Taurus New Moon May 4th 2019 - Psychic Transference - It's Not What You Think!

May 03, 2019

I have this little ritual when creating this content for you, it goes a lil something like this…

  1. Think I know nothing
  2. Look around at what others say
  3. Don’t resonate with it
  4. Feel blocked
  5. Remember it’s because I am not listening to my own guidance
  6. Drop what others say
  7. Come back to what my own voice says and start writing. 

Long way round or what?! (in fact this is exactly what this blog is about this month - Psychic Transference and coming back to you)

However, this month, I have to say credit where credit is due, and that goes out to you…

Darkstar Astrology….

DS: With this Taurus New Moon, we can see the clear connection to the collective unconscious since Cetus the whale/sea-monster is symbolic of the communal psyche of the world. What you get then is an over-absorption of everything that is out there in the cosmos, seen and unseen and from dimensions that may have a positive or negative agenda. Good examples of the exalted Moon in this decan are Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce who had this natally.

TC: For those that don’t know, Carl Jung came up with the term collective consciousness and Edgar Cayce was known as “The Sleeping Prophet”

DS: Those touched by this new moon then can be easily manipulated by these pan-dimensional forces so they can have difficulty discerning their own emotions from those around them.

TC: How do you know if you are “touched by this New Moon?” well if you have a Taurus Moon, Sun or Ascendant then you’ll know, but to be honest how many of you out there suffer with this? I would expect that if you are so inclined to be reading this material then it’s you.

I have two stories that demonstrate this so well, one from my own life, and one from a client, both of us, both triggered again this week.

For me I didn’t realise that a lot of my problems stem from this very thing until only a couple of years ago, whenever someone is feeling bad i’d take it personally and take it as rejection, this is still a practice for me as someone I am sharing my home with is being passive aggressive with me this week and it feels personal as I am the only one on the receiving end- and even if it is, I have learnt that it isn’t, does that make sense?

Probably not, but let me explain…

I bring this structure into my group work, it’s a life saver.

AND if someone was to say you can only keep teaching one in your group which one would it be?

It would be the second.

Because as intuitives, psychics, empaths,  sensitives, whatever you want to call us, this is our main problem.

We pick up on something and can't discern on whether it belongs to us. 

For instance, take something that happened to my client this week.

She posted into the group after doing a reading and was having a complete meltdown.

I tried to gently show remind her that what she was feeling wasn’t hers.

The first answer came back as “I wish!”

I then suggested she did some deep breathing and let it go through the earth then physically move on.

The answer came back as “It feels like mine!!”

I answered “It always does, that’s transference for you”

Her answer came back “ OMG! Is that what happens to me every time I read? No wonder I struggle! Breakthrough! Thank you!”

The next day she fed back in the group she had just done a reading for someone and wow what a difference…

DS: This sensitivity, of course, can work in a positive manner too, where artists can pick up the mood of the audience and modulate their performance to fit. This is a sensuous and empathic new moon, so it would be a great time to book a massage. This new moon has healing hands and green fingers due to the Mercurial influence of the decan generally. (This is the Virgo section of Taurus.)

TC: This weekend with the Full Moon in Taurus is the perfect time to come back to earth, ground, I have had to remind a lot of clients to do so and go easy on themselves this week, and myself too, after the story below I will share how.

I’m writing this on the dark moon, this morning my husband left to work away for a few days, and the person staying (who is also an empath) is leaving tomorrow for a couple of weeks breathing space.

I also, cannot wait to breathe.

I can feel myself holding my breath, almost as if I do not dare to exist.

In fact, and this might be too graphic but hey ho it’s a great demo of how much I suffer from “psychic transference” myself and also might make you laugh:

I am on the Cambridge diet - I’ve lost a stone in a month, makes sense, I have a Taurus ascendant so how I appear to the world is new with this Moon :)

Thing is its making me constipated and due to the passive-aggressive vibes in the house and only having one loo well it wasn’t helping me to let go!

So I went over the road to the supermarket because ironically, I thought I would feel more like I could have my own space there, or at least a sense of anonymity, oh how wrong was I?!

There I was on all fours in the cubicle had only been there a minute, when a lady asked if I was okay.

I said I was and would be out in a minute.

She only went and got flipping security and I had to explain that I was only jacking gelatine up my bum, not heroin! - told you it might me a bit TMI!

SOOOO flippin embarrassing!!!!! I wanted to subsequently die and kill the woman at the same time, poor thing, she was probably just as embarrassed but I just couldn’t find it in me to thank her!

Funnily enough, I had only had a dream a couple of nights before about there being a toilet right in the middle of a supermarket and I sat on it and went! All the time thinking this isn’t right!

On a more serious note, it showed me once again the repercussions of suffering from “psychic transference” rather than healing with it.

I can’t change the way someone is being and the fact we only have one loo in the house, but if it was my child would I have banished her to public loos to go through that?

No flippin way!

So then, why did I do it to myself?

Because of how much I suffer from psychic transference, that’s why.

Check in with yourself now.

Are you feeling like you are taking on psychic projections from others?

You’ll know if you are, it ungrounds you, makes you anxious, vulnerable, defensive and avoidant, you’ll think it’s your issue, you’ll take it personally.

If you feel that it’s time to claim back your space.

Here’s how.

  1. Remember, it’s not yours, and get yourself ready to release it.
  2. Love all you need is love, and that has to start with the self, it’s time to take a visit to your inner child. You can imagine yourself as a child if that helps, what does this child need from you right now? Find it and give it, the love, the protection and the maturity. This is the biggest first step to reclaiming your space.
  3. Clean yourself and your space with salt, have a salt bath, or scrub yourself with a salt shower scrub, put some rock salt in your bucket, chuck out all that’s dead and get everything clean.
  4. Frankinsence, no not sage, not paulo santo, not oil, not incense, but Frankinsence, the proper thick chunky rocks that burn on charcoal, like you see the priests do in Cathedrals, this is the “I mean business” stuff for clearing space of psychic transference. 
  5. Burn those rocks on the charcoal, fling open the windows, put on the music and dance I say! Fling those arms around you like a light saber smashing all the psychic debris build up into pieces - you need your imagination here, to be able to swashbuckle it all around the space, have fun with it, be gone psychic debris!
  6. Imagine a white light tornado coming through the window spinning around the place sucking up all the debris going out the window and exploding and transmuting into light.

Now you should feel better.

The above are all tried and tested ways of working that have helped me for the last twenty years, and it’s powerful stuff, okay I still get caught with my trousers around my ankles and on all fours in the supermarket cubicle every now and again, but when I do it’s a wake up call, a reminder and I know what to do.

This weekend is Taurus New Moon, its great for grounding, earthing, and making your environment and insides feel nourished and nourishing, so if you can finish this off by pouring love into your home, making it attractive and comfortable and maybe even cooking a wholesome meal from the garden - my husband having his Moon in Taurus means we are almost self sufficient from a dirt patch in our court yard - work with what you have, a sprig of mint from a window box or even just fresh food from the supermarket.

It’s time to reclaim your space as the Earth God(dess) you are.

So many things get in our way of doing so, time, money, other people’s psychic projections and inevitably our transference - except it doesn’t have to be inevitable if we keep putting the energy into reclaiming our space and our God(dess) within.

If you’d like some to put more energy into reclaiming your space as the Goddess you are then...

You're invited to the ancient lands of The Alchemist to do exactly that.

Click the link above to see your invite.

And treat yourself well this New Moon, 

I'm not constipated in this picture below btw, even though it might look like it!


Tiffany! x





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