The Significance of The Eclipse and The 11th Hour.

Aug 07, 2018

On 11th of August at 10:46 am BST we have a partial solar eclipse.

Apart from the eclipse being on the 11th if you add up the digits of 10:46 you get 11. I am obsessed with the number 11 being born on the 11th (of August yes) at 11:11 pm!

In fact am SO obsessed with the number 11 my second book "The Transformational Truth of You" was all about it. And, it seems I am not the only one that sees 11, or 111 or 1111 wherever I go.

So, in this blog I am going to attempt to explain to just what the significance of the eclipse and the number 11 is, and how I feel this will play out for us, it might be hard for me to be objective, as the closer an eclipse is to your birthday the more powerful it is, but I just gotta trust this.

Let's start at the beginning, does anyone remember the big eclipse of 1999 when the sky went black in the middle of the day? People drove to special locations and gawped up at the sky.

Darkness covered the UK at 11:11 am BST. 

TV astronomer Patrick Moore described it as a "strange, weird experience".

I was twenty -two that day and I was casually seeing a bit of a daredevil biker (in that he didn't believe in leathers and drove very fast) and in our t-shirts he flung me on to the back of his bike and we speed-demoned our way to the shoreline of the new forest where I lived at the time, joining the huge hums and swarms of humans gawping at the sky.

Sounds like some good ol' days, I was young, foolish, passionate and having a carefree birthday?

In some ways maybe, but deep down no. I was cracking apart.In the past year, my daughter had died, my marriage broke up and my father figure died.

Yes, so much so young - it was the beginning of my Kintsugi.

11, I believe is all about a spiritual realignment of yourself of the most intense kind.

Here's why:

1. I was born on the 11th at 11:11 pm:

This sounds crazy without a deep long explanation and you'll just have to take my word for it. I have seen many of my past lives - they tended to end in suicide, and my soul was INCREDIBLY resistant to coming back. 

In the end, I did as I couldn't progress as a soul without doing so. It's as if I have said: "okay give it to me with a double, triple, quadruple dose of realignment issues and a daughter who is terminal so I know the value of life and cannot take my own".
2. If we look at the number 11 in the Tarot - it is Justice:

If there was ever a number for spiritual alignment that is it! Plus, it's been realigned itself, in that it's been swapped with Strength, which is now the 8th card ( put those together and you have both the numbers 11 and 8 the date and the month of this eclipse). 

Strength is ruled by Leo, and of course, we are in the time of Leo now.
3. To me, this means that Strength is needed in the 11th hour (also known as the latest possible moment), it's the ability to stay strong and true to yourself.
So is it the latest possible moment before it's too late?


Eclipses mark ending and beginnings in our lives, this eclipse is the last of this eclipse season - think back six months ago, this chapter of your life is now changing.

It seems significant that we are back, having an eclipse on 11th August at a time that is significant to 11.
think back 22 years if you can. On a much wider perspective, something else is changing.

It feels to me like a breaking point, it feels to me like we have been at breaking point for so long, both in the micro and the macro, and the macro is relentless in its demands of us as a species.
We have felt at the breaking point for years and years and years, we probably seem spoilt to our ancestors of the dark ages and for sure I wouldn't want to go back there either, but one thing is true:
The universe always seems to find a divine balance of light and dark expression (11)


So maybe we aren't at breaking point like we have thought so many times, such as 2012, 2000 and yes the eclipse of 1999 which also aroused apocalyptic assumptions.

Am I talking about an apocalypse?

No, no more than what the world decides to do when it decides to do it throughout history in its myriads of ways.

I'm talking about that feeling that you feel, when you think you can't go on any longer, that you don't have the strength, but you have no choice, that's strength, and just like in the Tarot, it has the infinity symbol, it's endless, it continues on, and at the same time, it's always changing, moving, fluxing and fluid.

And at the same time, I often see Justice as a clock ticking, it's merciless time. It fools us into thinking that things will always be the same as they always have been, and then in a blink of an eye, it's all changed.

As I write this I can hear my neighbour playing Time After Time, 
This time, hear it as your soul talking to you. 

So in the honour of the number 8 of Strength and in honour of  this date - here's 8 things the number 11 has taught me:

1. Always say goodbye with your whole heart and presence.

2. Know you are WAY stronger than you think you are.

3. 11 is all about getting to know who you are, and that's WAY more than a lifetime's work.

4. Therefore, your soul knows you will betray it, time after time and it understands that is what's necessary, it's one relationship that never breaks.

5. So, the need to develop your own endless patience with yourself, your loved ones and the circumstances in your life in order to evolve is where it's at for you.

6. Things can, will, and do change in a blink of an eye - divine timing (Justice) is real and won't be manipulated, stop with trying to win that one, it's the fastest way to unalignment and a massive karmic whack.

7. There are profoundly repetitive patterns that are etched so deep into our soul it scares us to see the power of it, things happen on the same dates, play out in the same ways, right the way through the generations. The sins of our fathers...

8. Carl Jung says all the time something is unconscious we will call it fate, and as I said this takes lifetimes, the most important thing of all?
Forgive yourself.


Things may well change in a big way, it just takes a day, any day, and still, things will go on, as they do. 

Trust whatever happens does indeed happen when it's meant to and plays out exactly as it's meant to, it's a paradox of life that things are always changing and always the same, and it's another paradox that nothing is in our control, and at the same time it is.

Try to see yourself as a soul in a massive story, of which you are only really ever conscious of the page you are on, time has shrunk in our small minds, remember this is all FAR bigger, endless, if only you could see the great span of time behind and before you, you'd understand why everything happened the way it did as it did, you'd be in such a place of understanding that all would heal, and you'd see what I mean.

Until then I hope the 8 signs of Strength help you in your eleventh hour.

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