The New Moon in Gemini 13th June - How To Let Go and Let God

Jun 11, 2018

The New Moon on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at 20:43 BST is located at 22° Gemini, Loki, Mercury, the Trickster God, and hmmm, he is pretty much up to his ol' tricks!

Let me explain why...

The Moon goes void of course at the time of the New Moon - of course!

A New Moon is a good time to set new intentions, but a void of course moon isn't!

So how do we get around this?

1. We could set new intentions before 20:43 BST - but then your intentions would be in the dark balsamic moon - e.g dying energy.

2. We could set our intentions the next day when the Moon goes into Cancer at 08:19 BST, - but we will have missed the strongest most potent 8-hour window for our intentions.

So what to do?

Maybe we just need to practice not setting any intentions?

In all the astrology I have read about this Moon, no-one has mentioned the fact that it goes void of course at the same time, all the talk is about this being an extremely lucky and fortunate moon, washing away the intensity and brashness of the last two new moons and ushering in everything we need to make great headway with new projects.

Maybe this means I am focusing on something I don't need to be, however, my interpretation would be of the same agreeable conclusion, even if I went all around the houses and via the void of course scenic route.

The Vista of Void of Course Victory:

I am very much of the belief that the universe knows better than us, and that if we don't listen to the universe before we set our intentions our karmic whacks can be rather large.

In fact, I am so much of that belief that my second book The Transformational Truth of You is all about it - there's a number that goes with this alignment - it's 111. 1 is the alignment of you and 11 being your co-creative work.

So Let Me Tell You A Little Story...

A week before this New Moon I got in my car to drive to a physio appointment at the hospital. A car on the busy polluted London road stopped to let me in, I flashed a thank you whilst looking in the rear view mirror - number plate: JIG 111

I looked in front of me - a big caravan - saying "SPORT" number plate "TE 888 AMO"

My birthday is 11/8 and I have just returned from living in Spain, TE AMO, made me think of the passionate, steamy Spanish "I love you".

At the hospital I'm lying legs akimbo, the pelvic specialist is digging around in my groin :-/

"My goodness," she says "you've got some work to do here, whatever it's going to take to shift it, you've got to do it, I know I can say that to you" She gives me a knowing look.

She has already spoken to me about Ted Talks and 5 Rhythms and I get the feeling she is talking past life stuff.

"But Christ it's stubborn, just like you I bet! You've got to let go of whatever you are holding on to"

You see the last time I could sit cross-legged I was 4 years old.

At forty years old I can now hardly put my shoes on, walk or even just cross one leg over the other.

She gives me some exercises and books me in for next week - at the time of the New Moon.

As the day progresses my stubborn joints begin to complain at being challenged to loosen up and let go, by the evening I can feel the fiery anger building up from them - resulting in an explosion of a sciatic type of pain and my monthly cycle! The Tower card from the Tarot springs to mind.

I can't twist, turn, stand up, sit down and if anything ends up on the floor that's where it has to stay.

I take some painkillers, host the Wednesday evening class for my Transformational Truth of Tarot students and then pour a bath of Epsom salts and Lavender and lower myself very gently - there I stay, doing the exercise she told me of having legs akimbo supported by the bath.

I get out very slowly, but nothing is helping much.

I go to bed in agony, saying to my husband "don't worry, I am sure I will wake up fine."

You see, he knows it only too well.

When I met him, he was on crutches and morphine due to being riddled with Sciatica - my husband is a Gemini, in fact he has 5 planets in Gemini - and Gemini rules the nervous system.

I have my Mars ( Man you fancy!) and Jupiter (Man you marry!) in Gemini, so I married the man I fancied! Aren't I lucky!

But take a look at the Tarot cards for Mars and Jupiter in Gemini and you'll see what's being activated by this New Moon for me...

You'll see the sign for Mars and Gemini in the top of the far left card, and the sign for Jupiter and Gemini in the far right card - these evocative cards are from Ciro Marchetti's Tarot of Dreams, a deck I love so much, particularly because I can never get over the uncanniness of the astrological signs on the cards themselves...

The two central cards are from of course the Rider-Waite, which always has to stay my favourite deck of all time, I mean it might not be so eye candy, but when a picture says a thousand words, the Rider-Waite manages to say a million.

A picture, says a thousand words, and I am a living, breathing (not so much) walking picture of The Eight and Nine of Swords!

I manage to sleep, but I wake up in absolute agony, so much, that I think I am going to throw up.

And I know that whatever this New Moon is shifting is deep.

That it has to be void to get everything we've been avoiding out into the void.

The JIG is the pieces jigging about, the 111 is the universe letting me know it's working for me, the 888 is there to give me strength, the "SPORT" is to let me know I will have my health and the TE AMO is there because I need the message of giving myself love right now, not an easy thing to do when we just don't know or understand what's going on, where it comes from, or what to do, because it's bigger than us, and that's where we have to breathe, trust and be willing to let go as much as we can.

This is my version of the void of course New Moon in Gemini, and I believe that whatever you go through will be equally as deep and powerful for you on a clearing front, but how that manifests?

Only the Gemini God Will Know!

The Gemini God is known for being a trickster, ruled by Mercury, it likes to have a good little prank, that at the time, seems incredibly cruel and upsetting, but in the grander, larger scheme of things actually has all the answers to lead you to ultimate freedom.

Judgments Block

What could possibly happen this New Moon if you suspend all judgments?

Even good judgments (intentions) have the power to block you. For instance, you might have the judgment that you are so bad at something it would be a waste of time to try and change it, or you might have the judgment that you are so good at something that your time would be best spent trying to get better at something else - so it still blocks your progress in that area.

Similarly, you might have someone's best interests at heart and come from a good place, but what you do from that place might not be right for them, and you can only see that when the situation has played out later, it's the same when it comes to the relationship with ourselves.

What if we could suspend all our judgments and intentions this New Moon and surrender to whatever the trickster God has in store, knowing that if we do that, we will learn along the way. Gemini is a GREAT teacher.

This has always been my message, let go and let God, my physio, and my hips would say I am not very good at that! But then again, we teach what we have to learn, and this moon shows me there's no better time to teach or learn it.

So pay this forward, share it with whoever needs to teach it /learn it, let's be part of it together.

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Wonderful New Moon wishes to you.

Tiffany x


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