Dec 11, 2021

Welcome to the 12th day of the 12th month of the year 2021!

12 is a powerful number in itself, one that represents wholeness and completion. 

12 months in the year, 12 signs in the zodiac and so on...

Therefore the date 12/12 is uber-powerful!

12/12 merges the upward-pointing triangle of spirit with the downward-pointing triangle of earth. 

As they come together, it raises the frequency of our light body (known as the Merkabah), helping us to ascend.

In the Tarot, the card that represents the Merkabah is The Chariot - hold on to your hats! 

From the 12th until the 21st, we are in for one helluva ascension! 

In Tarot 12 is The Hanged Man, a very deep and slow process. But between now and the 21st, The Hanged Man is taking a powerful ride in The Chariot! 

The 21st marks the date The Chariot gets flipped on his head - the process of illumination/ascension of The Hanged Man. 

When we turn The Hanged Man on his head, we have The World dancer in 21 - the LAST card in the Tarot depicting the Karmic ending of a MAJOR cycle. 

On 21st, the Chariot (being Cancer) will oppose itself as it reaches the Solstice point of Capricorn.

Astrologers say this final month of 2021 is the month we have been waiting for all year, and I, for one, am feeling the changes. 

Are you? 

As Tanaaz from Forever Conscious says:

"Sometimes, it is only when we reach the end of a cycle that we can really begin to understand the journey."  

I am currently going through A LOT of change, and I wonder if you are too? 

I usually offer a reset and reflect live zoom workshop on the solstice, but this year, I’m holding a retreat space for my community over the solstice. 

My life is changing; I am shedding, growing and evolving, as are you. 

What has the journey been about for you this year? 

What are you shedding? 

Are you clear yet?  

In my circles, I’ve been sharing about my recovery of 3 areas:

1. Tarot 

2. Others 

3. Situations.  

I help intuitives that have lost themselves in tarot, others, or situations find themselves again.  But recently, I had a revelation that I’d only done 2 out of 3 areas - not all 3 like I’d thought.  

Can you guess which one I hadn’t done? Let’s see if you get it right...

  1. My recovery journey of losing myself in tarot started in 1992, and I can say I finished that journey in 2014

  2. My recovery journey from losing myself in others was lifelong, with an intensive crash course from 2012 & 2017 

  3. My recovery journey through losing myself in a situation has been lifelong, and with a crash course from 2016 -2021 

What was the situation? My business. It’s intuitive nature to lose yourself in a purpose, a passion or a person - my business is all 3 to me.

Like in Disney's film "Soul", I lost myself in the pursuit of my purpose.

I lost myself trying to make my purpose fit in a world it quite frankly doesn't! 


“If you find yourself in Hell, just keep walking” seems to be a place I find myself often. Yet hell is really ego, and that’s what’s happened for me.  

I think I’m going through something like an “ego enlightenment”.

I'm recovering from losing myself in business and evolving into a whole new way of creating - and it feels AH-mazing.  

Are you feeling the need to liberate yourself too? 

I know the intuitives in my circles really are.

Come 6th January, I’m going to deliver a new 3-month journey inside my inner circle:

 “Evolve Blessed Creator” 

And I’d love it if you would share with me what you feel you need to evolve into a blessed creator in 2022. 

 As a thankyou If you answer a few short questions here, I’ll enter you into a draw where 1 person will win a solstice reset and reflect 1:2:1 with me.  

In that session, we will work together, with transformative tarot, to review each month of your 2021, glean the wisdom and then infuse your 2022 with it. 

If you desire to be in the running for winning one of these sessions, click here to answer a few questions to help me and you evolve, blessed creator! 


Happy 12/12/21 - 21/12/21!



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