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My name is Tiffany, I'm a multi-award winning author and expert in helping others to navigate the intense initiation pathways of loss and transformation, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you are reading this it's probably because of one of two reasons below:

1. You are an empath or an intuitive and find it really hard to connect with others without losing yourself and you oscillate between people pleasing and withdrawing and going into isolation, this is a vicious cycle which keeps you from feeling emotionally fulfilled in relationships, whether this is family or intimate partners, you just can't seem to get it right.

2. You have experienced bereavement and this has left you grieving deeply and now you question everything, whether the afterlife really does exist, why this had to happen, whether you are going crazy when you witness "messages" and whether you will be happy again.

In my life I had to learn how to solve both the issues above, because: 

I was an only child who was physically abandoned by my father and emotionally neglected by my mother (not because she wanted to, it was just the way it was).

When you are an only child to a single parent the chances of codependency skyrocket. I was trained so well to be tuned into my mother's emotional state that I lived in a constant state of high alert through my childhood, not only when I was in connection with her, but also when I was alone. I was super tuned into all the energies in the air - and I'm talking disembodied ones.

By the time I lost my daughter to the other side at the tender age of twenty (my first marriage died not long after as did my only father figure). I was HIGHLY tuned into the unseen energies all around, so it's no surprise really that through my twenties and thirties my career as a psychic skyrocketed, leading me on to get published, win awards for helping people make better life choices and be on TV fortnightly. 

I'd got re-married at thirty-two, finding myself a full-time step mum to a girl the same age as my daughter, the situation triggered my father abandonment issues, the loss of my daughter and my codependent upbringing as if it was playing out all over again.  So it's no wonder that after trying to make the above work for ten years and after being plugged into no less than 10,000 readings I had an emotional meltdown.

It took for me to leave the family home and have 18 months of isolation to work out what was going on. I returned a year ago and now I am happily married, happily step familied and happily mothered :)

Now I can see so clearly why so many empaths and intuitives have such a hard time with relationships. 

All I need to do is listen to someone and I can see what's going on and how to change it. 

Now if you are seeing this it's probably because you've signed up for the Isolation to Intimacy 16 Day Activation, which is a great step already, so welcome on board!

And, of course, you are an INDIVIDUAL. 

Which means to really make sure that what you are doing is going to work for your situation, there is only one way, and that is to have an INDIVIDUAL session. 

So if you would like to take me up on the chance to have me hear you out and help you out then please fill in the application below.

There is a limited number of spaces each week, and I can only give my time to those that I can  clearly see I can help, so when filling out your form think:

"What is it Tiffany needs to know about me for her to know she CAN help me?"

That way you will be increasing your chances of securing a session.


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