How you can activate your purpose, passion, and partnerships to transformative levels in 28 days




Without needing to spend endless economics (time and money) on a coach or a (therapists) couch!

There is a faster, easier (and therefore cheaper) way that is MUCH MORE FUN :)


From Zero To Hero in 28 Days!




What you see above is "The Hero's journey" model by Joseph Campbell, this is the archetypal life model we all go through to find our inner hero.
The Hero's Journey is known in the Tarot as The Fool's Journey -it's the same archetypal map of soul evolution, Campbell just swapped the word "Fool" for "Hero"...



You'll see above that the numerical order of The Fool's Journey (The Fool (0), The Magician (1) The High Priestess (2) and so on...) fits the Hero's Journey Precisely.


The Fool is numbered zero in the Tarot hence the title of this journey being "From Zero to Hero"


The Hero's Journey is the archetypal myth structure used behind every good book or film so we resonate with it. Take Frodo from Lord of The Rings, think of his story and look at the model above and you will see what I mean.

So ...

Would you rather be on the couch or on the adventure?


Unblock your creativity, intensify your intuition, step up your daily synchronicity, reform your relationships (and sometimes heal unexplained dis-ease too) in 28 days...





You feel different from others.

You know have something unique to offer but yet to completely discover.

You want to experience more magic in your life and relationships in general.

Life has sometimes felt too much for your sensitive soul.

Being human has at times felt alien for you.

This crazy system that you are “supposed” to fit in has repressed you to the point where you don’t know who you are anymore.




Being you means seeing things others don’t.

Being you means saying things others don’t.

Being you means doing things others daren’t.

Being you is not allowed.

Being you means feeling misunderstood.

Being you means getting weird looks.

Being you means being laughed at.

Being you gets too painful and you shut down. 




You shut down your heart because how others treat it makes no sense to you.

You shut down your creativity because how others laugh at it leaves you with little faith and esteem in who you are.

You shut down the synchronistic magic in your life through fear, your own and others, and have been a "half- life" ever since.

You shut down right down to your soul, and your divine right to your soul.

You fumble through life, trying to be as true to you as possible but sacrificing a limb of who you are here and there because it doesn’t fit in a box in a job description, a profile on a dating site, or at a social or family occasion.




This then means nothing quite works for you, nothing completely fulfils you, you never find quite the right relationship or quite the right job.

This then means you feel people silently judging you as a failure at life, to the danger point where you might even start to believe that yourself.

This means relationships get harder to do, so you start to isolate yourself from social engagements, heck even your nearest and dearest.





The weight of past experiences feels like a heavy karmic rolling ball of moss that’s just bounced and crushed any vision of happy ever after.

You question and doubt yourself at every turn, no longer trusting your intuition.

 You even gaslight yourself because you are just crazy right?

The little flicker of self-esteem you had fizzles and the only belief you are left with is that nothing works for you.

If nothing changes for you, nothing happens for you, nothing about you is “normal” so what “normally” works for others doesn’t work for you, and that’s it.




Are a beautiful soul, a unique soul, that came here with a unique purpose, you were more connected to that than others at some stage, and the world mirrored that back to you with its fearsome judgments.

Now your belief is low, but if you are still reading then there is a flicker of self-esteem and belief left.

So I’d hedge a bet that it’s time for you to choose differently.


Once you have...

You’ll be able to go anywhere, be with anyone and no longer feel like you need either prove yourself or shut yourself down. People will respond differently to you because there is something about you they can’t put their finger on, they won’t know why they want more of you, they just will, whether that’s clients, superiors, new friends and loved ones, old friends and loved ones and heck even the customer services person!

Your whole world comes alive and celebrates your path.

Your intuition skyrockets, you learn how to read life, you see it talking to you everywhere, the energy all around you vibrates.

It doesn’t matter that you have brightly coloured hair, piercings or dreads, it doesn’t matter that you dress like a rainbow crayon (even if that’s all just on the inside :)) the world responds to your new found sense of ease, acceptance and being comfortable in your own skin, they relax as you do.


It won’t matter that you don’t fit boxes anymore, you’ll overcome them or you trust the flow and move on until you find the right one.

Your understanding of how to do life, communication and relationships flourishes and you start to heal all the episodes and relationships you didn’t understand before, you get closer to your family, closer to your friends, you open up to receiving love, now you know how to give it to yourself.


Now everything starts to unblock, your passion, your purpose, your creativity, your very reason for living.



The odds of you being born were one in 400 trillion.

That means 399 trillion before you weren’t unique enough.

You were, you are, and if you are still reading this then this is resonating so ask yourself if NOW really is the time to do something about it?



What's The Alternative?


Living a half-life and feeling half stuck in the closest and half out is a very painful place to be - it’s also an illusion that we have to try and fit in - one that makes everyone around us feel as awkward as we do - I know! I’ve been there, done that and got the “stuck in a half closet” t-shirt!


A heavy closet cross to bear!


The biggest block to starting today is not having a proven system of know how to follow, especially in the world we just spoke of, the internal world has no signposts, you want to find out who you are and have the courage to live it? You won’t find that in a job description, dating profile or any other societal box. So it’s time to stop looking there.

We only have one life (that we remember most of the time) and a year from now you may wish you started today.

I was an only child abandoned by her father as a baby, which resulted in a challenging and unorthodox upbringing.

I didn’t know how to communicate with anyone (only the spirit world) I was overweight and ginger with a bowl cut and dressed in second-hand clothes, I was bullied for being weird and different on the inside and not fitting on the outside.

The closest thing on the curriculum to what I excelled at was drama - because in life it was all I knew.

I didn’t dream about who I’d marry, whether I’d have kids, or what I would do for a living, I just dreamt of freedom.

At fifteen I left school and went into minimum wage jobs that had no freedom or future.

Five years later a catastrophic event changed the path of my life, I gave birth to my daughter Lauren, who died 4 months later.

And there’s a backstory…


My favourite books as a child were about the stars and the zodiac.

My favourite “toys” were Tarot cards (Barbie and Ken just didn't cut the mustard).

At the age of fifteen I ended up on a very dark path “playing with Tarot” which led me to develop the label of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, culminating in being a casualty of the Prozac nation and having my stomach pumped from an overdose. I had a narrow escape from the psyche ward, threw away the Prozac and the Tarot and started to turn my life around.

Four years later I was in a better place, when I got pregnant, something possessed me to do a reading, and I saw that I was to lose the child, once again, I cast the cards to the back of the cupboard, pretending it never happened.

After it came to pass I told people what I had done, and instead of people warning me not to do that, people started to ask me to read for them. I was surprised at first, but I started to wonder if I had lived through all I had with Tarot to help people find a way to live through whatever they needed to rather than feel doomed by a prediction.

I began to study the Tarot seriously, at 26 graduating with my one and only A+! I opened my first centre in London and began my life as a professional Tarot reader, reading in a deprived part of inner London next to a methadone clinic and one of London’s psychiatric hospitals, it was an intense initiation into professional practice.

Ten years later my first book The Transformational Truth of Tarot was published and won an award for best spiritual book of 2012, which got me a regular slot on TV and opened the doors to further books, awards and international speaking - but there was an issue.

The issue was the way people saw Tarot as a predictive tool.


I had found a different way to work with it.

I’d found how to connect with it as a mirror for true transformation.

I couldn’t be a party to the way society were seeing it - the way that had caused so much pain for myself and that I was seeing it was causing for others.

So I broke away from the only "career" society had for me as a Tarot reader as I was not that either.

I had to be brave and create a life from my unique path and passion.

On the launch of “The Transformational Truth of Tarot” Program in 2014 both myself and my clients were gobsmacked. It was apparent that it was far more than a Tarot course, it was a course that unblocked creativity, passion, purpose and relationships, by finally putting you in touch with who you truly are.

Even I had no idea of the scope.

So that’s me.

My name is Tiffany Crosara
(aka The Transformational Tarot Queen)


I’m now a Multi Award Winning Inner Transformation Specialist and Author that helps the misfits find that they actually fit, the creatives create, the magical have magic, the purposeful live on purpose, the unrelatable relate and the tarot tribe transform.

I have worked with hundreds and thousands of people to help them stop seeking the answers outside and find them within, which has given people back their self-esteem, intuition, knowingness, freedom, purpose, creativity, magic, passion, health and harmony in relationships.

And I’ve put a journey together for you to start to experience this for yourself:



From Zero To Hero In 28 Days... During the journey we activate your...

  • PURPOSE: Finding it, boosting it, taking it to the next level.


  • CREATIVITY: Perhaps you believe you are creatively blocked, or worse still that you just aren’t creative, that you can’t draw or write? Prepare to be shown differently! Books have been written on this journey and people that hadn’t drawn since their teacher told them they couldn’t at the age of five picked up a pencil at the age of forty.


  • INTUITION: Learning how to let go and flow via listening to the still voice within - and as you do the following happens:


  • SYNCHRONICITY: We tend to think we have to be in the flow to meet the right people or be in the right place at the right time, that its something magical and elusive that we can’t make happen - prepare to be shown differently again! - WARNING - this course makes synchronicity fire off immensely in your life, to the point that each day is magical, which means you need:


  • RELATIONSHIPS: On the journey with you, so you don’t feel you’ve entered a different world to everyone else on the planet! The group provides a sense of belonging, knowingness that you aren’t alone and a new way to see, and do relationships, with a code of conduct that supports being able to see yourself clearly and being accepted and a structure for communication, you come back out in the world with a whole new understanding of your relationships at large and how to do them for healing and harmony.


  • PATH: Through he making your "AstroTarotMandala" You will see a visual archetypal map of the aspects of your personality and how they play out, giving you great clarity on what you are made up of, your strengths, weaknesses and challenges so you can know thyself well and make the right choices for you.


  • EXPRESSION: Through learning new ways to communicate and come together physically or through zoom for expression of a core aspect you wish to transform through your "AstroTarotDance" (don't worry no performance neccesary!) so you return to the world lighter, freer, and transformed.


Delivered through 6 Steps...


1. SET YOUR INTENTION: at the beginning we will play The Transformational Truth of Tarot GameChanger session - the game is a quick evolution (through the journey you’ll be doing over the next 22 days) designed specifically to help you get crystal clear on your intention, after which you will have a very clear map ahead for your soul’s evolution for the month ahead.

2. START THE 22 DAY JOURNEY: in a private Facebook Group together with myself and 11 others  I will show up daily at 10 am to activate the archetype for the day, and support you hands on each and every day. All you need to do each day is pop into the group to read the activation post, go and live your day and report back in the group about what happened in the evening. 

3. REVIEW: At the end of the 22 days there it will be time to wind down and review your journey so you get to see clearly what’s happened for you so far in regards to your intention, passion, purpose, creativity, inspiration and relationships.

4. SEE YOURSELF: Next I will teach you how to see your own unique journey through your birth chart by seeing the aspects through Tarot - you will be making your very own “AstroTarotMandala” live with me on Zoom. The purpose of doing this is to see very clearly the aspects in your personality and how they affect your dance with life.

5. CLARIFY: We come back a couple of days later on a live group zoom to clarify your journey, the magic and prepare for the grand finale:

6. EXPRESS AND ACTIVATE! This is where we come together in person (or Zoom for those that can’t make it in person) and support each other to heal our chosen core aspect through expression- this is an incredibly powerful exercise similar to family constellations, the purpose of which is to transform any core issues so you are free and ready to go back into the world. It’s the climax!


Plus these bonuses...



Astrology and the Zodiac | Personality Profiling ThroughTarot, Astrology and DISC | Understanding Your Purpose and Relationships Through Your Birth, Year and Relationship Cards.



The Award Winning Transformational Truth of Tarot  - Learn How To Make Your World Come Alive With The Winner of Best Spiritual Book of 2012.

  • The Transformational Truth of YOU! - How To Manifest Your Path and Purpose - Honestly!

  • And Your Very Own Transformational Truth of Tarot GameChanger!


  •  So You Can Actually Manifest Your Path Each Time You Play ...

  • Plus Your Instantly downloadable Transformational Truth of Tarot 2019 Journal. 
  • Keeping You On Track New and Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde Dates, and A Place To Journal.

(If you have them already then they make great presents - especially for the one who thinks you're a bit cuckoo! :) )





I usually only work this deep with my ongoing private clients in my £2k+ program “The Transformational Truth of Tarot” see here:


But now I have designed this one month journey so you can get on your Zero to Hero Journey in 28 days for £497


Remember, this is how your life will look on the other side of this month:



  1. Unblocked purpose, passion and creativity.
  2. Knowing who you are, how you need to be and what you need to do.
  3. Understanding of painful past experiences so relationships with loved ones heal.
  4. Feeling your worth and opening to love - (sometimes this means finding the strength to move on)
  5. Increased connection to your intuition and the daily magic in life so you feel the support in divine timing rather than fight against it.
  6. Having communication structures that mean you know how to communicate to have fulfilling relationships.
  7. Resolution holistically as you start to make progress in your life.
So what's it going to be? 


On the couch or on the adventure? 




If at the end you decide you want to come on The Transformational Truth of Tarot then £497 will come off your investment making this journey and purchases of my books and games absolutely free!





Sarina was totally closed to love, she hadn’t dared to open up for years, now she is planning to marry the guy she met:  


Monica found the strength to leave full-time employment and set up her own successful crystal shop -

she didn’t even know that was what she wanted in the beginning, as her health and relationships got clearer, so did her purpose:



Angela also found her purpose as the relationship to her daughter healed, she left her job and set up her own business:




But don’t worry you don’t HAVE to leave work! you could run a marathon, or write a book instead!

That is what Claire went on to do after the journey gave her the courage to leave an unhappy marriage…



How your intuition develops...


And synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) …



You've read this all for a reason? Now's your time? Last chance...

Activate your purpose, passion, and partnerships to transformative levels in 28 days...

Join Now for £497