The Transformational Truth of Tarot & You

Tiffany’s first book The Transformational Truth of Tarot was released in September 2012. Going on to secure 20 five star review on Amazon  and an award for the Best Spiritual Book of 2012 within only a few months, issued by Prediction Magazine in association with The College of Psychic Studies.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot is a book that reveals Tiffany’s own personal journey of the Tarot, one filled with fearsome depths, magical twists and incredible highs. Through this deep journey Tiffany learnt the hard and strong way the enlightening and transformative way to work with the very ancient and powerful tool that is the Tarot.
And here she shares it. 

Although she shares her learning, she also initiates or strengthens your own.
This book, unlike most other Tarot books, does not contain meanings, but goes right to the heart of the matter by showing you the ingredients (symbolism) in each of the cards, and gives you exercises on how to create your own recipe (ignite your own intuition). 

Tiffany guides you through The Fool’s Journey, which is the journey of the soul through life as pictured through the 22 major arcana cards within the Tarot deck. But she also found when writing about the remaining 56 cards that The Fool’s Journey, very much continued on.