Time For a Response: New Moon in Capricorn Partial Solar Eclipse - January 6th 1:58 am GMT

Dec 31, 2018

Time For a Response: New Moon in Capricorn Partial Solar Eclipse - January 6th 1:58 am GMT.

  • New York, January 5 at 8:28 pm
  • Delhi, January 6 at 6:58 am
  • Sydney, January 6 at 12:28 pm
  • Los Angeles, January 5 at 5:28 pm

“There’s no place like home” the ruby red slippers are clicked and finally we land back on track after the lunar tornado that ripped through our lives at the end of 2018.

What a year!

Everywhere I turned people were reaching crescendos with the way they were living no longer working for them, but now, here’s the Moon that clears the decks and says “I’ve provided the land - you do the toil”.

Darkstar Astrology speaks about the land of the second decan in Capricorn being arid and barren, and that hard work is the key, and I don’t disagree, particularly as this New Moon is conjunct Capricorn’s ruler the hard taskmaster Saturn and we will also make it so much easier for ourselves if we can water it.

This New Moon gives us the land, the patience and the dedication to make it work, but not the water - or so it seems at first glance.

Just like Capricorn, a dry earth sign we see as a mountain goat, but when you look at the actual glyph for Capricorn it actually depicts a sea goat.

For Capricorn to really achieve it’s life lessons it has to be deeply embedded in intuition - embracing it’s opposite, the water sign of Cancer the crab.

Capricorn may be good at reaching the heights of business, but if an empire isn’t built on the foundation of all you stand for then welcome to an empty, passionless, life trapped by the responsibility of the “success” you built.

Would you rather have a ready-made skyscraper that brings in the economy consistently but sucks your soul dry, or would you rather be given a bit of arid land and the conviction that if you work at it you will be able to build your own skyscraper that brings in the economy in a way that nourishes your soul, what would you choose?

If you are in the place of lack and hardship then you could easily be tempted to sell your soul to The Devil - the card for Capricorn in the Tarot is The Devil which represents a belief that all that really exists is the material world.

But what if we believe that if we are willing to work at it we can truly create what we want because we have been given a firm start?

Okay maybe it’s a bit too firm and lacking in what we need (water) but what if you believed the water is there and you will find it if you look for it?

This New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn hints to trust the gut much more than it may seem, and not only because it’s sextiling Neptune, the Sea God himself but also because the sober, serious and practical side of Capricorn is double-dosed this New Moon with the partnership of the conjunction of its ruler Saturn, and sometimes we need a hard-hitting lesson to see how much we need to trust our gut, and how much we are able to do so directly depends on how much responsibility we are willing to take - which is usually not a lot! Until we get a hard-hitting lesson that is :) I’m not saying we are going to get a hard-hitting lesson this Moon, what I am saying is it’s important to take responsibility.

Let’s look at this word:

Responsibility is the keyword, but the word responsibility only means “ability to respond”

And in order to be able to respond (rather than react), we need the following qualities of Capricorn and Saturn such as:

  1. Maturity
  2. Patience
  3. Thoroughness


When we have the ability to be thorough we no longer make dangerous assumptions.

When we are mature we no longer react (re-enact) rather than respond and when we have patience we greatly increase our ability to be patient and thorough.

Patience is also the key here to the sea goat’s vast reservoir ocean of intuition when we trust we have enough we find it easier to slow down and listen to our intuition.

This is where the water is found to turn your arid dry and barren land into something moist, fertile and ploughable.

Find your passion, your source of inspiration and creativity, dig to unblock the spring that rises up from the dry arid earth, listen to your intuition more than anything else and keep the faith.

Capricorn will teach you a hard-hitting lesson if you don’t.

I know, exactly a year ago it did that to me.

The universe decided to give me a teacher in the form of a Capricorn client.

Thing was, hands up, I had alarm bells about her from the beginning, but my lack of faith, mindset of lack, the pressure of the bills on the material world coupled with someone who really wanted to work with me and was willing to pay me upfront was louder and more tempting than the voice of my intuition that was still and strong in the background.

So I let her in.

The result literally cost me thousands.

This happened just before the New Moon in Capricorn...

And the ingress of Saturn moving into Capricorn, and her name was also of a certain type of currency! Yes, the lesson, of not listening to my intuition, was strong - AGAIN!

But at least it’s thousands now, not millions as it did cost me back in 2008 when I got the lottery numbers and my lack of faith and patience meant I did not act on it, so it’s going in the right direction!

They say you teach what you need the most, and yes I have a long LONG list of very costly mistakes when it comes to not listening to my intuition, do you?

I think it’s one of the greatest challenges in life, and the line in Lord's prayer about “deliver me from temptation” should be “help me to listen to my intuition” what we focus on grows and history repeats itself, but only until we find what it is we need to know.

If we focus on making the arid land wet this eclipse we have a massive turning point, so let’s undamn our ocean of vast intuition and make this land fertile.

Because this New Moon is a powerful marker to bring our source of inspiration and intuition ever closer than before I have chosen the 6th to start a re-run of the

 “The Still Voice Within”

The Still Voice Within is a 10-day journey through the world of the Tarot land of The Cups, vessels of water! Bingo! That's exactly what we need right now!

There are four elements in the Tarot, Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles. 

Wands and Pentacles are yang and external. 

Swords and Cups are yin and internal. 

That means there are two types of intuition. 

1. That which is fast, like lightning, that thought that comes from nowhere, that instant aha moment or illogical knowing that comes into your head from the air which is the element of The Swords. 

2. That which requires you to slow down enough to come out of your head and into your gut to feel your way forward - that's the still voice within, and that's what we are doing a 10 day journey on from Sunday 6th Jan 2019: See a video about the journeys and join us on the journey. 

Are you ready?

Yes, I am ready!

Looking forward to seeing you in the Still Voice Within - it's an amazing 10 days.

Here's to making your arid earth fertile.

Warmest wishes, 

Tiffany x





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