The six symptoms of Sirius Rising - Lionsgate Leo New Moon 8th of the 8th

Aug 05, 2021

The 8th of the 8th has become popularly known as the annual date for the opening of the “Lionsgate”; the Lionsgate is when Sirius (the brightest most spiritual sun in our galaxy) rises.

Strictly speaking the Lionsgate might not happen on 8th of the 8th, it depends on where you are in the world, but to be honest, planets don’t just pop up and go away. They peak, they orbit, move close and away.

Just like a tide, and the tide of Sirius is peaking around 8th of the 8th.

8 is a number that represents flow, strength, connection, abundance, infinity and our DNA.

So any meditation undertaken during the Lionsgate can help us to receive these energies, and particularly on the 8th wherever you are in the world this year - well unless you are in Sydney then the New Moon is 1:50am on 9th.

Find the times below:

Los Angeles, August 8, 6:50 am

New York, August 8, 9:50 am

London, August 8, 4:50 pm

Delhi, August 8, 9:00 pm

Sydney, August 9, 1:50 am

Whilst I have said that any meditation in the time of the Lionsgate (July 28th until August 12th) is beneficial, if you can make sacred space to connect with yourself and the universe within the 8 from the time of the new moon that is said to be the most powerful.

8 is an interesting number! Before Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith did the RWS deck Justice was the 8th card in the Tarot, but Waite swapped Justice with Strength and Strength became number 8 and Justice number 11.

It makes complete sense to me - a Leo born @11:11pm on 11th of 8th. The 8th month belongs to Leo and the opening of the Lionsgate.

See what I mean when you look at the Strength card in the Tarot below:

Whereas 11 feels more like Justice, with it’s two erect pillars of society.

So what exactly does Lionsgate do?

1. Heart healings (healing isn’t alway blissful - it can be but not always!) You may be poked and prodded until you drop your ego and pride and find strength in your vulnerability.

2. Third eye clearing brings strong intuitive visions, psychic downloads - past lives, dreams, visitations from other realms and loved ones passed on.

3. Higher self activations Feelings of peace and freedom as we ascend and connect at a higher level.

4. Total upgrade of our chakras and energetic lightbody, ascension systems can come on strong, feeling floored, hyper sensitivity, runny noses and tummies, psychic emotional mental and physical sensitivity - feeling like you are no longer who you were!

5. Creativity - Leo, being ruled by the Sun is the most creative sign of the zodiac, but getting caught in ego and pompous pride is it’s downfall, if you start feeling ownership of what you create watch out - it was never yours it was gifted to you, to gift to the planet let it flow and grow.

6. Technology - Sirius is connected to advanced civilisation and technology, tech stress no more! Now is the time to get your teeth into it, today is the day!

Being born during the Lionsgate the above sums up my life, and because it’s my birthday it’s hard to know what’s what!

But this year the Lionsgate feels particularly strong (due to the New Moon on the same date) and I know I’m not the only one feeling this.

Here’s the things I have witnessed in the past couple of weeks, how many do you resonate with?

1. A feeling of everything moving at breakneck speed! 
The week before last was like moving through the speed of light through “energetic ozone layers” and now there’s a sense of just hovering over the “bullseye” - Sirius is in the constellation of Orion (Taurus).

2. A feeling of great change on the horizon: 
Like a butterfly being caught in a net, the air around us is the same but we are being lifted up, sometimes bumping the net and a part of our reality falls away, but we are aware it’s a symptom of a much larger elevation of some longer term change we are on the precipice of.

3. Greater physical sensitivity.  
I had a drink with a friend last week - 1 drink and we both remarked how it felt like we were coming up on Ecstacy! Which was V.COOL! Lol!

4. Abundance & right place, right time. 
Receiving that which is due, not from current hard work but from thoughts, wishes, desires, and manifestations that have gone before (harvest time).

5. Connections with others, the past and loved ones passed. 
People I haven’t heard from for ages popping up, and mediumistic messages. I have heard from my cat and my grandad this week, both messages were brought through by others (not directly) and both were VERY powerful messages clearing things I was struggling with. If you’d like to know the details let me know and I’ll do another blog on it for you :)

6. New ways of being and opportunities. 
A feeling that the old ways we have been struggling with are finally falling away and new opportunities or returning opportunities and contacts are coming in to take us in a new and better direction.

One last note before you can get your card for the month…

This Lionsgate New Moon is making a square to Uranus.

Which means sudden and unexpected change, not easy for a Leo, like all fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio) they like to be steadfast, loyal and committed but can get entrenched, egotistical and resist change.

Leo is a fixed, powerful and dominant energy that goes the distance but their karmic lesson is to be empowered from within rather than have power over. If you feel rigid, exhausted, or like you are pushing yourself, stop.

The trick is to relax, whenever you feel yourself resisting, breathe into it, lean into it, don’t push yourself though, (there’s a subtle difference).

Consciously practice softening and opening your heart.

Just look at how much a cat sleeps!

A lot of my students are flabbergasted when they spend time with the Strength card and are forced to take a duvet day rather than get one over on Hercules!

Allow the Lionsgate to lift you higher, come from your higher self, rather than a driven intention and the change will feel easier - it’s happening anyway - with or without you!

And let’s ascend!

Wishing you a wonder full Lionsgate New moon and life ahead :)



I’ve chosen three cards for you in alignment with this Lionsgate Moon so If you'd like a card...Take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out and then allow yourself to be drawn to 1, 2, or 3 then read the write up belGot number 1? You got "The Fool!"...

Got number 1? You got "The Fool!"...

There’s no doubt you are on the ascension ride of a lifetime!

The Fool is ruled by Uranus which is making a square to this Lionsgate. This is where you step off the cliff and start a new journey of self discovery.

Freedom is the trailblazing hallmark of this Lionsgate and you will fight for it, but be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

Watch that rebellious streak that cuts your nose off to spite its face and any egoic or prideful reactions, if you can let go of the knee jerk reactions your ascension at this time can be huge, you might not have to fight as hard for it as you think.

If you are looking to make sense of what is happening to you and looking for a whole new world and community that understands and can help you ascend here’s the link to talk to me free with no obligation to see if my mastermind is what you are looking for - because the energy of this Fool here is serious (Sirius! Lol), this one doesn’t want to pussy foot around.


Got number 2? You got “The Star"

She looks so Sirius! LOL! :)

If things aren’t moving at warp speed for you I’d be surprised, I expect you are feeling a great sense of unknown, like a whole new world is opening up for you on the horizon, whacky dreams, occurrences and opportunities are popping up all over the place!

Keep that wonderful sense of openness, adventure and curiosity about you. There’s a real sense of things aren’t as they are, nor are they as they will be, so it can be hard to commit to anything right now, and at the same time it’s important not to float off into the ether either!

If you feel the need to be in a community that understands what you are going through and can help you build a new join us in my Manifest a Miracle a Month community here.

Number 3? You got “The Sun!”

Wow! Who's growing into their power then?

Look at you soaring through the current changes with ease! You’ve had so much practice, gliding with grace through those things that used to stress you that now you are ready, you are ready to meet the true soul of who you are and the heart of your greatest power, purpose, creativity, and legacy.

How awesome! Do you feel it coursing through your veins? Do you have an urge to know who you are and get creating something new totally in alignment to you?

Would you like some assistance on knowing who you are and what your purpose is?

If so, the AstroTarotFlamenco Goddess in Granada Retreat may be exactly what you are looking for, Click your Flamenco heel here for Sept!


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