The Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo - Demanding Change.

Jan 16, 2019

Welcome to the Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 21st Jan at 05:11 am GMT.

Holy moly mamma! This Mega Moon moment will be visible in the UK from 02:37 - 07:48 am GMT 

with the best time to view from 04:42 - 05:44.

This is Leo going out with a bang! 

Here's why:

1. Moon in Leo highlights the bloodline of the ancestors and entitlements.

2. Moon in Leo can signify emotional drama.

3. Moon in Leo demands we pay our respects to all that have gone before.

4. This Moon is squaring Uranus and Mercury - shocking communication.

5. This Moon is in the 1st decan of Leo meaning the "I" can get accentuated.

6. The first decan of Leo looks like this in Tarot:                                                              

7. This is a Super Moon AND an Eclipse - making it HIGHLY emotional.

8. This the FINAL lunar eclipse in Leo which has been hammered with the eclipses for the past 18 months.

This hugga mamma massive moon has been heralding since the solar eclipse six months ago, it's a crescendo moment. 

The final push that births a new life, or the final push that kills it, either way, it's volcanic and explosive. 

It all depends on what the story of the last six months have been for you, again, one way or another, life will have been beating down your door with change, and now we will see how well you've been gracefully bowing down and opening the door to it.

Leo is a fixed sign, it doesn't like to change its tune, it's proud, arrogant and ignorant ( I can say that - I am one :)) to the point of crisis in the crescendo of the swashbuckling Five of Wands (Saturn in Leo). 
Now there is no holding back the breakdowns, but when life gets to this bubbling alchemical cauldron, it can be incredibly cathartic on the other side.

Sometimes we find the fight to hold on to our identity to be just as strong as the fight for survival, yet what really important is who we are becoming - not who we have been. 

With this Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse squaring Uranus and Mercury it's time to shake things up a bit - in fact, that's an understatement. But the shocks and surprises in this Super Moon do not need to be unpleasant.

Leo, although pompous, is the most generous and benevolent big-hearted sign of the zodiac.


Take a moment to look back at your story since the Solar Eclipse on 13th July 2018.

What has life been trying to teach you and do you feel you have learnt it?

We are about to see.

The worst thing is feeling like you have done all the work in the world and have then being tripped up at the last moment - just to fall flat on your face, no royal ego can stand the thought of that!

And so, it's time to get over ourselves, to tune into the benevolent, good-hearted and generous spirit of Leo, rather than the pompous egotistical one.

If you find yourself fighting as if your life depended on it ask yourself why?

Eclipses herald change anyway...

Would it really be that hard to adopt a different opinion just for a day and see what happens?

How would your loved ones react if you suddenly decided to try and see things their way?

Or if you just suspended judgment altogether?

How refreshing would that be for you and them?

Because I am Leo, this is an ultra biggie for me, so I'll give you a little insight into what this Leo thinks this is all about!

Follow the questions below for yourself and see what you come up with:

1. Thoughts on my story for the past six months are:

I've been living out The Five of Wands, particularly since November. I've felt the change sweeping through my system and demanding things to arise a new - difficult for a fixed sign. I've opened the door and welcomed it in and so I hope this now marks the birth of a new me and I will try to remember that if it means another systematic breakdown before the birth, that it will have even more incredible value within for making the future different.


2. The lessons I have learned in the last six months: 

I've learned that if you don't tell anyone what qualifies you to do what you do and why you stand for what you do then they won't understand why they should listen to you and will rebel from a place of misunderstanding assumptions and judgments. I've learnt the ongoing lesson of the need to communicate ever clearer, own my throne harder and have stronger boundaries.

I've also learnt how to slow down and take more time for myself, I'm looking at ways to keep life simple and plan ahead properly, no longer executing things from knee jerk impulsivity - difficult for a fire sign.


3. How is life showing me the best way to spend the eclipse?

Interestingly a networking event for coaches popped in my inbox for this date - it happens to be almost three hours away but it's back in my homeland. I could spend the rest of the day connecting with my ancestral bloodline (like the Moon in Leo demands), my elderly grandparents who are now in their nineties, and my mother who has her Moon in Leo.

What you do on Eclipse plants a seed for the next six months. Do I want more connection with my living family? Yes. Do I want to connect more with coaches and offline? Yes. It's a no brainer. 


4. What can I do if I find myself in a chaotic cauldron of Super Moon Madness?  

I can remember to suspend judgment, to let go of the past and who I was, and to allow myself to step into who I am becoming, who I want to be, not who I have been.

I can remember to not let my thoughts or my judgments from the past define who I am and how I react now. I can remember to be gracious, big-hearted, benevolent and generous - and that it won't hurt me to try on someone else's opinion - if even just for a Total Lunar Supermoon Eclipse in Leo day!

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Happy final eclipse in Leo, from your fave (hopefully!) Leo <3 :)

Tiffany x





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