The publication gained 1st place in Prediction Magazine winning their “Book of The Month” in their October issue.

Propelling her into participating in teleseminars with the likes of Judy Hall, Diana Cooper and Sonia Choquette.

It went on to be reviewed favorably by Kindred Spirit.

Gained eleven five-star reviews on Amazon within the first month of publication.

Which opened the door to speak at the UK Tarot Conference alongside Rachel Pollack, and other Tarot greats such as Julia Sharman- Burke, and Alfred Douglas.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot won Best Spiritual Book Award of 2012

Which led to her performing live psychic readings regularly on live TV.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot is a book that reveals Tiffany’s own personal journey of the Tarot, one filled with fearsome depths, magical twists and incredible highs. Through this deep journey Tiffany learned the hard and strong way the enlightening and transformative way to work with the very ancient and powerful tool that is the Tarot. And here she shares it.

Although she shares her learning, she also initiates or strengthens your own.

This book, unlike most other Tarot books, does not contain meanings, but goes right to the heart of the matter by showing you the ingredients (symbolism) in each of the cards and gives you exercises on how to create your own recipe (ignite your own intuition).

Tiffany guides you through The Fool’s Journey, which is the journey of the soul through life as pictured through the 22 major arcana cards within the Tarot deck. But she also found when writing about the remaining 56 cards that The Fool’s Journey, very much continued on.

Read this book if you want to discover the true purpose of Tarot, how Tarot is woven into your life – whether you realise it or not and how realising it will help you to read your life, yourself and the people around you. How to read the Tarot without that book of meanings and how to increase your intuition by enhancing your OWN understanding and relationship with the Tarot.


The Transformational Truth of YOU! Is a book that reveals Tiffany’s own personal journey of loss as a mother, and her connection with her daughter in the spirit world.

This book, unlike most other books about grief, helps one to see the purpose in life, and how connect with the magic in the universe, - whether you have lost someone or not. this is a book about being in alignment with who you are and divine timing.

Read this book if you want to find comfort within a grieving period, if you see 111 a lot, if you want to know more about your purpose, the law of attraction and divine timing.

This book, unlike most other Tarot books, does not contain meanings, but goes right to the heart of the matter by showing you the ingredients (symbolism) in each of the cards and gives you exercises on how to create your own recipe (ignite your own intuition).

Tiffany guides you through The Fool’s Journey, which is the journey of the soul through life as pictured through the 22 major arcana cards within the Tarot deck. But she also found when writing about the remaining 56 cards that The Fool’s Journey, very much continued on.

Read this book if you want to discover the true purpose of Tarot, how Tarot is woven into your life – whether you realise it or not and how realising it will help you to read your life, yourself and the people around you. How to read the Tarot without that book of meanings and how to increase your intuition by enhancing your OWN understanding and relationship with the Tarot.

Transformational Truth of Tarot

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Transformational Truth of Tarot

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Transformational Truth of Tarot

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Transformational Truth of You

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Transformational Truth of You

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Transformational Truth of You

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I really loved this engaging book. I know a lot of people who are scared of the fatalistic perception of the Tarot — people don’t want to know the future and they perceive the Devil, Tower, Death cards as bad. But what the author explains how each card can be a lesson — in my eyes, this is so much more real to life….we can always turn a bad experience into one where we learn and grow in compassion for others and ourselves or we can stay in a state of blame, fear and victimhood. In my eyes, Tiffany has got a grip on the Tarot that is Jungian that a lot of other fear-mongering, rigid readers don’t have. She explains the archetypes in a funny, fluid way and this book is my absolute ‘go-to’ source for interpreting readings. Tiffany doesn’t make you dependent on card meanings but she fosters and teaches you to get a SENSE and a FEEL for the cards, for interpretation in your own situation. The only gripe I have that it’s not longer! I could have done with longer descriptions of each card and the philosophy behind Tarot but I haven’t finished it yet!!

[email protected]

I have a library of books on Tarot. If I had to choose three of the best ones, this one would be one of them. Tiffany explains some of the beautiful symbolism of the Rider Waite deck and gives you questions to answer so you can relate to each card. She doesn’t give meanings of the cards, rather, she gives you a way to connect and find your own meaning. This book is seems small compared to the amount of information it holds. It’s a must have book for any Tarot student.

Book Worm

Wow! Tiffany Crosara conveys true passion & wisdom here, propelling the reader through the need to know history of the Tarot, while all the time maintaining a bright, witty & entertaining narrative. If you’re new to Tarot or have been practicing for years is irrelevant, everyone will gain in both a contextual & practical sense as Tiffany lights the path for us as we use the ancient power of the Tarot to find our own ‘Transformational Truth’.

If you read any book on the Tarot, make sure this is it! It truly has the power to change your life for the better!

Bryher Rainbird

I have been reading the tarot now for many years. During this time I have bought many books on the subject. Don’t get me wrong, I believe intuition plays a big part, if not all, in any type of card reading, but I have always wanted just one book that had it all. This I could never find. I bought lots of books, I could nearly open up a shop, and took bits and pieces from each of them wishing that one book could say it all. I am delighted to say, that after 11 years searching for that ‘one’ book and, to be honest, gave up as I thought it didn’t exist, but I am happy to say I was wrong, i found it, or it found me. I certainly wasn’t looking anymore but I found it on Facebook of all places. For any reader this is an amazing book. It is easy to read, easy to understand and there is nothing complicated about it at all, and yet it carries within it’s pages everything you need to know about the tarot but in a way in which you can identify with life today. It flows freely and easily from one card to the next – I couldn’t put it down. It is written in a way that it is so easy to remember each card as you can identify with the author, her own experiences, and yours. Fabulous. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the tarot; the tarot reader, whether beginner or advanced, and/or anyone interested in the development of the self. I cannot express how happy I am to have at last found that ‘one’ book. My thanks to the author and to Facebook for introducing me to this absolute treasure.

Caroline Foster

As a tarot consultant of 25 years experience, I have been left disappointed with many recent books on the tarot. they can be repetitive and dry. This one is different and will have a place on my bookcase for a very long time. Ms Crosara has presented us with a book which not only is jam packed full of card interpretations which are modern in outlook and relevant, but she has also led us deeper into the way the tarot can be used as a personal tool to unlock our subconscious. she writes well and is clear and observant. Her own story weaves its way through the book making it like a learning journey with a friend. It is emotional and funny at times without losing the essence of the tarot’s depth. I enjoyed her way of making the court cards into ‘families’ and exploring them in a way that is easily accessible to those who sometimes find the court cards difficult to understand. the same with the essence of the suits. There are many other quirky ways of allowing access to some of the more difficult aspects of reading the tarot such as ethics. It is just a very good book. Maybe not one for a total beginner but certainly for anyone with an interest or basic knowledge who wishes to delve deeper and certainly for ‘old hands’ looking for new and different ‘takes’ on a very ancient form of divination. I would like to read more from Ms Crosara.

Colette Brown

I have read many books on tarot cards and I have to say this is probably one of the most successful of all. I find it thorough but never boring. it describes very well all the aspects of each card and all their implications. It is also simple to understand and the author is very good at explaining things visually and rationally. I found it inspiring!

E. Dunia Mauro “Pumpkin”

I found this book informative, interesting and a real page turner.. it is now my Tarot bible. Tiffany has a deep spiritual relationship with the Tarot and makes the cards come alive. Instead of saying each card means something specific, she shows us how to tune into the energy and symbolism of the cards so that we can intuitively understand the cards message both as a stand alone card and with it’s neighbours in any spread. I love how Tiffany describes the tarot as families and introduces us to each individual card, telling us their names and their interests so that we can join her in her relationship with them and become part of their family. Tiffany shows us that the Tarot is all about positivity and empowerment so that even a seemingly negative reading can be viewed positively as everything that happens benefits us in some way, just listen to the message and learn the lesson being given. I would recommend this book to anyone, from the student to the experienced reader as Tiffany’s teaching style will benefit anyone who is interested in the Tarot.


Thoroughly enjoyable and informative. The easy style of the author combined with her outstanding knowledge and empathy with Tarot have combined to make this a truly wonderful resource for anyone who works with the 78 cards. Not only does an interpretation of the cards come across but also the sincerity and warmth of Tiffany, the author. It’s a book I shall make sure I keep a copy of and I have no doubts that I shall be buying other copies for friends as time progresses.Help other customers find the most helpful reviews.


Tiffany Crosara draws on a wealth of experience as a spiritual healer, reader and teacher that will appeal to the novice and experienced student alike; in a refreshing book to really get those Tarot juices flowing.

The Major and Minor Arcana with associated symbolism are covered with great depth of knowledge in this fully comprehensive guide. With exercises, space for notes, Rider Waite illustrations and inspirational quotes throughout; the author literally brings each card to life in a style that is engaging, well- structured and thought provoking.

Chapters include history, storytelling and an enlightening chapter on readings where the importance of card dynamics is explained along with reasons for only needing to use one or two spreads; concluding with the author’s three golden rules for reading the Tarot:

* Positivity not negativity

* Healing not prediction

* Empowerment not dependence

The Transformational Truth of Tarot is a book to learn from, be guided by, and one which clears the fog of all the misconceptions that have gone before. Highly recommended. Sheena Cundy

Kundalini Sheena

Tiffany Crosara has personalised her interpretation of the Tarot and yet, she keeps clear on meanings and leads the reader to an almost storytelling way of learning about the cards so they can be related to the reader’s life.

I not only enjoyed reading the book from front to back cover, but have used this as a reference for my own study and work. Tiffany covers the Tarot using the Rider-Waite layout and most used meanings. So, as a primer for studying Tarot based on Rider-Waite, you can’t go wrong. I really enjoy the way she tackles the Major Arcana, dividing the Fool’s Journey into three segments to give the reader a better understanding of the different ages, phases and stages of this. The Minor Arcana is introduced in such a rational and logical way, it is almost child’s play.

She handles the Court Cards as families. The Court Cards seem to flummox and stymie a lot of beginners and readers and she puts you at ease and takes you through the family as if she was standing right beside you and giving you the inside scoop on the characters before you. I think that’s the best part of this book. You almost get a sense that Tiffany is your best friend and right there with you as you read to understand the cards.

Reading and studying the Tarot has never been quite so enjoyable. Transformational? Definitely! Truth? Of course. But that is the magic of Tarot! Thanks for such a delightful and instructional read, Tiffany!

Lady C. Hamilton-Fford

Wow – Tiffany’s book is truly inspirational so much so that whilst reading it not only was i able to look at my life as ‘challenges I have worked through’ but, how I can use the tarot as a wonderful tool people can connect with whilst helping them work through their challenges. The Transformational Truth of Tarot takes place with pride on my bookshelf, ready for inspiration and reference whenever i need it

Miss J U Cieloch

I am a student of the Tarot. I am really enjoying this book. I will not buy another book about the tarot for a long time – not until I feel that I have learnt all I can from Tiffany Crosara. The reason for this is that her unique way of teaching the Tarot is striking every chord for me. I am slowly working my way through the Major Arcana – there are no ‘meanings’ in this book – rather encouragement to feel and use your intuition to come to understand each card. This takes time and there are really helpful hints to help you bring each card alive.

The book is well laid out so that it is easy to dip into at what ever point you feel like. I like Tiffany’s style of writing – it is warm and personal – you don’t feel like you are studying a stuffy old book. There are insights into Tiffany’s personal journey which is interesting too.

This book is a daily read for me at the moment and everytime I open it and read I get a new level of understanding – this book gets you thinking, feeling and sensing.

Ms. P. Allom

Tiffany’s book has opened up a new and deep connection for me with the Tarot. I can see clearly the journey through the major arcana and it has changed my whole perspective and relationship to the cards. Thank you so much for opening your heart to share your wisdom with us all.


A new bible for tarot readers. It is accessible for people inexperienced with tarot and sets them on the correct path. It also contains implicit depths for experienced readers. You sense the passion and the commitment of Tiffany Crosara to freeing tarot from the shackles of its uncertain origins. This is a sign post to the tarot of the future.

Ro Wodehouse 11

My searching is finally over and a new and exciting journey has begun. I have spent many years trying to engage with the Tarot and picked up so many books only to be disappointed. Tiffany captures the essence of the Tarot and connects to you as the reader/learner on a deeply spiritual level. I love the way that she engages you and supports you to discover the answers for yourself (answers you already knew, but didn’t have the confidence to express). Her three golden rules: Positivity Not Negativity, Healing Not Prediction & Empowerment not Dependency resonated with me on so many levels. The Fools journey supports you to open up to the beauty and gift that is the Tarot, the practical and inspirational way in which it is written supports you to grow, develop but more importantly believe… I love this book and would recommend it to all, beginners, experienced and the curious. A treasure of a book that really will transform your life. A beautiful journey awaits...


This book is no ordinary book! It definitely has a presence. I have had Tarot in my life for a while. Until readers told me that there was no need for readings any more as I was very capable now of working things out using my own pack and other resources. I bought this book because of the reviews and now my Tarot pack has had a new lease of life. I have not read it from cover to cover, I have been drawn to read cards that have regularly shown up in readings or when I have picked up my own pack over the years. Tiffany’s words are truly inspired as they do not just enter the head – in fact my heart has sung at some of her comments !! The book was calling me this morning and when reading it I feel pulled back into the magic of Tarot. Thank you Tiffany.

Tracy Ann

I have had the pleasure of completing some courses with Tiffany at Mysteries London, and have always had an interest in spirit and associations, after collecting many books and cards, and yet still not really understanding tarot cards, this book has at last shed some light, discussing as families the suits and treating them as they are with their own personality I can at last grasp some meaning, you still need to add your own interpretation but it gives you an insight into what the cards can mean and highlights areas and detail that you may previously have missed. A thoughtful book with an insight into Tiffany and what the cards mean to her, a lovely book well written and a highly recommended addition to anyone’s collection of books and cards.