Thanks, for clicking through, this is the moment where I can start to apply my multi-award winning expertise in helping you to navigate the intense initiation pathways of loss and transformation, and especially when it comes to purpose and relationships.

If you are reading this it's probably because of one of the reasons below:

1. You are finding it difficult to connect with others and oscillate between people pleasing and going into isolation, this is a vicious cycle which keeps you from feeling emotionally fulfilled in relationships, whether this is with family or intimate partners.

2. You have experienced bereavement or some other loss of yourself or another and now you are questioning everything, including why this had to happen, whether you are going crazy when you witness "messages" and whether you will ever be able to break on through to the other side. 

3. You have been simultaneously opened and closed by life at the same time, you are seeing signs and feeling called, but also feeling confused and overwhelmed.

If this sounds like you then:

Grab a cuppa and give yourself 5 minutes of you time with your session plan below:

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A little but it's ok
A lot but I'm on it and just need a bit of help
Its a real problem and totally out of control

It's now or never.
It can wait (it always does).
It's important - but there are more important things that take precedence.
I can see now that it's always waiting - that stops now.

A little.
half and half.