What In The World Is This Blue Moon ECLIPSE in Leo Saying For 2018?

Friday, January 19, 2018

What In The World Is This Blue Moon ECLIPSE in Leo Saying For 2018? - blog post image

If you haven't yet realised..... 2018 began with a BANG. 

To see the new year in, we had the largest Super Moon of the year, AND in the lunar ruler of highly intuitive and emotional Cancer, in other words the Moon was at it's strongest influence without it being an eclipse...

But just incase you didn't get it's message in the first couple of days of January, get ready to hear it roar loud and proud now, because you have a second chance, with the Full Moon on 31st being a very rare Blue Moon (second Full Moon in the same month) AND it being an eclipse in Leo!
A second decan Leo is a mighty real proud and integral soul that won't stop roaring until you wake up and pay attention, they are often seen as arrogant troublemakers and make enemies because of this. The roaring mouth of the lion will never sugarcoat, no matter what it costs them.
What matters most to the second decan Lion is to spread some of that regal strength it has around, to infuse it's subjects with passion, inspiration and courage. It doesn't take kindly to excuses and it doesn't care if it p****s you off in the process - and this I know to be true, because I am one!

Add the eclipse into the mix and you have an incredibly loud ROAR going on indeed.



Something needs to change.

Maybe just from the time in th last Leo eclipse back in August, or maybe this runs far deeper, don't waste time trying to figure out the past.
Get present.

It's time to face all the weak areas in your life head on, look them right in the eye and ask this question:

"What is reality telling me I need to do in this area?"

Eclipses are always massive turning points, but with this being a Blue Moon too, my feeling is instead of turning the page, we are closing the book, but maybe I am just feeling it this intensely because this eclipse is only 1 degree away from my Sun.

Where Leo is in your chart will give you some celestial clue about what area is demanding you pay attention, although Astrologers say your environment is very much under the spotlight and they'd be right, (the 31st is the day I ship car back to the UK from Spain, and I won't be far behind it) I expect there is a much deeper experience as to why.


So let's look at Four of the Top Symptoms of the Blue Moon Eclipse in Leo:

1. Past caring, in a really freeing sense of the word.
2. Really ready to let go of what no longer serves - even if it is people.
3. Leo rules the self, you could be feeling a massive sense of rebirth to your identity.
4. Authenticity - as you get past caring this grows big time!

Or maybe you aren't there yet, maybe you feel totally stuck in your old self, old life and old ways of being, and maybe that's why this eclipse is a blue moon. You have a second chance to hear the Lion's roar and find your courage, and sometimes the most courageous thing we can do is let go.

If you are resonating with what I am saying and would like more support in navigating through what feels like massively changing times, then it's available to you whenever you need it over in my Inner Transformation Circle, click the button below to take a look:


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