Manifest a Miracle a Month VIP Imbolc Weekend 

Granada, Spain, Imbolc Weekend  2-5th Feb 2017.

Imbolc, in the Celtic seasonal calendar marks the beginning of the lambing season and signals the beginning of Spring and the stirrings of new life. It is Feile Brighde, the 'quickening of the year'. The original word Imbolg means 'in the belly'. All is pregnant and expectant - and only just visible if at all, like the gentle curve of a 'just-showing' pregnancy. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Here is hope. We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness Life's insatiable appetite for rebirth.

It is time to let go of the past and to look to the future, clearing out the old, making both outer and inner space for new beginnings. This can be done in numerous ways, from spring cleaning your home to clearing the mind and heart to allow inspiration to enter for the new cycle. ('Spring cleaning was originally a nature ritual' - Doreen Valiente). It's a good time for wish-making or making a dedication.


Manifest a Miracle a Month

THIS IS THE ALHAMBRA, SET AGAINST THE SNOWY BACKDROP OF THE SIERRA NEVADA IN Andalucia, IN GRANADA, aN ANCIENT BOHO CITY MADE OF LABYRINTH MAZES FULL OF“food for the soul”. Ancient cobbled winding streets up and down to The Alhambra Palace, dotted with endless rows of Aladdin’s caves, musicians, artists, henna tattooists and flamenco gypsies - Granada is the Boho Mecca of Spain where you witness the fusion of Ancient Arabic and traditional Spanish culture. It’s vibrant and at the same time chilled, it bursts with creativity - the ancient symbol for which is the Pomegranate, which is what Granada is named after, its ancient streets decorated with Pomegranates and Infinite Eight Pointed Stars.

Would you like to open the door to it’s magic?

Are you a therapist that has trained in so many modalities that you struggle with knowing how to put them all together to action your own consistent package, for consistent progression of your client, and consistent cash flow for you?

If so, then read on, but if not, no fear I can still cater for you here.

The reason I ask is because I know a lot of therapists have this issue, if this is you and you have some knowledge of Tarot and Astrology, then I can help you make this pain a thing of the past.

What does Tarot and Astrology have to do with it?

  • In 2012 I downloaded a system that showed me that when Tarot, Astrology and Kabbalah (no knowledge of Kabbalah needed) is blended in a specific way they combine together to show up an incredibly clear and deep map of the soul’s karma, on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. As well as how it is playing out in their current life today AND also how you, with your own unique gifts can clear it, pinpointing which gifts to use, at which time and for how long.

Sound like the answer?

Here’s a little about the power it has:

  • In 2014 when I launched Manifest a Miracle a Month, it changed my life in an instant, quite literally, it was my Miracle Month! I had my first 20K month and could straight away leave my freelance positions, knowing I had created a secure ongoing income.
  • It was fantastic to be in a place where I could be finally free enough to concentrate solely on showing up and dedicating myself to the ten clients that were so eager to do this journey with me. The journey where I could completely show up and deliver what was completely in me to completely serve them in theirs. It was a fantastic feeling of finally fulfilling potential.
  • Two clients of which had instant feelings of vertigo, skin complaints and other physical ailments.
  • One of which left her work and started her own business which is ever growing to this day - when she joined she had no clue she was going to do that!
  • Two others found themselves in a long-term satisfactory relationship (still ongoing). This may not sound much until you hear about their backgrounds and just how difficult this was for them.
  • Seven of them found themselves feeling so much calmer that their relationships with others changed profoundly - particularly ones with family.

So If It’s So Successful Then Why Didn’t I Offer It Again?

  • That year, I realised the truth about me at an ever deeper level…..
  • I am not a 1-2-1 practitioner, whether that be a reader or a healer, I can do both, and well, but my heart lies in teaching. My passion is in spreading the ripples in a wider fashion.

So here I am, asking you if you want me to pass this knowledge on to you?

If you think this just what you need then read on, to find out, how to find out, if it truly is:

Manifest a Miracle a Month Practitioner VIP Training

Granada, Spain, February 2nd - 5th 2017.

I’m opening my doors up to my sacred and humble abode nestled in the side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range for just two very important people.

You have to be the right people for me to open the doors of my home to you, bringing you right into the heart of my space and sharing with you all I know about working with the ancient systems of Tarot, Astrology and Kabbalah, in this magical land.

This is the process for us both to know for sure that you are the right one of two people:

If after reading the information about the retreat further down the page, you think you may well be one of the two people then:

  1. Select the desired option to pay the deposit.
  2. You will then be messaged by my team to arrange a call.
  3. If after the call you or I feel for any reason this isn’t a fit for you, your deposit will be returned, in full.

Okay So Now On To The REALLY Exciting Part!


I will pick you up from a convenient place for you in Granada on Friday 2nd at 4pm Spanish time and escort you to my place 15 minutes drive away, where I will have a home-cooked vegetarian meal waiting for you.

After which you may want to have a sunset stroll through the silhouettes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, or lose yourself amongst the fantastical pages “The Court of Lions” to stimulate your imagination for your Granada visit the following day...

Saturday 3rd:


8:00am - Lemon and Creative Juice:

We start this sacred day in a special sharing where I bring you into the practice of what makes everyday a day that I am plugged into my soul’s true path. This includes Tarot and writing so please bring a Tarot deck, a journal and pen - in fact you’ll need four tarot decks when it comes to constructing the soul map (it’s a deep work of art)! But I have extra decks here if you need them.

8:45am - Morning Walk:

This is the time for you to stretch your legs around the mountain, arriving back for:

9:30am - Breakfast:

Tiffany will have an array of delights prepared for you, fresh green, orange or red juice of some kind! Or nutribullets of your request, fresh fruit, yogurt, muesli, cereal or porridge.

10:00am - Break:

Time to rest a bit and process the day so far, prepping yourself for what’s to come next!

10:30am - Starokarm Soul Map Stage 1:

The Starokarm Soul Map is the structure that Manifest a Miracle a Month is built on, today you begin to learn it by doing your own! Learn how you weave the ancient esoteric structures of Astrology, Tarot and Kabbalah together to reveal your karmic history and how it affects you to this present day.

1:30pm - Home-made lunch and Spanish Siesta

(in the hammock? You can still sunbathe in the winter here!).

3pm - Starokarm Soul Map Stage 1 Continued:

Once you get good at doing a Soul Map you can do it in a day, but to learn how to put it together and then translate it in the beginning will take two days, and the bulk of your training. Today we spend the day building it, watching it emerge, tomorrow we translate it.

5pm - Review

Of what’s emerged so far, and how to prep for tomorrow.

5:30pm - Break

6:30pm - Welcome To Aladdin’s Albycin!:

We will spend the evening exploring the magical streets of The Albycin, cobbled stones leading up and down the hills leading to The Alhambra, dotted with Shisha bars, Arabic tea houses, Moroccan Markets, Musicians and Henna Artists, get your name written in Arabic, pick up one of the thousands of lanterns, special tea kits, or gorgeous fabrics to adorn yourself or your home with.

8:30pm - Dinner:

Today we stop in The Albycin for dinner, enjoy an authentic tagine or a Spanish Tapas! The choice for you to experience of authentic culture is broad!

9:30pm - Before Bed Hammam:

Undoubtedly the best pre-bedtime sacred ritual there is in the ancient heart of Granada, which is home to what is known as THE BEST HAMMAM IN THE WORLD. You’ll be cleansed and massaged in oils of Pomegranate, Red Amber, Lavender or Rose, and bathe in pools of heaven, in a setting that might as well be The Alhambra Palace. Trust me, you’ll leave feeling like an Ancient Moorish Princess. Granada is full of food for the soul, but this? Well it absolutely takes the biscuit! :) Real candles, eight pointed stars and Arabic chants surround you, to help you transcend the seven planes into heaven - and that’s all before the bathing, cleansing and massaging.

Sunday 4th:


8:00am - Lemon and Creative Juice.

8:45am - Morning Walk.

9:30am - Breakfast.

10:00am - Break.

10:30am - Starokarm Soul Map Stage 2.

Now you will have constructed your own soul map, we spend the day learning how to read the sacred language to reveal your own akashic record (soul’s history) and how to use the structure to pinpoint what skills to apply where and for how long to clear the karmic blocks that have arisen.

1:30pm - Home-made lunch and Spanish Siesta.

3pm - Starokarm Soul Map Stage 2 Continued:

You’ll be starting to see how powerful the soul map is, how you can construct it for others and how it can also generate an income for you weekly, for six months per client, bringing in a strong and steady cash flow.

5pm - Review.

5:30pm - Break.

6:30pm - Leave for Excursion and Dinner in The Alhambra!:

We will spend the evening having dinner and exploring the grounds of The Alhambra that are open to the public. The Alhambra is more than a palace, it is an ancient citadel, and some of the citadel is open to roam around, The Alhambra, and Albycin is a magical place to spend an evening.

Monday 5th:


8:00am - Lemon and Creative Juice.

8:45am - Morning Walk:

This is the time for you to stretch your legs around the mountain, arriving back for:

9:30am - Breakfast.

10:00am - Departure.

Tiffany will transport you to your chosen drop-off point in Granada (train/bus/airport) unless you decide you would like to include the photoshoot option in your retreat. If you do, we can drop you after the photoshoot, or you can come back and stay another night and leave on the Tuesday morning.

Here are two options for investment:

Weekend Training without Photo Shoot: £995

  • Hammam entrance, Kessa and Massage.
  • Double room, single occupancy accommodation.
  • Transfers to and from Granada to La Zubia, transport to and from Granada and La Zubia for tours, and tours ROUND Granada.
  • Two days training, manuals and certification.
  • All breakfasts and lunches.

Weekend Training with Photo Shoot: £1495

  • Hammam entrance, Kessa and Massage.
  • Double room, single occupancy accommodation.
  • Transfers to and from Granada to La Zubia, transport to and from Granada and La Zubia for tours, and tours ROUND Granada.
  • Two days training, manuals and certification.
  • All breakfasts and lunches.
  • With this option the Monday will be spent with you doing a photo shoot with you around Granada - so you don’t just go, the new model you go home with for your business isn’t just Manifest a Miracle a Month, it’s YOU! With a fantastic new look for your branding!

There is a saying that says “there is no fate worse than being blind in Granada” so make the most of it!


Fully Refundable 50% Deposit:

without Photoshoot


with Photoshoot


Select the desired option to pay the deposit.
You will then be messaged by my team to arrange a call.
If after the call you or I feel for any reason this isn’t a fit for you, your deposit will be returned, in full.

I look forward to welcoming you into such a profoundly magical and life changing experience.

Warmest wishes,

Tiffany x

Meet Monica,
When she started Manifest a Miracle a Month she knew she was searching for something, but she didn't know what, she came out of it with her business, which two years on has just gone from strength to strength, and she loves more and more everyday, as you can see from her testimonial below, there was so much more than that along the way:

"Manifest a Miracle a Month has been one of the toughest yet most wondrous transformations of my life."

What is my life purpose, why don't I feel connected, self doubt, negativity, what about love. I could go on and on. I can proudly stand here now and know a clear and visual understanding of listening,to my body, to the voices, to feelings,

I am now on a journey of more self -discovery and the results are imminent.

Since being on this programme

  • The headaches and vertigo that I suffered with for years just stopped.
  • Restrictions in my life and my relationships, especially with my family have significantly improved.
  • I now have a feeling of relaxation in myself from being in-tune with myself at such a deep level, which is the biggest gift.
  • For the first time in my life I am looking at what I really want in my career, and I now believe I can work for myself and am taking action on creating this for myself.

If you're here reading this then you have already made a huge decision, and I don't say this lightly. The journey you take with Tiffany is genuine, she is open, she is honest she is present to you. Tiffany will guide you through to what to you do already know, but need the spiritual guidance and trust with. She will assist with enhancing your greater love and for your greatest good. With deep breaths I am still on this journey and I honour Tiffany as she honourswho she is and just keeps on giving!

Don't waste time, if you are ready to receive from a great giver then do it with love for you. With my hand on my heart Tiffany I thank you for opening y understanding to everything....

Monica Chauhan, London

Meet Sarina,
Before Sarina did Manifest a Miracle a Month, she was telling herself she had to move somewhere she didn’t want to, work in a place she didn’t want to, and she could not give her self permission to being in a loving relationship. Her walls were impenetrable. As part of the healing work we drew her dream - a loving man and a house by the sea. Well, if that man she drew could manifest as a person, he did! He looked the spit, right down to the earrings, tattoo, perfect job as a musician…AND he lives in the EXACT town she wanted to live in by the sea. Sarina is has been living with him, in the house by the sea for a couple of years now, here is what she wrote at the end of the course:

“I am very excited! And I’m very much in love with me and my life and the universe.”

Where am I now?

I’m happy.... I’m happy with me.
I’m at peace with myself.
I’m comfortable with myself.
I can still feel my fears but now I know I have the courage to confront them, to overcome them.
I have the tools to deal with all the communication issues I used to have.
I can be me. I’m happy being me in public!
I see all beings as cosmic little bright lights and I feel warm towards them.
I can be completely honest with my family, my friends, and myself.
When I go back to whom I was, I notice straight away and can reflect on why and how and move on.
I’m still discovering my inner woman but I’m more comfortable with being feminine. In fact I love my inner woman. I feel sensual and sexy.
I know how to ground myself.
I want to be kind to myself.
I stick up for myself.
I’ve opened my life up to the possibility of being in a loving relationship.... and I’ve met a man who I can really talk to...
I want to be vulnerable with him. And I have the courage to be so. And I think he likes me all the more for it.
And he’s vulnerable with me.
I don’t know where I will be in the next few months but I have plans and the courage to see these plans through.

I am very excited! And I’m very much in love with me and my life and the universe.

Before I was unhappy. I hid behind high walls that I had built myself. I was scared to bring down these walls. I was totally disconnected from my inner truth, from the love of family and friends, from the possibility of being in a loving relationship. I was a robot, a shadow, a shell.

Now I’m alive. I have hope and dreams and a real belief in myself. I’m proud of myself.

And this is the result of working with Tiffany. Her brilliant guidance, insight, the tools, the non-judgmental support, she accepted me long before I even knew me.

Thank you so much Tiffany. I’ve found my feet and I’m walking my path. I wouldn’t have found my courage if it were not for you.

Sarina Korotone - London

“Suddenly life feels so much more enjoyable and things I used to fight for are coming to me easily.”

I have known Tiffany for over five years and have done all levels Reiki training with her as well as many of her seminars. Last year when I felt at the bottom of my physical and emotional energy levels a free session offer from Tiffany appeared. From there my new life journey began and for the last nine months I have been doing the Manifesting a Miracle a Month sessions.

Month by month I am able to trust my own intuition and let go of need to have every single step I take under control. Suddenly life feels so much more enjoyable and things I used to fight for are coming to me easily.

The most beautiful change I am experiencing now is my new relationship with my parents. Since my early childhood I do not remember a day we would be together without a conflict, arguments or slamming doors, all my sporadic short visits over the years ended this same way until this spring. Over Easter I have spent a week with my family and I had a great time being together with my parents in very caring way and for the first time they asked for and accepted my professional advice. We have regular chats on Skype since! That I call a MIRACLE !

Tiffany has proved to be an excellent teacher pushing me to my limits but also holding me up with her humour when I needed it most. Her positive outlook and a weekly support help me a lot on my transformational journey, and now I can actually look back and laugh at the challenges I have encountered on my path. Thank you Tiffany!!!

Monika Chomoutova, London

“Am I glad I enrolled? The answer is MOST DEFINITELY YES!! Nothing else I have tried has done more than scratch the surface, this is the only thing I know of that works on all levels to clear resistance and blocks to manifesting.”

Have you got something that you are desperate to achieve? I have been desperate to write a book and lose weight for about 5 years now. Both of these are relatively simple and within my control. So why was it that I just couldn’t get going on either? I joined a gym, booked a program with a personal trainer, joined a writing group, went on a screenwriting course and so on and so on. I was feeling just so frustrated and angry with myself.

And then Tiffany’s email pinged through talking about this program and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I was so clear on these and two other goals of mine and my initial consultation with Tiffany identified my need for a focused, sustained and structured approach but one that was exactly right for me – which is where all the other things I had tried failed.I am now half way through and have experienced the following:

Started writing that book finally!! In fact I’ve got so many ideas and writing is now a daily routine. It may not sound much to an outsider but it is HUGE to me. It is like my creativity has been unblocked.

It feels like I have manifested more time in each day – time to exercise, work, be a Mum, write and relax. I never seemed to have enough time to get started on my goals before.

It feels fantastic that I am completely focused on making my dreams a reality and that in turn has improved my mood and general well being. As someone who suffered extremes of mood I now feel calm and peaceful and centred.

I now exercise daily and it doesn’t seem like a chore – I enjoy it as it was always something that I wanted to do but pushed it down the list of priorities

The weight I wanted to lose took a while but Tiffany helped me to see why that was and change my perspective and now it’s starting to drop off – easily.

The weekly sessions make a huge difference to progress. I always feel amazing afterwards and am given a clear action plan for the week ahead. Tiffany has worked out the structure of the program so I can see and feel the progress. It is clearly defined from start so each week is another step forward. Tiffany is a fantastic coach and a great mentor. She is wise, patient and insightful and I feel completely supported.

It is actually hard to put into words everything that I have gained from this so far. If anyone were to ask me do I feel it is working? Is it value for money? Am I glad I signed up for it? The answer is MOST DEFINITELY YES!! Nothing else I have tried has done more than scratch the surface. This is the only thing I know of that works on all levels to clear any resistance or blocks to manifesting. If, like me, are clear on what you want to achieve, are completely motivated yet can’t seem to succeed on your own then I would recommend talking to Tiffany.

Katherine Brown, Marlow

“I highly recommend Tiffany's manifest a miracle course, it allows you to gain deep access into your soul, or anybody else’s, and creates a detailed map full of insight. I have found, as a therapist of many different holistic practices it creates a beautiful system and structure to my work. If you are looking to take your clients deeper into transformation, I couldn't recommend learning Manifest a Miracle more. It has supported me in taking my clients to an even deeper level of awareness and ownership for their creation in the world, and provides me with a good stream of regular monthly income, it’s such a relief to have something that delivers the needs for my clients and myself with such amazing regularity and clarity!’

Aldo Raffa - TV Psychic, Egyptian Reiki Teacher and Creator of The Raffa Tarot Deck.