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The Transformational Truth of Tarot Deluxe Version




  • All inclusive retreat with hands on training
  • Live FB group support 7 days a week
  • Live ongoing 1:2:1 and group support with Tiffany
  • Access to a network of people to read for during your training – and professionally afterwards
  • I need people to approve of me - I am not sure I approve of myself.


How many of the following do you resonate with?

  • There’s more to me than people think.
  • There’s more to me than I think, but I don’t understand it or know how to reach it.
  • Permission for me to be truly me in my life is near to zero.
  • I’m my own worst critic, I have high standards and often feel let down or frustrated by myself or with others.
  • I have been trained to be no less than perfect.
  • To be vulnerable feels as scary as hell.
  • Space for me to find myself is practically non existent.
  • I feel like a lone wolf, even if (or especially when) I am surrounded by others.
  • I’m a great communicator in my career but I don’t know how to communicate effectively in my personal life.
  • My self esteem is low but I cover that up with a mask, or by getting esteem from “other esteem” such as places like my career.
  • My relationships, creativity and success can be better but I don’t know how!
  • I’m fed up with trying to control everything.
  • I need to learn how to let go of my fears and start committing to my truths.
  • I know life can be magical but it’s been a while and I really want to feel it again.
  • I’m exhausted from feeling like everything is my responsibility.
  • I want to feel full faith that the universe has my back.
  • I want to feel peace in my soul and trust in divine timing.
  • I want to feel harmony in my relationships.
  • I want to feel creativity and purpose flowing through my veins.
  • I want to understand what makes me tick and learn how to commit to it.
  • I want to have healthy self esteem, trust my intuition and transform my life.
  • I want to feel, see and know the magic in daily life.


What if I told you that it’s totally possible for you to:

  • Understand and accept yourself, others and your life more than you ever have before?
  • Trust in the bigger picture and divine plan - therefore knowing the universe has your back?
  • Have the confidence, knowledge and strength to be yourself and communicate your truth lovingly to others?
  • The ability to see the magic of the divine at work - without a doubt and daily?
  • Increased ability to see through situations straight to the heart of a matter?
  • Know who you are, what your purpose is and...
  • consistent cashflow from your purpose if you wanted it?


Maybe that’s hard to believe so here’s a testimonial from a graduate student who became one of the Top Ten Tarot Readers in London as declared by Time out Magazine:


And Nicola, who never even touched a Tarot deck before she came on on for personal development reasons:



And a whole load of others speak for themselves here!






The Transformational Truth of Tarot launched in 2014, the first investment was £500 for the 6-month Tarot course.

Since then it's grown substantially from a Tarot course into a personal development course that your learning of Tarot supports you through - right up to unblocking your relationships and purpose and practical support for you to implement successfully in your life as you go through the course -there’s no waiting with The Transformational Truth of Tarot. It starts happening for you from day one.

It is truly transformational in terms of support, and takes a solid commitment from you and us, and the investment has grown to reflect this.

This means if you are looking for a basic tarot course (and especially is that’s for predictive reasons) then this isn’t the course for you.

However, if you really want to dive deep into your world, face the sometimes stark mirror of the Tarot, take it on the chin and rise again then congratulations!

You’ve passed the first initiation!

In The Transformational Truth of Tarot you bear your soul in a group environment. That means it is not possible to buy it online.

I personally speak to everyone to check that it is right for you, me and the group for you to come on board so if you think you would like to go further…


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