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Revolutionise resistant relationships into receptive ones! From your mother to your lover, your colleagues to your child, your friends and family - even the ones you thought were "write -offs".


Shortcut daily, spiritual practice, self-care sheets to fast focus your alignment - more than ever we need time to make sure we stay aligned and ain't nobody got time to journal the realms these days!


About Tiffany Crosara


Having formed a relationship with Tarot since the age of four, Tiffany has spent the last four decades walking the path of Tarot as a tool to transform your life

It was a journey full of unanswered mysteries and challenges to crack on understanding the challenges intuitives face with tuning into their own wants and needs and being able to receive.

After a decade of being a professional high flying psychic on the London circuit and TV and a lifetime of codependency she finallyhad a breakdown that nearly cost her everything including  her family, marraige, home and career. 

But instead led her to crack the unsolved mysteries and challenges of being an intuitive, so the curse becomes a blessing.

Despite there not being anything out there for intuitives such as #intuitivesanonymous!

After finally cracking the code, Tiffany returned home and now has a happy marriage, family and home life (quite a breakthrough as a full time step mum) as well as being able to work with her passion in her own business a way that serves and empowers her clients, to help them find their path to thehappiness and fulfillment that's right for them. 

She is the author of 2012's Best Spiritual Book, The Transformational Truth of Tarot ( awarded by Prediction Magazine and The College of Psychic Studies)

Tiffany was named one of the best Tarot teachers in the world The UK Tarot Conference. 

Tiffany is also the creator of The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer, winning a gold award for most visionary product of 2019.

As the Boho CEO of The Transformational Truth of Tarot and Manifest a Miracle a Month, she mentors intuitives of all ages to find their true life's purpose, their confidence and their worth through Transformational Tarot. 

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