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So you are intuitive, right? At least you think so!

You always seem to just "know" something, feel tuned into another level way beyond explanation, it's like a super power!

So why on earth is it that living life successfully whether personally or professionally seems such a challenge? You wonder!

Until the day you set your eyes on The 10 Transformational Truths of Using

Your In-tuition as out-tuition and recognise yourself - oh jeez!

What do you do now?

What does this mean? Is out-tuition even a word?!

Heck no!

And that's because "intuition' is only just starting to be accepted in society -

lets face it there's still a LONG way to go to understanding HOW Intuitives tick.

That's where I come in.

What's presented in these pages is what I have lived myself from year dot in a cot! It is also based on 17 years of working with intuitives.

The 10 Symptoms of Using Your In-tuition as Out- tuition workbook will give you aha after aha moment and 10 "practical magic" wands for identifying why being intuitive can mess your life up if you don't apply it correctly - like salt in a cake, nothing is wrong with the salt - just the application - here's the recipe grounding for those aha's and start to make the change happen

So welcome! I am excited you are here! Lets get going gorgeous :)


Any of these resonate? You..

  • 1. Have one too many misunderstandings.
  • 2. Are exhausted from feeling everything and taking it personally.
  • 3. Struggle to accurately discern your own reality.
  • 4. Make assumptions that cause confusion, conflict and drama.
  • 5. Overtry, overdo leading to overwhelm and overkill.
  • 6. Can't get your needs and wants met.
  • 7. Can't express yourself until it's too late.
  • 8. Bounce from no boundaries to big barriers.
  • 9. Feel like you don't belong anywhere.
  • 10. Struggle to obtain and maintain healthy self esteem.

Then being intuitive doesn’t seem such a gift does it?
When you struggle to express yourself
you experience unfulfilling
or unhealed relationships,
with yourself, others and the universe.

Ultimately you feel like you have lost yourself
and the magic you know is there somewhere. 
You know you are passing your childhood trauma on
and worse still, to your children - if you have them. 

You may have tried years of clearing, counselling
and other therapies, only to scratch the surface,  
but nothing totally shifts it. 
Because, until now no-one has understood you enough. 

There’s never been a recovery program for being intuitive -
Have you ever heard of “intuitives anonymous?”

So what if I told you that...
for each and every month from now on ...
you will see yourself, your magic,
and the magic in your purpose, passion and partnerships?

If these are your words...

  • “Permission for me to be truly me in my life is near to zero.”
  • “I’m my own worst critic, I have high standards and often feel let down or frustrated by myself or with others.”
  • “ I have been trained to be no less than perfect. To be vulnerable feels as scary as hell and space for me to find myself is practically non existent.”
  • “I feel like a lone wolf, even if (or especially when) I am surrounded by others.”
  • “ I’m a great communicator in my career but I don’t know how to communicate effectively in my personal life.”
  • “My self esteem is low but I cover that up with a mask.”
  • “My relationships, creativity and success can be better but I don’t know how and I’m fed up with trying to control everything.”
  • “ I need to learn how to let go of my fears and start committing to my truths.”
  • “I know life can be magical but it’s been a while and I really want to feel it again. I’m exhausted from feeling like everything is my responsibility. “
  • “I want to feel harmony in my relationships. “

What if I told you that it’s totally possible for you to:

  • Learn to understand and accept yourself, communicate effectively and receive what you want or need.
  • Trust in the bigger picture and divine plan - therefore knowing the universe has your back.
  • See the magic of the divine at work - without a doubt and daily.
  • See through situations straight to the heart of a matter.
  • Know who you are, what your purpose is and manifest consistent cashflow from your purpose.


The Transformational Truth of Tarot first launched in 2014 as a six month Tarot course.

Since then it's grown substantially into a deeply transformative personal development course that your learning of Tarot supports you through - right up to unblocking your relationships and purpose.

 This starts happening for you from day one.

It is truly transformational in terms of community, support and opening to receive from yourself, your relationships and the universe - and it takes a solid commitment from you and us.

This means if you are looking for a basic tarot course (and especially if that’s for predictive reasons) then this isn’t the course for you.

However, if you really want to dive deep into your world, face the sometimes stark mirror of the Tarot, take it on the chin and rise again then congratulations!

You’ve passed the first initiation!

In The Transformational Truth of Tarot, you bare your soul in a group environment. That means it is not possible to buy it online. I personally speak to everyone to check that it is right for you, me and the group for you to come on board so if you think you would like to go further…

Although we are currently closed for enrolments we are now open for applications for the coming re-opening this autumn.

The next step is to apply below, and we will get back to you within 24 hours Mon -Fri:

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“I’m so lucky I found Tiffany! A repeat pattern from my childhood had me stuck going nowhere and I didn’t believe I could change it. I’ve broken the cycle and got way more than a high level of high self esteem. My vision became clear and my life is now full of unconditional love, laughter, excitement, courage and most of all peace. I’m living my soul purpose teaching spiritual practices around the world and have made friends with a lot of interesting people, some celebrities too!
Wendy Yeung, Toronto & Hong Kong, The World!


I lost myself, and worst still, that was normal. I signed up, Tiffany said " you will be amazed at where you will find yourself at the end!" It couldn't have been more accurate. I found myself, my freedom, my independence, my creativity (I started to draw for the first time since I was 4) I ran a marathon, left my marriage, sold my home, started a relationship my boy and I am truly happy in. My stress and worry levels disappeared and the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s been so epic I wrote a book!
Claire Chilvers - Now Tarot Author, Consultant and Blogger
- Forever Consciousness. UK


I will never likely be someone that doesn’t push a little too hard, but my awareness of this tendency has come to the fore. I’m stronger in myself and with regards to my tarot abilities and becoming more psychically sensitive - this is really exciting. A lot of my self-doubt has shifted, and I am learning to ease into things more.The difference in not only in my reading abilities but also in myself are staggering. I entered the course with a presumption that I knew more about the tarot than I did, but I see this as a very positive thing. It has been humbling; reflects my growth and progress; how much more there is to learn, but also that I feel truly ready to be reading for paid clients.
I have also been using tarot more and more as a great inspiration into my creative writing – there are some characters that I have merely lifted from the Rider Waite Deck!
– F.Greenlaw, The Wellness Foundry.

It’s important to me that...


It’s important to me you don’t feel like you are just another number lost in just another group. Or that I am just another “high end coach” that forgets you once the kerching has been:


A year on I am not the person who went from one abusive relationship to another.
It has been a huge year. Tiffany will push and pull you. She’s very real. She shows up and boy does she know us, but most of all she lets us be known. A year on I am not the person who went from one abusive relationship to another. I read Tarot professionally, have qualified as an accredited life coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I have started my own business “Empowering Your T-Ruth”. And I’m writing a Tarot novel! I am in isolation undertaking chemotherapy. A year ago this would have destroyed what was left of me a year on, it’s making me.
Ruth Bennet - UK

It’s important to me that you see you can have harmony with your parents, romantic partners, and children. Who now are free to live without inheriting your baggage, because the buck stopped here, with you:


I thought I needed boundaries but early on I realised it was quite the opposite.
My daughter’s anger was having a detrimental affect on my life. I thought I needed boundaries but early on I realised it was quite the opposite. My relationship with her healed - and quick! She said to me “I have my mother for the first time in my life!” Constraints in my life fell away and I launched my own business called ‘Women Embracing Change” (funnily enough)!
Angela Campbell - UK.

It’s important to me and you that you have the freedom to live out your soul purpose sustainably in the way you want, because you are inherently worthy of it and you live life with your self esteem switched on:


It’s 100% worth it and more!
I had so many problems with my relationships and self worth and worst of all. I was passing them on to my daughter. I had a calling to earn a living through Transformative rather than predictive Tarot. I had every confidence Tiffany was the one to help me with it all. She clearly knows her stuff. She didn’t disappoint. She came with some very real, very raw truths which helped me understand so much more about who I was and why I had been struggling for so long. Tiffany was there every step of the way. I had solutions for the first time and I received more than I expected. My relationships changed, I now feel worthy and courageous enough to go for what I want. I am at peace with myself, my relationships and earning a living from my dream of being a Transformative Tarot coach! It’s 100% worth it and more!
Vicky Wallis - UK

I am someone who has found a magical formula that no-one else has, one that makes your transformation feel exciting rather than exhausting:


Her formula works!
“This course has literally changed my life, me, inside, for the better. Tiffany has been incredibly supportive, but real with it. Her formula works! I have never felt so safe and supported as I do in the TTT group, and I am grateful for that.”
- Vicky Harvey, UK

It’s important to me that you see and feel the changes happen for you fast- (within one month), and that they are sustainable too! Plus you feel like you have found somewhere you can stay forever and still continue to develop should you wish :


“I healed more in just a few weeks working with Tiffany than I ever did in ten years of counselling and therapy”.
- Jackie Charest, Canada


the energy keeps on rising
“I came here 3 years ago and I stay on purpose. I have experienced 3 groups and every time the energy keeps on rising. I’ve been on a healing path for 11 years but it was only when I found TTT that I found me. I’m clear about who I am and the healing effect of that is profound. My doctor is amazed - he has no explanation except keep on doing what you are doing! This is the magic of being who you are! Was I nervous when I said yes? Heck yes! It’s a big dive and so worth it, your future self will thank you for it”
- Nancy Branconnier - Canada,


“TTT is changing my life, I didn’t think for one moment it would be this good, and to be honest I’ve taken it slowly, at my own pace, and been a bit behind here and there, but overall I would say it’s the best thing I have ever done to heal. I have had numerous amounts of counselling over the years, but nothing can compare!”
- Kathleen Warrender, UK

I know what I am talking about and how to make the change happen with you. I know what it’s like to feel spoken down to by mentors. This makes me careful that my 30 years of experience, books and six awards, won’t stop me listening to you.


“Tiffany is a fantastic listener, you feel her completely focusing on you, she allows you the space to be real and vulnerable with her, and she will be the same with you, she has changed my life in countless ways with just this one skill!”
- Harriet Evans, uk

Apply Now:

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Tiffany Crosara

Inner Transformation Specialist

Tiffany is a multi award-winning author and inner transformation specialist who helps Intuitives develop healthy esteem, relationships, life and career choices. Her first book, ‘The Transformational Truth of Tarot’ won the Best Spiritual Book of 2012 which opened up her international speaking live TV career- a string of awards followed, from best Newcomer TV Intuitive to Scholarship Awarded Coach. From Inspiring Human Potential to Helping People Make Better Choices. From Iconic Woman inspiring and Empowering Women to Gold Visionary for her product "The Transformational Truth of Tarot GameChanger".

But she felt like all this success was "happening to her" from the outside, like a dream, It didn't feel real.

In 2016 the 10 Symptoms of OUT -tuition ripped her life apart and the real epiphany happened, a powerful and insightful journey of three years began saving the things in her life of value both personally and professionally.


You and the Universe are one inseparable being -
that's why the word sounds like "YOUniverse"
Tiffany Crosara




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Tiffany’s course is incredibly rich, deep and empowering.

Tiffany’s course is incredibly rich, deep and empowering. In such a short time I truly have transformed by the truths revealed during this learning. It’s been amazing in totally unexpected ways. I am so glad and grateful for it all, and highly recommend it if you’re interested in developing yourself personally, spiritually and who knows in which other ways! – Angela Bradshaw, Surrey.

Angela Bradshaw

Tiffany’s course was life-changing for me

The critic on my shoulder is still there, but its voice is silenced – confidence replaced diffidence – judgment, resistance and defiance made way for a deeper connection and understanding of self and so of others. Tiffany has the ability to guide you to your own understanding and she does that in ways which are so gentle, appreciative, always positive and kind. She gracefully took my hand and gently led me … to me …. Now THAT is power! Dearest Tiffany, you have no idea how much your guidance and wisdom has meant to me and how grateful I am that we have crossed paths. I am not even sure if you are aware that you touch people deeper than any words on a page (or computer screen) can ever do… its all about that authentic, beautiful energy behind those words that makes all the difference – Caroline Witteven, Canada

Caroline Witteven

I don’t think I’ve been this enthusiastic about a course, nor felt so transformed

I began The Transformational Truth of Tarot course back in January with Tiffany Crosara, and now as we edge towards the end of the course, I know there is going to be a huge hole in my life.
As someone who has been around tarot since I was a teenager, and as a reader on and off over the years, I can happily say that this is course is designed to suit absolutely all levels of ability, from beginner, through intermediates (probably how I would have classed myself) to advanced readers.
The course really does cater for all abilities. It is a journey of heart, mind and soul – and in some cases even body. It really IS what it says on the tin – transformational.
I have learned so much over these last few months, and in such a supportive environment, it has been a true journey of enlightenment.
Another great aspect of the course for me, was that we are accountable for our learning experience (if we want to be), and in my case, this really has helped me to keep track of the journey as I’ve gone along, and see how the journey (and I) are evolving, quite apart from all that I have learnt so much.
It has really opened my mind, and changed the way I look at, read, and experience tarot. Tiffany is a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm Is infectious, and she gives so much of herself , her experience and knowledge to her students. She is incredibly supportive, and it’s a real joy and a privilege to work with her. I don’t think I’ve been this enthusiastic about a course, nor felt so transformed by it, or that I have learnt so much in such a short space of time for years. The class structure and the learning journey are wonderfully well put together, and easy to follow, and the group and its’ support are an added bonus that has been awesome! I feel lifelong friends have been made on this course, and the sharing of ideas, experience, highs and lows, and learning, have just been a completely unexpected but absolutely enriching bonus, that I am so grateful for. All in all, I have loved every minute of this course and can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Tiffany. It’s been fantastic.
– Carolyn from Surrey.


Working with Tiffany, is a revelation and inspiring!

I rediscovered old interests and made new friends. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, beginner, dabbler or been using for years, the way this course is designed you will surely get further insights and build depth of practice. Tiffany is a wonderful coach, patient and encouraging, she only wants for us to develop and grow. The support of the others in the group is heart-warming a spirit of sharing that is very open and giving. I feel like I have a ‘Tarot family’ now. – Kirsten Durward, Malaysia

Kirsten Durward

Right from the get go you will start to see, to hear, to feel, to know, you will tell stories like you have never told before

Well, this course is called the` Fools Journey` where you become the Fool and you actually take the Journey. You live the cards, you feel the cards, you walk into them, they become part of your every waking day and part of your every sleeping night. It`s an amazing course, right from the beginning you will start to see, to hear, to feel, to know, you will tell stories like you have never told before, and you skype and do readings, scary at first but before you know it skype will become second nature. Your intuition will grow day by day, week by week and month by month. You`ll resonate with so many cards and with much of what your colleagues post, who become your Tarot family. This new family become very important, they support and encourage, no one is left on their own (unless they want to be) and it doesn`t matter what level you are at, we all learn from each other. Tiffany has a unique way of teaching, at first you think I just don`t get this, this is because its not text book teaching, its out there on a limb, but its fantastic and its fun. She plants the seed and watches it grow into something very beautiful. Obviously the more you put into the course the more you will get out of it, but if you don`t want to post all the time you don`t have to. Yes, it is time consuming and there is homework, at first you think how am I going to do this, but you do, you really get to enjoy it, and when you miss your homework, which everyone does, you`ll want to do it, you actually make the time to do it. Its the strangest type of teaching ever, but it works. Weekly webinars are fantastic and we go over what we have learnt the week before and if you don`t know something or can`t get to grips with it, there is always someone to help, there are physical meetups which I would highly recommend, you get to practice and meet up! This course is about growing and if you want to be a professional Tarot Reader by the end of it you will and if you just want to heighten your intuition you will, its really up to you where you go with it, there is no pressure,there is no right or wrong way, you do as much as you want or as little as you want, its up to you to get out of it what you want. Thank you Tiffany for the journey.
Laurayne Strudwick – London

Laurayne Strudwick

Tarot has become part of my life and helped me to continue to grow and empower myself.

I must say that I have loved tarot for years but it was not until I started working with Tiffany that I truly understood what tarot is really about I have loved my journey so far and have learnt so much about myself. Tarot has become part of my life and helped me to continue to grow and empower myself. Thank you Tiffany. – Lesley Readman, UK

Lesley Readman

I only joined to get my passion for the cards back, I’m now leaving with a greater understanding of my self and how to cope with life challenges as well as a career.

The decision to join Tiffany’s course was one of the smartest spontaneous decisions I have ever made, and like Tiffanys book, The Transformational Truth of Tarot this course was one of the best self help journeys I have ever experienced. My truth love and passion is anything to do with the Archetypes and the collective Unconscious, My dream is to study all the works of Carl Gustav Jung and may of his proteges, anyway that is still a dream which I am slowly working towards and I know exactly what i want to do with it; However walking this path with Tiffany and all the amazing, gifted and extremely beautiful people that I have met on the course has been a dream come true. I would purchase this course again as the amount of knowledge on how to truly connect with the tarot is amazing, many of us walked in novice and walked out psychics and acute professional tarot readers. One of the best investments I have ever made, I only joined to get my passion for the cards back, I’m now leaving with a greater understanding of my self and how to cope with life challenges as well as a career. – Louise Dash, London

Louise Dash

I was lacking the ability to be truly open with others and to show my vulnerability.

I had a fear/belief that I couldn’t ‘show myself’ to the world as my low confidence levels made me think ‘I’ wouldn’t be enough.
I felt I was playing whatever role was needed with each person/relationship I had.
I had already started to work on my disconnection with myself but was lacking the knowledge on how to/best way to continue.
I had been living a lie for so long, it appeared to be a mammoth task.
My low self worth and confidence was stopping me from choosing life.
Decisions had been made from fear, not love and I had no excitement or passion in my life.
I had become numb to almost all emotion.
The act of accepting and paying for she course was enough to show me that somewhere in there, I still had some love and belief for myself. It was huge for me to spend that amount of money on myself. Once that realisation came in, it helped me know id made the right decision. I didn’t need to find my self love I just needed to work on it, which somehow made it less daunting.
It’s given me a skill, in reading tarot, i had never thought about acquiring!
It’s given me a much much stronger connection to spirit and a will for that to continue.
It’s given me the opportunity to meet and know some amazing people, which again, has reflected in my life, to want to go out and meet more.
Its given me a deeper knowledge and understanding of myself, which I can pass on to my children.
It’s given me tears! Some sad, some happy, some angry, some proud but all equally invaluable. It means I’m no longer numb of emotion.
All in all this course does what it says on the tin and I’d recommend it to anyone who truly is looking to transform their lives. I say truly because I can clearly see, you get out of it, what you put in. Which is another lesson to take with you into the big wide world!
Nicola Watson – UK

Nicola Watson

Honesty, Openness, Trust and Truth

All these things and more are what Tiffany encompasses. Having worked with Tiffany for a while now I have been blown away, she is so natural and so intuitive, this woman possesses insight and knowledge that utterly astounds. Tiffany is an amazing guide with a warm and friendly approach. She is unique and insightful, offering clarity and wisdom and she has an amazing gift that I have witnessed first hand. She is funny, honest and blends all of these attributes with a razor sharp insight. It has been a real evolution working with her with and I can honestly say that she has given her knowledge freely. No question is too big or too small and she answers with an honesty that is both sincere and funny! I feel she has encompassed everything you need to get on the path, whilst helping you understand that it is a never ending journey. She stresses positivity not negativity and I would recommend her courses to any and all, be you skeptic or believer I really do feel that she will reach you because she stands so firm in her own faith and gifting while not putting it in your face. Thank you so much Tiffany – Raphael Rey, Margate

Raphael Rey

Corporate work horse to a self employed mentor

Since working with Tiffany I have transformed from a corporate work horse to a self employed Tarot mentor and from someone unable to leave my parents house to someone who is travelling the world. My transformation is happening now and it is SO exciting. – Reene Chauhan, London

Reene Chauhan


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