8 Daily Practices To Get Out of Your Own Way!

Jun 19, 2017

Have you felt the whisper in the winds of the world gather power lately?

Leaving you with the impression that there's a way to get it together...

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Gemini New Moon AstroTarot Mantra - June 2017

May 24, 2017

Hello and welcome to the energy of the Gemini New Moon, are you feeling it?

Below are my Top Ten effects The Gemini New Moon could be having on...

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Happy Full Moon in Scorpio - 4 Ways to Turn Bad Luck into Good Luck with Full Moon Manifesting

May 11, 2017
Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!

Well, it was two days ago actually! :)

But there’s been sooo much going on I’ve just had to keep on keeping...

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