May 27, 2021

Three things can’t stay hidden for long, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth - Buddha

This saying applies to every single eclipse, they are times of truth will out, but truth is like an insidious weed, we can grasp bits of it, but to get to the root we have to dig right down.

A blood moon eclipse is stronger than the usual eclipse, and an eclipse is stronger than a full moon and a super full moon is stronger than a full moon and this is a super full moon eclipse!

Catch my drift whilst I catch my breath? Phew!

It’s given the name of Blood eclipse because the TOTAL lunar eclipse casts a reddish shadow of the earth on the moon - we are seeing red, bleeding, vulnerable and open.

In the past this was seen as a bad omen and time of darkness.


But now we understand it’s what we do with this powerful time that counts.

We’ve dug right down to the root now, so in many ways the hardest work is over.

Things are hard work when nothing adds up, but when you have the truth laid bare in your hands what do you do with it? You can bury it again and carry on regardless, or do something with it.

The latter takes courage, and by the time you’ve dug for courage too it’s like the truth sinks back down into the earth.

The amount of truth being dug right up right now is powerful, and all power needs balance.

Don Miguel Ruiz First Agreement is to speak with love AND truth. Crumbs! Do the two really go together? Normally all we need is love right?

In some ways that statement sounds a bit over simplistic, and in other ways it’s the truest thing i’ve ever heard.

All we need really is love….but is our understanding of love a bit skewed?

What is true love? Somehow I don’t think it goes la la la la laaaa afterwards.

That’s la la land love. Love that skims over the surface of truth, turns a blind eye and bypasses. I don’t think that’s love, it’s a cock-eyed attempt at self protection.Thing is when we come from cock eyed protection we hurt ourselves and the ones we love even more and for longer.

Sooner or later the truth will out, set us free and eventually heal, but first we have to face it and it is hard to face the clarity of blinding truth.

True love  takes a rawness, a vulnerability, an ability to open the heart and the mouth and be courageous.

It makes us wince, disorientates us, and is intense in it’s glaring discomfort

It can easily cause damage to us and the ones we love, as it throws us off balance.

Striking the right balance is key in every New and Full Moon there is, and never more so than in a Super Blood Moon (Super means the Moon is closer to the Earth than normal so has an even stronger effect).

The balance needed is tremendous, due to the axis of this Eclipse with the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a truth seeker that can be highly undiplomatic, and Gemini can be rather sharp - tongued as it swings from one extreme to another, both are highly changeable signs.

And when we are bleeding like we can do in a Blood Moon we all have the capability to swing from one extreme to another…

... and have a tongue like a stanley knife.

My feeling is that this Blood moon is the moon that leads us right down to the bleedin roots. The veins of our ancestry laid bare, the rose tinted glasses no longer providing protection from the glare.

It’s what we do with the truth that counts. Another Buddhist saying is truth without love is just brutality. Is your intention to hurt or to heal?

You may say heal but if you are hurting it would be very easy to pass on the pain.

So here’s my guide to finding the courage to live your truth from a place of love.

Such a tightrope walk I know but the elephant is no longer in the room.

In fact it’s well and truly left the building.

  1. Love: First stop your inner child - love starts at home, pay her a visit. Give her some love and a hug and let her know that you are going to be the parent she never had and act from that place of maturity here’s how:
  2. Maturity: means you don’t feel the need to hurt someone whose hurt you, you can grow up and rise above it, not in a better than way, but in a way that you know all that comes from retaliation is more pain and your intention is to heal.
  3. Boundaries: state clearly what you want and the consequences in a positive fashion like so: In order for us to have a closer relationship I need this to happen. Not in a controlling or manipulative manner, just in a truthful calm “this is reality way”.

Sometimes nothing with do but the truth  - and there’s just no getting away from it.

On those occasions, first seek to understand what is hurtful with the truth.

The protocol here is to understand the situation for yourself so you are no longer in pain and acting out of pain but from a compassionate place.

So you can see the other is suffering, that people in pain cause pain and whilst you cannot fix it for them you can set boundaries.

That way you are communicating with the greatest gift of love for both (even if they don’t see it that way) and aligning to the intent and opportunity of healing.

Whether they heal or not, your boundaries are in place and you are safe.

This is a Blood Moon; it goes right down through our bloodline.

 The New Moon blog two weeks ago I called, “Birthing from the mother wound” This is the final push, time to get it out - and treat it with love.

I’ve chosen three cards for your Blood Moon eclipse reading below with the intent that what is uncovered helps you do exactly that. 

If you'd like a card read on.

Take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out and then allow yourself to be drawn to 1,2,or 3 then read the write up below: 

Got number 1? You got "The Choice"...

Oh my this blog/eclipse is so relevant to you. The choice you have right now is no lil decision to make like what to paint the walls.

Welcome to the head/ heart axis of Gemini. It’s a pivotal life changing place to be, will you be able to free yourself from duty? Can you speak the truth with love?

The other name for this card is The Lovers. How are you going to make sure you come from love and align yourself with the end result of true healing?

How do you make sure you do not disempower yourself to empower another, because let’s face it that’s not true empowerment of anyone - that’s codependency.

Codependency is something inherited down the bloodline.

This card brings up to the surface the need for ancestral and generational healing of the past so we may provide a better future for those to come.

It’s time to go right back to the start. We all come from Eve.

If there’s ever a month for healing the mother wound it’s this one and nd not just because it’s mental maternal health month.

It’s hard to truly forgive our parents (and in most cases the mother) for not meeting our needs when we were a child.

If you are struggling find the right people to talk to, other family members you can trust, professionals, or even join us this Wednesday at 7:30pm BST (the day of the eclipse) for a class on Epigenetics and The Mother Wound with Anne Jeffery, and come away with true understanding of WHY it happened, free yourself from unforgiveness and find true peace.

This profound scientific explanation here will finally liberate you, get access for £1 with a 7 day trial to my membership here..


Here we have Sagittarius,on the quest for the truth, whatever you find out now you are unlikely to bury again. Instead you’ve set your intention for healing, transformation and transition, you know life may never be the same again and you welcome that with open arms.

You have the optimism, positivity and belief that whatever happens is a good thing, there’s an innate trust in the divine and you are letting go, shedding, and welcoming the bridge of ascension this eclipse is opening up.

Kudos to you!

In this picture we have a leading light Florence Nightingale ( aka lady and the lamp  as Temperance stood at St Michael’s Mount.

Why St Micheal’s Mount?

Firstly I’m convinced that’s where the Temperance card in the RWS is situated.

Secondly I was in my Temperance year when I lived in Mounts Bay and received a channelled message from my Sagittarius daughter in spirit that there was a backlog of souls from the two world wars needing help to pass over.

The direction was to get a global group of meditators together to visualise the rainbow bridge getting stronger from St Michael’s Mount all the way round to Uluru and back again.

That’s what the goddess Iris does, she oversees the sage passage of the newly departed taking them to one of the seven planes through rainbow 🌈.

The full story is in my second book - The Transformational Truth of You!

As for flo, she’s not a Saggi, but she has Uranus I/C Sagittarius that feeds in and reverberates through the rest of her chart like a web - a real mover and shaker from deep within.

Just like you! 

If you got this you are being called to St Michael’s Mount I have one place left on my Stone Circle Winter Solstice retreat in mounts bay click here if you feel called.

Got number 3? You got The Sun.

Time to nurture and heal your Mother Wound by paying a lil visit to your inner child within a visit.

The sun ☀️ is shining on the truth right now and it may blind or sting a bit whilst it downloads intense healing on shame, shame can only survive in the dark depths of hiding and it’s no longer allowed to fester, we are getting right down to the core of childhood shaming and blaming and fostering understanding, compassion and taking a huge reality check on what needs to happen.

The inner child needs you to be the parent and make sure she/he/they are now safe, what boundaries do you need to put into place that are loving and truthful - first to yourself? This is deep stuff, so if you need to talk to me ask for it here and I will get back to you. 

And/or if it’s just that girls (or your inner child) just wants to have fun click here to be taken to the Goddess in Granada AstroTarotFlamenco Retreat and get in the sun🙏💗




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