You And The Universe Are One - That's Why The Word Sounds Like "YOUniverse"



Thank you for your interest in "Get To Know Thy Archetype!"

The word Archetype is from two Ancient Greek Words:  "archein", meaning "original or old"; and "typos",

Which means "pattern, model or type".

The combined meaning is: "original pattern" that is symbolic, The Magi, Sage, Mother, Queen and so on.


These days we are bombarded with who we "should be' and what we "should do"

There is so much out there for us to base our model on that is actually someone else's model,

That we forget to "Know Thyself" 

And then we wonder why it didn't work - if it's in alignment with our own ancient model it will work, if it isn't it won't. 


That is why to "Know Thyself" has been quoted as the most important thing to do with your life - and also the hardest.

Archetypal work makes getting to Know Thyself not only entirely possible but incredibly magical and much more like fun than work :)

An Archetype is an original pattern of thee most ancient and wise part of the universe, that once identified puts you back on the track to "Know Thyself"

Then of course the next unlocking question is "Who am I becoming?"

You are just a couple of minutes away from manifesting a free session with me where we will delve into the world of YOUR archetype and work out what things in your life are in tune with it - and what isn't.


You will be telling me this by the way! Your ancient wisdom is inside of you!

I just help you unlock it and see it :) 

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