Solar Eclipse in Taurus The Midas Moon - 30th April 2022

Apr 24, 2022

Just how much more change can we take? The answer is a lot! Taurus or not!

Uranus, the planet of wakeups and shake-ups, took up residence in steadfast Taurus back in May 2018 and there it stays for 4 more years.

There's no doubt about it. We're seeing massive changes. Things are not how they were, nor as they will be, and whilst this is always true, I don't think you can underestimate the enormous changes of the current times we live in.

Something happens to humans with this amount of immense change; at a core basic survival level, the urge to panic buy loo rolls is a prime example.

There was no need to panic buy them, but the fear created a situation where everyone needed to start panic buying.

Similarly, when there is a tremendous amount of change, we can get stuck in that mentality, it grips us, and we can't get out of it.

Imagine a man in a mac, hood up, hunched over grasping his loo roll, sheltering it from the wind and the rain, except it's no longer stormy. Instead, the Sun is shining, and the only storm that exists is the one in his own mind.

It's natural to continue fighting through when things have been stormy for a while, even when we no longer need to (as I typed this, the Sun aligned to my neighbour's window and bounced right into my eyes).

What if the only challenging thing is adjusting to just how bright things can be?

Perhaps you are feeling the power of this solar eclipse already in your heart, but your mind is still in the storm?

So let's go through each aspect and how it could already be playing out for you so that you can clearly see that the storm is over and the Sun is out.

It's time to go from the panic buying miser to King Midas (now, he ended up turning himself to Gold - but it's time to re-write that ending too!)

So let's start with…

Solar Eclipse conjunct Uranus  Taurus and Uranus aren't the best bedfellows (apart from being bumpy)! But the Moon and Taurus are, plus this moon is entirely free of negative aspects, meaning this bumpy ride is a recipe for immense change and excitement. If this sounds a bit mills and boon, you'd be right!


Mars sextile Uranus - The glyph for Mars looks like a penis with a giant ball sack for a good reason! So this sextile to Uranus is a very excitable one indeed!

And because…

Venus conjunct Jupiter, The glyph for Venus, is the shape of a pregnant woman. Jupiter is about expansion, so universal pictures are set for show-stopping mega-blockbuster mills and boon premier of abundant receptive fertile manifestation.


Venus sextile Pluto makes companionship more vital as your longing deepens. A whirlwind experience can instantly happen, or more profound feelings of love in an existing relationship can evolve to a core spiritual level.

All supported by Eros! 

We've all heard of Eros (even if you only know him as Cupid). Eros is an Asteroid and conjunct the solar eclipse. Eros literally means 'desire' and is named after the Greek god of love and sex.

Since April, we have been stirred awake; desire is climbing in us. Our energies and libidos have been peaking and troughing with massive highs and lows, one minute inspired and fired up, the next flat as a pancake. Nevertheless, it's all building, layer upon layer, in the right direction.

The power of love right now is high.

Due to Neptune and Jupiter being conjunct in Pisces, love really can be a higher one. Maybe you feel closer to your invisible helpers, guides, angels, and ancestors? Or you're just aware of an invisible universal helping hand in your life but still too scared to take it?

What's the worst that could happen?

Disappointment? You'll live, and you'll have lived a lot more even just by daring to dream and FEEL the DESIRE!

Someone close to me who lives by not getting excited until something happens thinks I am crazy because I always get excited and quite often disappointed - but more things happen in my life than theirs. This eclipse will be v.powerful for them; being conjunct their moon, I am watching with bated breath!

Desire is a POWERFUL manifestor; suppress it and suppress your dreams.

Dare to dream your way through into this next chapter of your life, and you might just see some instant trailers of sparks of magic, even though the whole picture release may not hit our screens until October.

What has happened in the last six months to pave the way for what is so fertile now?

Of course, it's no accident that this Solar Eclipse is the day before Beltane either…

The fertile time is now, with Uranus things aren't likely to go to plan or as you expect, but that's the magic in the universe; things that happen are beyond your wildest imagination, your job?

Believe in the Sun even when things feel stormy.

The solar eclipse rebirths at 9:28pm on Saturday evening, which means we will be dancing our way into and up to the eclipse in my open circle.

When we dance just before a New Moon, the emphasis is on clearing the past month. However, with a Solar Eclipse, the focus will be on giving thanks and release to the past six months!

It is a massive cleansing ritual that means you will be able to welcome in and manifest so much more. It is compellingly powerful for this New Moon that has the strength of 100 new moons!

Usually, manifestation practice is better AFTER the new moon has struck, but eclipses are so powerful, it's better to go with the flow than try to manifest, so of course, as ever, Saturday's AstroTarotDance is divinely timed, commencing at 7:30 pm, UK - I know I say it every time, but it's set to be powerful!!

Get your sloppies on, pop your earphones in, grab some water, clear some sacred space and get ready to shift some energy!

Join us over in the Manifest a Miracle a Month circle here because it's time to shake things up, move and manifest some miracles :)

Even if you can't attend live, the replay will be waiting for you to connect with the magic ASAP, but in your own complete divine timing.

Wishing you a wonderful Eclipse!


Tiff x


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