What happens when someone asks "THAT THING!" one too many times.

Mar 05, 2018

This is what happened when someone asked me "THAT THING?" one too many times...

I lost it on YOUTUBE!
I lost it so much that when I put the first video live when it didn't even have a video! Just black screen! I was too wound up to even notice what had happened!

And it was the best thing I could have ever done, because when we get past caring, well that's when the magic happens.

Cue the magic...
1. People were leaving comments such as "Wow! Thank you! I realized I don't need to be perfect to make an impact because you put this out there like this and I was totally engaged with what you had to say and that was all that mattered"
I got so many of those comments I nearly didn't replace it with a working video, and it was a wrench to loose them when I did.
2. And it even ended up with me landing an ideal client (from cold) on my HIGHEST level program - first time that's happened directly from YOUTUBE for me!
3. Plus - I no longer wake up to a stream of "what does this mean?" comments on my youtube videos every morning - Bliss!! I kid you not! Yet I cannot really believe all my followers have seen it. Hmmm. Magic :) 
It's happened a few times in my career, that point of breakdown and breakthrough, and it's such a blessing to reach it, that time full of that liberation and authenticity, alignment with what you really, really want - and therefore it comes through. All that work we have been putting in to get what we want finally comes through abundantly when we get past caring - that moment of the catapult I call it. 


We all have "THAT THING" that we hear over and over again in our professions, for an artist it might be "don't you ever run out of things to paint?" for a writer it's probably 'do you really earn a living from that?", for a lawyer maybe it's "will we win?" to be honest, I have no idea what "THAT THING" is for you, I am guessing here, but I know for a reflexologist it's "sorry my feet aren't very clean" - I know this as I have been guilty of it!  

And I know for me there are a few! In fact, I will let you know ALL of what they are (plus the answers) so next time you go for a reading you can skip past all that jazz and start getting some real value out of your session.

Let's be fair here to you guys here though. I reached the point of no return as a reader a few years ago when I got to a place where I was actually teaching people HOW to get the best out of approaching Tarot even when they came for a reading. That's when I knew for sure that the conveyor belt of reading for sometimes as many as fifty people a day and hearing "THAT THING" again and again finally bust my patience. I had broken on through and was in alignment for doing what I really always wanted to do, teach, inspire, illuminate and educate. So, this post today is not here to make you feel bad, it's only here to illuminate.


Top 5 Things NOT To Say When You Go For A Reading AND What To Say Instead...


1. I'm terrible at shuffling! - If I had saved £1 from every client who said this to me then it wouldn't have mattered that I scuppered my own lotto win once upon a time. Believe me, we aren't there to judge you, and that includes your shuffling ability!

What to say instead: Nothing! Just shuffle! It doesn't matter if you end up playing 78 card pick up on the floor, all that matters is you get your own energy intermingled and that will certainly do it!

2. Will he come back to me? - The Tarot is a mirror of what YOU feel and think ONLY. This is the ONLY truth with it. Believe me! 

What to say instead: What do I need to learn in my relationships to give them the best chance of being successful?


when I explain this I often get "that sounds like a load of hard work!!" (well choose your hard! Being heartbroken again and again or working on yourself?? ) or I get the following (and quite valid) question...


3. So if the Tarot can't tell me what's going to happen then what's the point of having a reading? - Well, what's the point of having a mirror? Need I say more? Well, I will! Below... 

What to say instead: How can I help myself to create the life I would most like to live?

In fact, ANYTHING that starts with "will" is a no -go. I know I am the only Tarot person out there who is soul destroyed by the misunderstandings that are out there about Tarot ONLY being a fortune telling device - and I also know there are Tarot people out there that ONLY approach it in that way. It's nobody's fault (except for maybe Pope Constantine's back in 700's). But if only we'd follow the teachings of Socrates and Plato more such as:

" To try and work out the world before ourselves is utter lunacy"

"To know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom"

4. When will this happen? In fact, ANYTHING with "When" in and therefore WHEN WILL is a double whammy! - The answer (if the reader understands the tarot is a mirror and therefore that prediction is just a mirror of the patterns gone before and to cast that same pattern again will not bring it about or you would already have it) is... " when you have ...." followed by what the cards are reflecting as the current lesson around getting to know thyself.

What to say instead: What can I do to speed up my current learning in this area?

Are you starting to see a theme here?

And lastly, it's the phrase I've heard so many times before that triggered this breakthrough is the seemingly innocent...


5. What does this (card) mean? That's probably the hardest question of them all because to answer it properly would take six months. In a very short attempt to convey... It's another question that comes from seeing Tarot as a set of 78 2d cards that each has a meaning assigned to them and that's it. 

But that isn't it. In fact that's really far from it. Each of those 78 2d cards is a person in it's own right, you don't just go around saying one thing to everyone do you? And your personality changes a little bit with everyone you are with right? Depending on what they bring out of you.
What to say instead: Don't! Just listen, they are already telling you what the card means - when put with all the other cards together making one big individual card which is YOUR meaning, YOUR bigger picture. After all, that's why you came in the first place right? To see the BIGGER picture?


Thing is the picture is EVEN bigger than that: This isn't just it. There are a lot of pitfalls to approaching the Tarot with these mindsets - and the video below does a better job of getting this incredibly important message across.
To try and convey it to you right now, when I am not in that catapult moment, wouldn't do it justice, so it's a mighty good job that we can record those catapult moments these days.

To find out just what I am really trying to get at, see the catapult moment captured in time here - no black screen I promise!

If you recognise yourself in this video: Then here's the only place you can get the breakthrough and that's below - it's not on the site menu, so click now or forever try to find your peace - said with (tough) love...

Click Here To Get Your How To REALLY Read Tarot Session 

Warmest wishes, 

Tiffany x


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