VIRGO NEW MOON 27TH August - Magic, Madness and Second Chances

Aug 22, 2022

Welcome to magic, madness and second chances this September!

Let’s start with a check-in about how you’ve been since the third and final Supermoon on 11th August.

Any magic, madness and second chances yet?

Maybe you feel restless, anxious even like a significant change is on the horizon?

Perhaps old patterns and partnerships are popping back up for deeper exploration?

And maybe it’s time to get to the bottom of things?

This month’s new moon is strong for second chances because…

The Virgo New Moon on the 27th of August at 9:17 am UK helps us realign our personal growth and holistic health :)


  1. Virgo is all about knowing thyself, internal growth, self-care, and realignment.

  2. Virgo’s ruler Mercury is revving up to go retrograde, so anything beginning with “re” is well starred, re-assess, re-address, realign etc, and...

  3. Mars is squaring, so although we could feel a bit peeved or short on patience (a key word), it can also give us added impetus to make a change.

  4. Mars is also making a grand trine in the air signs (where Mercury is also going retrograde), which softens the bumps :)

  5. Virgo in the tarot is The Hermit - knowledge (and patience) is power - it’s time to be “patient” if you’ve been wondering about getting a diagnosis for something, now’s the time to know yourself. Understanding brings healing.

  6. Mercury is the Magician in the Tarot - there’s magic in the madness!

The last Supermoon happened on my birthday.

I took some time out and decided to dawdle at Durdle Door. Why?

I do not know, other than I was starting a new Fool’s journey with the Tarot, so I was journeying with the Fool - it seemed appropriate. 

I invited a few people, but no one could make it - a lone traveller for The Fool is perfect! Now I had all the freedom to absorb magic around me without distraction.


I never made it to Durdle Door - but to the beach next door! (I said beach :))

The beach was called Man of war! Oh! Here enters the next card in the Tarot -The Magician!

In my foolish descent, I wondered what had happened to the famous archway in the sea. Surely it couldn’t have eroded in my lifetime? - I know it’s a fossil beach - but I am not THAT old!

The riddle was answered as I ascended back up to the top of the cliff and looked down at the archway in the sea! The stairs were adjacent, parallel and hidden behind the Man of War cliff stairs!

Do I do that climb again?

I’d left my water in the car, another 15-minute uphill hike away, another fool moment (especially as I was silently judging everyone walking up it in the blistering sun for not bringing enough water), and I’d already nearly lost my flip-flops in the sea (it was pebbly okay!) The Man of War gave me a strong will to get them back, and that I did, that cliff was too rocky to do barefoot - but are flip flops any better?!

Fool indeed!

So no. I didn’t! Instead, I channelled my stupidity into bravery and message a friend in the area I hadn’t seen for 15 years - not just any friend, a dear soul sister who was my best friend for the decade of my 20s; then, as life does, something blows up and parts your lives from each other.

We met in the garden of The White Buck in Burley - the witches’ hamlet in the middle of the New Forest.

Enter the next card - The High Priestess

We hugged in the middle of the pub garden as I proclaimed:

“I’m sorry I am 15 years and 15 minutes late!”

Yes, people looked. Like they expected to see Jeremy Kyle coming up to us with a mic.

There we gabbled all night long, two long-lost witchy sisters, catching up on the parallel madness that had been our lives since life had taken us apart and understanding why it happened in the first place.

It was deep, heart-opening emotional.

And topped off with a shooting star next to the Supermoon. What a magical birthday present!

This new moon is strong for second chances.

All in all, it’s a recipe made of second chances with relationships or actions we’ve tried in the past but didn’t quite work out, or we couldn’t commit to for one reason or another.

Second chances require that we put what we learnt into practice, so this Virgo New Moon brings clarity about what needs to change within ourselves - if we are willing and able to acknowledge it.

My last word is on diagnosis. I’ve lost track of the amount this topic is coming up -  and I also attended a webinar on whether a diagnosis is helpful when it’s mental or emotional? Or is it labelling?

The vote was unanimous - it’s helpful - a lack of diagnosis is not helpful for understanding or healing; diagnosis brings both. Diagnosis is a Virgo thing - so if you’ve been wondering - now is the time.


So, if you think the Virgo New Moon is affecting your life, consider how it might affect others. For example, if friends or family members are unusually irritable or anxious around you, maybe it’s not just you!

Virgo can get super stuck in its head, and there is a lot of hot air going on; what with Mars going retro in Libra, but the trine means there can be harmonious method in the madness in the end; the key to it is grounding.

Grounding means self-love and getting in your body.

The last chance to do that with me for free by joining an AstroTarotDance in my open circle is here...

We start at 9 am UK on Saturday - so we are limbered and loose enough to harness the magic pouring in at 9:17, so:

Here’s the portal to enter - don’t worry, it’s the correct stairway!

I look forward to the joy of connection or reconnection with you in this beautiful, powerful month of rebirth.

See you on the other side :)


Tiff x

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