Virgo Full Moon 2nd March 2018 - 3 Ways To Get Your Life On Track

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Virgo Full Moon 2nd March 2018 - 3 Ways To Get Your Life On Track - blog post image

Welcome to the Full Moon in Virgo - 2nd March 2018 @ 00:51 GMT.

The past two Full Moon's have been intense, what with the Super Full Moon in Cancer on New Years Day and The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, 2018 started with a big demand for change to happen, a long overdue call for change.

If you felt that you didn't achieve much on an external level in 2017, take heart that you aren't alone. Last year felt a bit like treading water, when really, we were doing a lot of necessary re-aligning of our foundations, it just wasn't strong enough to spring board from, well 2018 is the spring board. 

We have been catapulted into vast skies of change and change is for the good, even if it has us chanting "bad luck is good luck" and clinging to the rosary bead as if it's some kind of life line. 

Personally, since the beginning of the year I have moved country to be back with my husband and made changes in my work so that I will be available in both the off line and the online world. It doesn't sound a lot, lol! Okay, maybe it does! 
Even getting here was full on. I drove on my own for five days through two different countries (France and Spain) where I don't speak the language and hardly know a soul. I passed through days of snow blizzards and non stop rain, tyre and number plate issues, having to pass real earthly mountains and  mountains of red tape too (exams, accreditations, insurance, tick this box, meet that criteria, yada yada had), etc and arrived back to a house that looks like a bachelors lived in it for two years!

Well I think you get the picture! Haha!

The change has been full of achievement of the things I feel I need and want for my life to look the way I want it to, and it hasn't been without it's challenges, so the change is full on but good.

I'm currently looking out the window at yet more snow, the worst England has had for 30 years and as always it's brought the country to a halt. In France there was no halt - just slow your vehicle down from 130km to 110km (our speed limit on the motorway!) But it's a different story here, and this is what I believe the story of this Full Moon to be about.


Do you feel it in the air?


"Feel what?" you say...


"Something forcing you to stay in, stay focused, get rid of the distraction, live simply and frugally and concentrate on the task at hand."

"Something making you look at the bare necessities, something niggling at you to do a deep spring cleaning of your life, your home, and your health."

"Something reminding you that happiness lies in keeping life healthy and simple and that anything else is just surplus waste that doesn't serve you."

If you do then I believe you are feeling the current flow of this Full Moon in Virgo opposing the Sun and Neptune in Pisces (along with Mercury, Mars, Venus and Chiron in Pisces too) Plus Jupiter making a nice water trine before it goes retrograde a week later until 10th July - oh and let's not forget Saturn in Capricorn!
The effects of which are all to simplify one's life.



The Full Moon in Virgo makes you look at your routine, from diet to work and health, is it all in order?

What with a backdrop of Saturn in Capricorn it looks like we just can't get away from what we need to do to make sure it is. But that is a great thing! All those little things that we know are important for our lives to go well, but that have been building up because it just hasn't been the right time to address it, well now it is, even if life has had to snow us in (either literally or symbolically speaking) so we get it done!

Pisces reminds us that all we need is love, la la la la laaaa! Things are happening to remind us that true wealth is found in having strong bonds with family or people that feel like family, compassion, understanding, and empathy are the flavour of the day, and any striving away for a pay rise burning the midnight oil at the corporate cell hole just won't be supported, particularly as we also have Jupiter going retrograde until 10th July. This is a time to tighten to the belt - but thankfully that also means that it's going to be a good time for losing weight and remembering what's important and what's just frivolous, over indulgence of the ego.

So on that note here are three great things you can set in motion with this current lunar magic that will carry you forward well...

It's time for a spring clean on every level.



1. Make a change to your health, stop that bad habit that's been dogging you since Groundhog Day. Especially if you want to lose weight now is the time, the next four months are the most supportive months of the year for retraction and although that may mean of the monetary pound, it also means of the weighing pound!


2. Clean out your desks, drawers your home and work office space, make those trips to the dump, it's time to dump any extra baggage.


3. What are you doing in your life that keeps you feeling like a workhorse rather than a love god/dess? Why are you doing it? How would it feel to change it? To let go of it?


You can do this, step by step, you might feel a little overwhelmed with everything that has led to this point, but the wheel is turning now and it's supporting your efforts to make the change on this front.


However, if you feel you could benefit from a little helping hand to make sure you get off to the best start it's here. 


Just click the button below if you would like a tailor-made 1-2-1 with me where I will intuitively help you to devise a three-step plan to help you make the most of simplifying your life, to help you let go of ego-driven activities, fear of lack and start making the healthy choices that are right for your life.
Click below if you would like that to happen:

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Warmest wishes, 

Tiffany x

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