The Boxing Day Solar Eclipse - Release, Let Go and Let The Magic Flow.

Dec 21, 2019

I started my last blog talking about a doorway to your soul that’s opening up this December.

I spoke about the winds of change gushing in, shaking up your bones whilst it whips up the storm all around you.

I talked about the “Love or Financial Crisis” by The Astrology King or “The Roller Coaster Moon” by Darkstar…

This was our last Full Moon on 12th of 12th (and at 12:12 am if you were in Eastern time).

It was pretty intense Gemini full Moon. Being on the day of the election in the UK too.


I mean just check this out:

 1. Corbyn and Johnson are both Gemini ♊️ ( twins 👯 anyone)?

2. In Ancient Greek Mythology the Gemini twins ( from different fathers - born one from love and one from rape are sometimes known as the gods of war) both are protective over warriors, particularly at sea, both are also skilled horsemen.

3. Castor was a great horseman in particular and Pollux a skilled boxer ( British bulldog anyone?) I think it’s clear who is who! Especially as Pollux is more of yellow star and Castor is whiter - even so Pollux is the brightest star and a Demi god.

4. Pollux sacrificed himself for Castor and they both got hung in the sky.

5. Both candidates are also life paths 9 - a number of completion.


Here we are. Completing the end of a year, and the end of a decade.

Now with the annular Solar Eclipse striking on Boxing Day at 5:13 am GMT we literally have a giant full stop.

An Annular Eclipse is one of the most powerful Eclipses there is. In a normal Solar Eclipse the Moon overpowers The Sun because it completely covers it, but in an Annular Eclipse the  Sun is not completely covered, you still see the light of the Sun, causing a "ring of fire". 

Although those of us in the Northern Hemisphere won't get to see this spectacular sight, it doesn't mean it isn't happening. And that in itself is a key message.

Annular Eclipses are very powerful because it will be much closer to one of the two fatalistic nodes of the Moon. The North Node (our soul's future evolution), or The South Node (Our soul's past) This one activates the South Node. Therefore completion is being highlighted -  quite literally.

Wherever you are at this Christmas, that's it. You can't have more than this. You've paid your dues and now you are released. 

You have a bigger, brighter, better future to build, but first you must process your past, learn your lessons, know your limits and take with it your gifts, the seed to plant in your future. 

You can see this process in the card that rules the first decan of Capricorn which is where the eclipse strikes: The Two Pentacles.


* Cards left to right: Everyday Witch Tarot, The Rider Waite, The Lightseers Tarot


Eclipses come in pairs, they come two weeks apart, twice a year. And in this one the nodes are activated too, the past and future, you can't have one without the other. 



 There is a serendipitous flow is taking us back around again and this time for completion. It may mean you are going somewhere you have been before. It may mean that you feel like you are back where you were this time last year, or six months ago. It may mean that you feel like you are going backwards when you are going forwards - or vice versa! It may mean you feel stuck in repetitive patterns you can’t get out of.

Trust there’s more to it.

In the last blog for the Full Moon on 12th of 12th (@ 12:12 EDT) I concentrated on The Hanged Man - because he is number 12.

Now, in The Two of Pentacles, his hands are no longer tied behind his back. Even if he can’t get out of the loop he is in right now more space is here, he is no longer hanging upside down by his ankle, and this eclipse is about to expand us again due to a conjunction with Jupiter

Solar Eclipses occur at a New Moon. Essentially it is an extra fired up New Moon. A solar eclipse is an eclipse of your consciousness, your spark, your Sun.

A light that fires up your action in a new direction. It closes a door on one chapter and opens another, one that lasts for half of the year when the next eclipse season kicks in. But first, we must complete, and very much so with this one.

Before you bring in the new, you must clear out the old, and the old is coming around again.

The last full moon brought to light the patterns you no longer have time or space to put your hands to. Attitudes, people, places, mindsets, the outworn feels heavy, so heavy it feels like you don’t have it in you to keep going with it - even if your life did depend on it.

It’s like Christmas stuffing! We’ve over consumed and had a gut full!

This is where the release happens:

The Hanged Man knows he cannot control anything except his state of being.

He is the epitome of the serenity prayer:

God, give me the courage to change the things I can

The serenity to accept the things I can’t

And the wisdom to know the difference

We’ve had a crash course in this the last month or so and now the internal shift feels like you can’t go on fighting it or resisting it like you were.

It's time to let it go, let it be, stop fearing, and know that whatever happens you’ll live on in some form or another.

It’s time to stop feeling heavy.

Untie the weights to your ankles.

It’s time to make the decisions, cut the cords and say enough. To clear out the cupboards, wardrobes, paperwork, your social profile, your pantry, your people, your plans, your mind, your body, your soul, it’s time to detox your life.

And maybe life is taking you back somewhere to do it.

I arrive back in magical Tulum two days after this Eclipse.

Last time I gave birth to The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer (although I didn’t know it at the time) this time I know it’s to give birth to a book.

There will be a similar serendipitous process going on in your life somewhere.

A place where you are finally getting the message through how it feels.

It will be in your vibration, something that makes it heavy. your head will tell you you can’t give it up because it feels like your entire survival depends on it. But with a flick of a switch and you’ll feel like you won’t be able to continue even if your life depended on it, and the bliss will soon follow.

This is the process of The Hanged Man and here’s an example of how he works:

To get to the place of allowing myself to write my third book has taken several years, The Hanged Man has had to work with me on the following:
 1. Writing a book isn’t good for cashflow.
 2. I can’t write this book, it’s way too personal. 
 3. I have to have reached a certain level before I can write another book.

I have been stuck dangling for years with this mindset, but since the Full Moon he cut me down with an almighty thud! I put down the boxing gloves, waved the white flag and allowed the most magical release to run through me. 

Where’s this thud for you?

The Hanged Man is long, slow, drawn out and then BOOM! Sudden Enlightenment! 

He knows the answer all along but waits patiently for you to get it.

When you finally get it, it’s like he took you and hung you upside down for you to see it - a total change of mindset

I experienced this process once before, funnily enough when I published my first book - I was so hung up on the timing of it I had this long slow drawn out agony!

I saw The Hanged Man everywhere, in my waking life and in my sleep. In buskers hanging upside down, in people doing headstands, in readings for myself and my clients, in my meditations, everywhere.

Eventually, I lost my patience and demanded to know what he wanted:

“Tiffany, you are so hung up on the timing of this book and it’s not yours you know! We gifted it to you. Who are you to determine the timing?”

That was the best telling off I had ever had!

All the stress dissolved in an instant and I was transported into pure bliss.

And the uncanny thing? There was an email sent at that time from my publisher about going to print.

There’s no escaping that feeling when it happens.  


 It’s priceless.

 That state of attainment we wish to be in at all times.

 But we have to fall from grace to understand what it feels like when we get enlightened - a momentary thing.

Here I was again in holy comunion with The Hanged Man:
 1. Who says it’s not good for cashflow?
 2. You don’t have to cross the line and make it too personal - you         are in control of how far you go - you are the one writing it!
 3. What if it’s the other way round? What if you have to write the       book before you can go to the next level? 

Boom! The umbilical cord got cut, and down I fell.

I looked for a Writing Retreat here in the UK but it didn’t happen.

I planned for my husband to come with me to Tulum, but it didn’t happen.

I planned to catch up with old friends in Tulum, but it didn’t happen.

What happened?

Being alone in Tulum for 3 weeks apart from the retreat I am running midway.

The time either side is my own retreat to write my next book.

It's clear this is the birth of my 2020 vision in the Mayan City of the Dawn at the dawn of a new decade.

Here comes thee most powerful and lucky Solar Eclipse there’s been for eons.

It’s time to practice the serenity prayer and say what the heck! I’m going for it!

To let this come through I have had to clear out SO many coulda, woulda, shouldas.

What are the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s for you that it’s time to untie?

 The have knot, should knot, will knot, can knot, it's time to shake off those knots.

On Sunday I woke up to two messages sent five minutes apart, from two of my most treasured clients, both who had booked the retreat in Mexico,  both saying they understand there is no refund at this late stage, but they cannot come to Mexico. 

Their reasons are valid, they are right, they cannot, both their hands are tied. 


And what has happened since then is beautiful.  

The two ladies are part of The Transformational Truth of Tarot, and the others in the community who wanted to come but have "knot" have been motivated to try and shake off those knots.

It means it has now given more space for the ones whose hands are tied in both ways:

Those that could not come because of needing more time to pay now have it at their fingertips if they wish to.

Those that lost the refund due to the lateness may then be able to recoup some, if not all, over time. 

What will transpire remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure.

I am inspired by the gracious surrender of these two ladies (The Hanged Man), proud to witness of the community spirit of support, and in awe of the magic and give and take of The Two of Pentacles occuring . 

It means everything is switching up, and at first I was like oh feck! What if I end up in Tulum alone?

A totally irrational thought as I've been there alone before and it was INCREDIBLE!


Plus there are three more lovely ladies booked on - but when one client messages you to cancel five minutes after the other - and that's almost half the retreat - you start wondering!

Interestingly it turns out the friends I made there who wanted me to come back won't even be there. Its been a journey and a half already, this last six months, and I haven't even left home!

A couple of my mentors even mentioned perhaps I should cancel, but I don't cancel something that the divine brings into creation, what I can cancel though is tying myself up in knots by trying to make it something I think it should be is.

So what if I let go? So what if everyone cancelled but me?

An incredible, magical thought that caused an incredible and magical realisation...

 I ended up in Tulum alone before, in fact I had never felt so alone, and it was incredible. 

I had never even heard of Tulum.

I randomly flew into an airport, booked in with an air bnb superhost and he told me about Tulum.

I got on a bus, and when I arrived I did not leave.

I stayed for the remainder of my month in Mexico, and I would have, could have stayed there forever.

I had no plan to go there. It was a place I didn't know existed.  A paradise I accidentally discovered that opened up it's gates and called me in. 

And when it did my knots began to untie.  The knots in my marriage. The knots in my family life. The knots in my career. The knots in myself. 

These were EPIC knots. Knots so epic they are still being untied. And so, I needed to be alone. 

If I went with others, I'd have got their knots messed up with my knots and ended up in one giant knot.

Tulum showed me HOW to untie the knots for myself, my family and my clients.

Taking on this retreat has been the biggest thing I have ever done.

The retreat centre would like me to have 20 people booked on it. 

I had 5, and right now there is 3. 

The magic number - and I got it. 

Tulum IS magical!

Tulum, IS uncontrollable!

Tulum IS the unexpected!

Tulum is a POWERFUL place!

In fact Tulum is SO POWERFUL that even if you just THINK of coming - things WILL kick off in your life!

Tulum WILL choose who comes and who doesn't, not me.

As I said, this has been the biggest retreat experience I have ever taken on - it's not something to take lightly, and it's not something I will take on again until the dawn of another decade. There is no other time than now for this retreat, and if you are thinking it's too late I can "knot" possibly just up and get on a plane!

Why "knot"?

Imagine how freeing it would feel to just up and come!?

Just like I did, as soon as I found out about it...

The fact you've left it actually goes in your favour because...

With all these changes it means that :

 The two little garden view villa gems I had 💎 that BOTH went on the first day of bookings...


(probably because they are the cheapest way of making this happen) have become available again!

 So here in the serendipitous flow is a second chance coming back around for you now, to release, let go and let the magic flow:

If you are an intuitive 🙏or an empath who would like to:

 👩🎓 Gain a qualification in accredited past life regression on a beautiful Caribbean beach over the dawn of a new decade.

🙌 Escape the shackles of exhaustion, drama and misunderstandings in your life - permanently by:

😍 Discovering WHY they happened in the first place and HOW to change it so your new found peace and freedom stays with you when you return.

🙏 Release repressed resentment and emotions through seeing and understanding the bigger picture.

😜Dissolve blocks in your heart so you can move forward in life and love - fast.

😇 Unleash your “super” natural nature to enter a new decade empowered by the “super” nature unique to you.

🐬 Replenish immersed in nature, exploring ancient Mayan temples, diving in Ceynotes and Carribean sea with dolphins and turtles!

🌅 Begin a new decade setting a powerful intention for change in the Mayan City of the Dawn!

👩🎓 Come back qualified - not only in your own healing path, but for others too - adding another level to your own and others transformational path.

💑 Transform painful misunderstandings into powerful understandings

🙌 Then don’t miss it this time!


  ✨Click Here To See If It's Meant To Be! 

 Here's to beautiful release and rebirth so your 2020 vision can come through in this dawn of your new decade.

And here's to maybe, if it's meant to be,  seeing you here soon! 

One love from

Tiffany and The Transformational Truth of Tulum x




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