are also available.

Or you can experience your first Transformational Truth of Tarot for free via one of the many readers trained by Tiffany in the art of The Transformational Truth of Tarot - and choose to sign up for a lower budget option with one of her graduated students.


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  • 1 Session for £250
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  • 3 Monthly Sessions
  • With Tiffany Crosara
  • £195 3 x Monthly Payments
  • £550 One-Time Payment


  • 6 Monthly Sessions
  • With Tiffany Crosara
  • £150 6 x Monthly Payments
  • £800 One-Time Payment
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    This agreement (the “Agreement”) is effective from the date mentioned below (the “Effective Date”) between Tiffany Crosara (the “Company”) and You (the “Client”). The Company is the creator, founder and owner of The Transformational Truth of Tarot.

    The Company provides online group and one-to-one spiritual self-development. In addition, the Company provides consulting services to enhance the overall transformative experience (collectively and hereinafter known as the “Programme”).

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    • We are committed to providing a positive experience for all programme participants. By participating the client agrees that the company may, at it’s sole discretion, terminate this agreement, and limit, suspend, or remove any participant from continuing the programme at any time without a refund if the participant is disruptive, disrespectful or difficult to work with. This will be for the highest good of both parties.
    • We respect your privacy. It is only broken on a need to know basis if you divulge anything that is a cause for concern of your safety or the safety of others.

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Graduate Student Readings

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It dawned on me earlier today how uncannily accurate your readings have been for me & how important your presence has been in my life this year. So thank you, things you’ve said to me are becoming increasingly evident daily, which has helped me greatly. Through you spirit has offered me not only a mirror to aid me in trusting myself more but also an incredible amount of faith, born out of truth not dogma. It did not occur to me at the time of my first reading with you early this year, that my preconceptions of what I thought to be spiritually imperative would shift, and not through my quest for those magic words from spirit, as channeled from countless mediums or spiritualists either in readings or in the endless amounts of books I own, either. The truth is, I discovered that your words to me were incredibly important. They acted as catalysts for change in me, change that I’d thus far been looking for outside myself, when spirit guided me to you and you guided me back to within myself. I thank spirit immensely for bringing me Tiffany Crosara wisdom in 2011 & look forward to the future with a new found zest for life.

Brhyer, Cornwall


It is hard to sum up in a few sentences how much Tiffany’s insight has transformed my life. The changes have been so wonderful, uplifting and enlightening. And, I do truly believe that Tiffany has been catalyst to making it all happen.

I first met Tiffany 2 1/2 years ago, I had completely lost who I was and where my life was going. I had no control over my life, but, worst still had got so used to that way of life that it had become normal.

I plucked up the courage to do something for myself (for the first time in years) and signed up to a course of Tiffany’s. The course was an introduction to tarot which inspired me deeply to travel on my own spiritual Fool’s Journey as set out in Tiffany’s award winning book book “The Transfromational Truth of Tarot”.

A chapter did say ” you will be amazed at where you will find yourself at the end!” It couldn’t have been more accurate. By the end of The Journey, I had found myself again, found my freedom and independence, and had a whole new wonderful world in front of me, and all through the journey I had the knowledge and spiritual awareness that I had gained from Tiffany to help me through, even in the darkest moments, it kept me strong and guided me.

I continued on my path, my new life full of new adventures, but, recently, I got a bit stuck. Suffering from stress and worn out with worry. I had learned and done so much, but it was time to let go of all the baggage once and for all, and I needed a bit of help. As if by magic, Tiffany was there again to help.

The wisdom Tiffany has give me over the last few months have been life changing, there is no other way to describe it. My stress and worry levels have virtually disappeared, my relationships with the people closest to me have been enhanced so much, every day I am happier, calmer, at peace. I really do feel like the weight of the world has been lifted of my shoulders!

I am now full of enthusiasm to move house, out of my former marital home that I have lived in for 16 years and move on to start another amazing cycle of my own journey.

I am not sure what the universe has in store for me next, but I know that whatever happens everything I have learned from Tiffany will be held in my head and heart wherever I go. And I am hoping that the universe will find me on one of her wonderful retreats in Spain in the near future too! I hope this testimonial has inspired you to take a leap of faith with Tiffany, you won’t look back.

Claire C, London


Just thought I would share something with you. I had a reading with you on the the 15/04/14 and you made a prediction that I would be moving to Somerset in my head I was like no way I’m young I need to stay in London. Well I got an amazing job offer in Somerset the pay is awesome so I’m moving to Somerset. Seemed impossible at the time but you were spot on!

Dr Jennifer Smith, London


I just wanted to thank you very much for the brilliant reading I had from you two days ago.

You have an amazing talent for what you do and it all made sense in the way it unfolded, giving me greater clarity in the various aspects we covered. You have a relaxed and easy style and I was grateful for the opportunity to look into specific aspects of the reading in more depth and for the opportunity to ask questions. It was a wonderful pulling together of different strands and I left you feeling uplifted by the possibilities presented. That’s not to say that it was “fluffy,” because we discussed areas that needed more attention and work, which is precisely what I began to address the day after. So, to summarise, the reading provided the energy for forward motion in my life so thank you for that.

I am happy for you to use this in your publicity along with my name.

Hilary Farmer, Oxford


I was lucky enough to spend an hour with Tiffany at Mysteries in Covent Garden. Tiffany picked my age(39) straight away and also saw very clearly the nature of a break up i have recently been through. I just wanted to say thankyou, it gave me alot of strength that reading.. you were right there was another chap involved (now gone).. but i have managed to talk to my ex several times and like you said i think she does find it hard to let go too. I have travelled to be with family for the time being ( you were right about that too). Your light and smile really helped me in a tough lonely time in London town so i wanted to say thankyou. I hope all’s good for you. Best regards and many thanks.



Tiffany has given me a Tarot reading and Reiki Healing at a time when I was multi tasking, working, studying, and living life with teenagers! I found Tiffany’s work a haven of relaxation and heaven, it is very grounding, honest and and given in a way, that good challenge is not experienced as criticism.

Jackie, London


Tiffany is a truly skilled and talented Tarot reader. She has an intuitive ‘feel’ for the Tarot, creating and holding a wonderful space for personal discussion and discovery. I came away feeling surprised and delighted by the conversation and the insights Tiffany brought into the reading. I would happily recommend Tiffany to anyone looking for a Tarot reader who is both spiritual tuned in and well anchored into everyday life.

Kit, Telford


I have had numerous readings from Tiffany over the last few years that have given me great insights into my life & obstacles within it. 2 years ago Tiffany accurately read within the cards that I would end up being in a relationship with a doctor & be living in the states.

A few months ago I decided to move to the states. Less than one month later I found my most romantic compatible soulmate who is an American doctor. I am now planning my relocation to California! Its important to add that a lot of healing was required before I was able to come into alignment with my soul mate & my readings with Tiffany also helped highlight those areas that needed healing.Tiffany has a deep knowledge & natural understanding of the Tarot. She is gifted with seasoned a wonderful connection to spirit guides & beings & has a great ability to trust the information she receives without allowing her ego to get in the way.

Lynsey Beswick, London


Tiffany is such a beautiful, gifted and insightful person. I have experienced literally “Life Changing” wisdom that has propelled me in many areas of my life. Tiffany has a much aligned way working that has practical steps and guidance that are consistent in the internal and external world. I have experienced un believe amounts of synchronicities since working closer with her and these have had such a positive affect on my life. I highly recommend Tiffany, as I know you will feel as blessed I do with her coming into my life. Tiffany brings the gifts of Joy.

P, creativity coach, London


I’m not a sceptic but I’m not an uber believer either. I don’t really put much stock in the esoteric but after last night I have realised that there are some people who are truly gifted with an insight into the divine. If you ever fancy a tarot reading, I can heartily recommend Tiffany Jane Crosara. No bullshit, no chanting just an uncanny perception and terrifyingly accurate reading. It was ridiculous, liberating, wondrous, revelatory and also shocking in the best way.

Don’t have a massage this month and take care of yourself in another way. I can promise you it will open your eyes but I can’t promise you there will be no crystal balls!

Phi Tran, Manager of YogaMatters, London

I’ve known Tiffany for a number of years now and had untold readings with her. Tiffany is an excellent tarot reader and is always spot on and gives excellent advice. I Highly recommend a reading with her and you will never look back. Tiffany is also a tarot teacher and a reiki master & teacher. I have studied the tarot with Tiffany which was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed. I have also completed Reiki I & II with her and eventually Reiki III very soon. Tiffany has a beautiful and warm spirit that lifts your energy, she is an excellent teacher who gives so much, speaking to my friends and others I have found that they wish they had been taught by Tiffany.This was my journey one saturday afternoon when the bus went pass my stop pulled up in front off Tiffany shop and I’ve never looked back. (As they say:- You don’t find reiki but reiki finds you….) Now I’m in the process of setting up my own reiki practice, providing a service for others.

Sharon, London


I was transcribing the 1st reading you did for me and realised whilst I was typing out what you were saying, and there were some really strong messages that you were picking up on that were quite in tune with a lot of the things I was thinking/feeling, which gave a lot more clarity to the direction I think I should be heading. You are really quite amazing! What a gift you have. I’m in awe.

Anyway, thank you so much again for your time and help. You have really been quite instrumental in helping me sort through a lot of confusion I was going through. I feel fortunate that Stacey put me in touch with you. Sending good thoughts and wishes your way.

Stacie, Singapore

Tiffany’s Teacher and Colleague ...

I have worked with Tiffany for the last 9 years and have experienced all aspects of her work: Tiffany is an amazing clairvoyant psychic working with the karmic space of now, guiding us down our life paths and healing the parts of the wounded self. Tiffany’s relationship to the archetypes of the Tarot are very profound indeed and this comes over in both her readings and her teachings, her relationship to the Divine expressed through her teaching of Reiki and the healing that she gives to others is sublime indeed.

She is indeed a blessing to many of us at many levels of reality and I highly recommend her work.

Stephen Wilkes, Priest of Avalon, clairvoyant, medium, shaman, teacher


You predicted (whilst hating doing so and saying it wasn’t something you usually do) that my partner and I had a very strong connection and would get back together, which of course we did, and then you did another amazingly accurate reading for me in Jan. I was talking to you about the fact I was hoping to start a family soon and you said it wouldn’t take long to get pregnant – I’m 14 weeks today! (7th June 2014).

Suzanne Little, London


I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing reading. Both two years ago and a couple of weeks ago, your readings were spot on and so useful. I recommend you to friends. Thank you again for your useful (if not essential!) advice. You are one of the few therapist/ spiritual practitioners I have met who I feel are careful enough with people’s beliefs, not biased in your approach and also balanced enough to have a beneficial effect on the people you see. With most other therapists (or psychics) I feel their issues affecting me throughout the session, so thank you!

Suzanne Waterworth, London

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