The A-Z of How To Be - New Moon in Virgo - 6th/7th September 2021

Sep 06, 2021

Welcome to The New Moon in Virgo on 6th or 7th the virgin will come knocking at a different time depending on where you live! 

  • Los Angeles, September 6, 5:51 pm
  • New York, September 6, 8:51 pm
  • London, September 7, 1:51 am
  • Delhi, September 7, 6:21 am
  • Sydney, September 7, 10:51 am

Wooho! Hold on to your corn maiden hats - and other bits and bobs too! It’s time for things to feel shiny new!

As always I read through what the other astrologers say and then I come back to what I feel it’s about - I invite you to do the same as you read through this, but here’s my read of the energy of this New Moon…

 It’s friggin fast! That’s it! Job over! Blog done! 


Okay  not quite but the words below come to mind, and the biggest word of all? 

Hopefully you can get it once you read the A-Z of the Way To Be - I’m talking in riddles I know - but a problem solver is Virgo so here we go! 

Welcome to The New Moon in Virgo! Guess what? You can choose how you experience it!

Angrily or Adventurously

Mercury (head) and the Moon ( heart)  likes to move to a beat  and so does Uranus, well  Uranus would probably like to skip a beat! Uranus is making a positive supportive alignment to this Moon so adventure will win at the end of the day, but nevertheless if you are expecting things to go one way and they go another watch out! This moon will reflect back to you the need to adapt, think on your feet and pivot - Fast!


Bolshily or Boldly. 

Okay bolshily isn’t strictly a word and you’ll find I’ve been “creative” in this blog because it’s what it calls for to bridge the gap and get the message across Being angry or bolshy is the opposite of being Bold, it’s the small lower self trying to big itself up, being bold means dropping the pretense. Here in Spain I saw a sign in a restaurant lit up in neon pink “Be Bold, Be True, Be Wild” This again is Uranus energy - and believe it or not Virgo can go there too!


Cowardly or Courageously

You can worry and hide under the duvet because NOTHING is under your control or you can get up and decide to take your control back. Serenity prayer comes to mind. God grant me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference! 

Divined or Driven 

This is a good one to know too, are you driving something from a place of inappropriate control or are you relaxing the reigns of over responsibility and trusting that the divine has a master plan thats playing out and it needs you to get out of the way!?


Excitingly or Electrically 

Virgo rules the nervous system and Uranus being electric shakes things up -put them together and it can be like shoving your fingers in a plug socket - anxiety and worry can shoot to catastrophic levels - however as I said previously Uranus makes a positive aspect to this moon - so once we get used to the energy it can be REALLY EXCITING! You just gotta relax into it rather than resist

Fastly or Furiously

It's fast moving so you might as well enjoy the ride - let the past go, ain’t nobody got time for that! I am seeing a big stainless steel strainer in the sky as I type, that which is meant to stay will and that what isn’t won’t!


Gently or Gloatily!

Bit like bulshily or boldly - earth signs can be hard on themselves and feel easily slighted on self worth, feeling like it’s something they can get from external sources - like being of service, and if done in the right way it can be healthy, but if an earth sign comes across “snobby” you can tell their self worth actually deep down feels slighted - and they just need a hug really!


Harassedly or Happily

Did I say Its full on fast and uncontrollable this New Moon!! Woooohooo! 


Isolatedly or Intimately 

There’s sooo much going on this New Moon. You may find yourself wishing you could be many things to many people or in many places at once, and you may have to choose between people, places and projects because you just can’t! 


Joyously or Joltedly 

Don’t take anything personally! Please! Everything everyone says is from their own lens 


Kingly or Kindly  

Kings in the Tarot are about being mature so this is a trick flip! I have an issue with the word “kind” in the spiritual circle because it’s a misunderstood word like “unconditionally” that can keep us stuck in disempowering dynamics - Kingly on the other hand denotes a maturity - and best definition of maturity? Not to feel the need to hurt someone that’s hurt you.


Lousily or Lovingly

We often think the two go together as “lousy lover” but lets look in this context of being a lousy lover to ourselves - when caught in anxiety and worry, where are you resonating? In fear right? The lowest vibration there is. That’s lousiness. Love yourself, be your own best friend, look for and assume the best in people and remember whatever they do - is not about you! 

Manipulatively or Magnetically

Virgo is the virgin, she can be covered up, and then suddenly show herself as the opposite end of the spectrum, know your magneticness - step into the bigger you, manipulation comes from dependency - aren’t you done with that yet? 


Narcy or Nicely 

Again I’m being creative with the spelling here because I want it to also hint at narcissism, not saying Virgo is narcissistic just to be clear, Virgo’s are about being of service, and they can get caught up in their own heads and become neurotcically self consumed without realising - the impact on others - ironically this is all about what others think! Now that’s the manifesting power of the mind!


Openly or Obsessively

Tunnel vision is being demolished, the light is coming in and if you try to focus on one thing - hmm I’m not quite sure how that will do!  

Politely or Proudly 

Do you know one of the biggest healers of all is politeness? Bet my bottom dollar you wouldn’t expect me to say that - but its what all the marriage counsellers say - go back to being polite with your partner and watch your marriage transform and it’s true! 


Queenly or Quakingly 

So are you going to quake or queen up dear one? This moon is about identifying your inner child wound and rising from it. A lot of astrologers are talking about how this moon is good for ancestral and inner child work. I think it’s moving too fast for this. Tune in at the speed of Mercury, Identify the issue but don’t worry about where it came from, just decide you are no longer going to quake like a child but stand now like a Queen - no-one’s going to give you permission but you. 


Relaxingly or Resistantly

When you’ve risen to the challenges you can do something about relax into the ones you can’t - or don’t of course - the choice is yours!


Strongly or Sternly 

Strong and stern are two different things - sternness is something rigid, dried up, a bitter brittle way of being that can easily snap, true strength resides in vulnerability - more on that in V


Tightly or Transparently 

And here’s a clue of what’s in V!


Uncooperatively or Unitedly

A branch can be grafted on a tree but only one or two times, and the longer its left the harder it gets - the choice is yours.

Wisely or Wankerly

Does this really need explaining? :)


Victimly or Vulnerably

Virgo is a pure hearted Virgin on one level, on the other she may need to watch the feelings of vulnerability in not a good way - the ones that dive her headfirst into victim - victims are seen as vulnerable easy targets that can’t stand up for themselves, but there’s another side to vulnerability - in fact it's a crucial ingredient that found right inside the heart and when you reach it and express it out comes strength! Ask Brene :)


Xsparatingly or Xcellently

See what I did there :)


Youthfully or Yearningly

Things are churning - and fast, our lives, the world, and so on, we can’t turn the clock back - even though it’s nearly mercury retro so the exes might be popping in your inbox - the show must go on.


Zestfully or Zig Zaggerly

Are you gonna be jarred or bounce back? 

What’s that key word? Did you get it? 

CHOICE! The choice is yours…. So i’ll leave you with this Deepak Chopra saying

“Every Decision You Make Is a Choice Between a Grievance and A Miracle - Drop the grievance and choose the miracle”

Go forth with the choice of a new life now - because it is here. 

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Wishing you a wonderfully cleansed new world - that’s a very Virgo New Moon thing too ya know :) 

Love from a very FAST moving Tiff!

Did I tell you I have Mercury in Virgo?! Lol!


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