Taurus Full Moon November 12th - Heaven "IZA" a place on Earth

Nov 10, 2019

“Whatever you do, don’t berate yourself or congratulate yourself too much, your choices are half chances, so are everybody elses”

Do you remember that line from the Sunscreen song?

As I tune into the heavenly body of the Moon growing full in Earth Goddess Taurus, this line has taken up full residence in my head.

Welcome to the Full Moon in Taurus:

  • Los Angeles – November 12, 5:34 am
  • New York – November 12, 8:34 am
  • London – November 12, 1:34 pm
  • Delhi – November 12, 7:04 pm
  • Sydney – November 13, 0:34 am


That is a resounding word for me right now.


Full Moon's shed light on the two conflicting areas of home and professional life,  for me it's playing out like so:

  1. Home: We have a stray cat (Isabel, affectionately nicknamed Iza) that has taken up “full residency".
  2. Profession: I’m leading two groups at the moment, The Transformational Truth of Tarot and The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotRegression, where “residency” seems like what success “resides” upon.

The dictionary definition of "residency" means "to live somewhere".

But I'm going somewhat deeper in this post, what does it mean to “truly” reside?

I believe that comes from inside.

Can you be fully present? Can you be here now? Can you commit despite the anxiety?

Can you help yourself feel like you belong long before you truly do?

All of these are Taurean themes so, ahem why am I posting pictures of a cat and not a bull? Bear with...

These themes play out all the time, and as Full Moon’s do, this Full Moon in Taurus casts a particular spotlight on it.

Right now the theme of worth and belonging is staring us, squarely, in the face.

Taureans are known for liking security but why is that?

Taureans (I’ve noticed) tend to have a mother wound, that primal wound of survival, finding belonging and feeling worthy, and to be honest, we all want to feel worthy and belong don’t we?

And we all have Taurus somewhere in our chart, this Moon will highlight that part of our chart.

For instance, I have a Taurus ascending / rising. It means I look to the world for acceptance, but it squares my Leo sun which means I am often misunderstood, causing me to feel rejected, and then my worth and confidence suffers.

When this happens I  mask it so I really believe I don't care whether I am accepted or not, until that is, I am cast into participation with the world and the whole sorry saga plays out again. 

So what's the answer? 

I have to work on my ability to be vulnerable, drop my guard and communicate from the heart, and for that to happen I need to feel “safe” with my own sense of worth, only then will I feel like I “belong”.

I’m sure we can all resonate to some degree, and if you know the degree and house this Moon falls in for you, you’ll be able to pinpoint where it is playing out for you exactly.

Lets go back to this line for a moment:

“Whatever you do, don’t berate yourself or congratulate yourself too much….

Your choices are half chances, so are everybody elses”

“Whatever you do, don’t berate yourself” I couldn’t agree more, as a course leader I can hand on heart tell you the time that it is impossible to make progress with someone is when they berate themselves (and it happens more frequently than any other challenge) which is why I put so much effort into mindset training.

“Or congratulate yourself too much” Hmm! Now I am not so sure about this one! I tend to agree more with Albert Einstein who said if we all encouraged each other a lot more we’d have a nation of geniuses. We are here to shine and the primal wound of society is a self - esteem wound - so if this is coming from a place of overcompensation for a self - esteem wound then I agree, and no I don’t agree if it’s coming from a place of “keep yourself small”

“Your choices are half chances, so are everybody else’s” Is it luck or do we make our own luck? This statement makes us think it’s half/half, the universe helps those that helps themselves kind of thing...

It gets me thinking of Iza.

One of my spiritual teachers told me cats know how to live and to let them teach me, and I have found that to be true.

So today it’s time to share with you the teaching from Iza:

On how heaven truly "Iza" place on Earth

Iza started hanging around the neighbourhood a couple of years ago. We had Mystic at the time, and Mystic would stare her out, back arched, hissing like a snake and Iza would just sit there, trying to look everywhere but at Mystic! Lalalalalala! She wouldn’t disrespect Mystic’s boundary, or pose any threat at all, she made sure her whole being said I come in peace. But I didn’t think we were special to her because we would see her go in and out all the houses!

Just like The Fool in the Tarot, belonging to nobody and everybody all at the same time.

She was well and truly on her own Fool's/Hero's Journey.

I’d never in my whole life met such an incredibly loving, trusting cat. And I didn’t take that personally, I felt that she was that way with everyone. My husband was convinced we were special to her, but I nicknamed her “Isabel the Jezabel!” (revoked now:)).

He was the last one to see Iza, in the street, she wasn’t the Iza we knew, she looked petrified and ran away from him.

She disappeared for six months.

This summer, she reappeared, back to the loving, trusting Iza we knew, despite clearly having developed anxiety to such a point she has cat OCD (over-preening) causing bald patches on her chin, the bottom of her spine and back of her legs and she often feels sopping wet!

As the summer drew on she took up residency in our kitchen, I think she knew Mystic wasn’t long for this world but still, she wouldn’t go into the rest of the house because that was Mystic’s, even though by now Mystic swapped back arching hissing for nose - bump kissing.  

Our beloved 18 year old Mystic Mog went to the other world on 17th October. Isabel remained in the kitchen for one week more. After a week she progressed to the bathroom, (where she likes to drink from the tap).

And now to our bedroom where it’s quite literally three in the bed! She gets in between us under the duvet, rolls on her back, legs akimbo, demanding for us to rub her belly, puts her head on the pillow and purrs herself and us to sleep!

Now there is only one part of the house that’s still out of bounds as far as Iza’s concerned. Mystic’s spot, the living room, even now she still respects her memory and territory.

We have fallen in love with her respectful and loving personality and as I realise now we are indeed special to her too, her bald patches are slowly recovering. Isabel has a microchip but the owners are nowhere to be seen or heard and this week the vet officially declared Iza “ours” (as much as a fool like littlest hobo can be).

She is a survivor, with a happy ending.

Iza created heaven on Earth for us and herself through times of heartbreak.

How did she do that?

Lets see shall we?

“Whatever you do, don’t berate yourself or congratulate yourself too much”

I don’t think she sat there going “I’m such a clever cat” or “i'm such a twat cat” ! Do you? What if we could cut that out too? How easy would life be?

“Your choices are half chances, so are everybody else’s”

Nobody put any flyers or posters out for Iza, no-one  answered the vets calls or letters. Now, with us humans, a situation like that would have probably affected our ability to be loving, trusting, open, and respectful.

But with Iza it didn’t.

Okay it seems like her loving, trusting, open and respectful nature did mean that she was taken advantage of somehow, for those six months. And for a time her open, loving, trusting nature was replaced by fear and mistrust, but now the only mark it’s left is a physical one. She’s come through it because of that very same loving nature coupled with a strong survival instinct that meant she kept on looking for the right time and place.

Curiousity can kill the cat but what is the alternative?

Closing down her heart? Fear replacing respect? Waiting for someone to rescue her? How far would that have got her?

Even if she has been abused along the way, the fact she hasn’t lost her ability to be so incredibly loving, trusting and respectful means we were happy to open our doors to our hearts, home and little tribe to her (even little Mystic started to feel the same and that’s saying something!)

I see the same recipe for success in my group programs.

Those that keep on showing up time after time despite the setbacks and challenges and do so respectfully and from the heart, choosing to feel like they belong before they do, eventually create that belonging which sustains them to grow healthy.

Those that overthink or let anxiety overcome them to the point that they run away, shut down or give up, develop trust issues or become disrespectful keep themselves exiled, not from the group as such (unless they become disrespectful too) but from the feeling of security and belonging.

This is the saddest thing of all, who would join a group if they didn’t want to feel like they belong?

If you resonate with this story playing out in your life somewhere can you be more like Iza?

If I was more like Iza when I became a stepmother it would have saved myslef and family a decade of pain. I know what it’s like, I have a Taurus ascendent remember?

I have a security wound, my primal years were spent sofa surfing after my father abandoned my mother and I (he has his reasons I am sure, what they were he took to the grave) and i’ve always lived in “someone else’s home". Couple that with my weird, wacky beliefs and career I’ve never “belonged”.

At times my self esteem has been so bad  it’s cost me way too much to mention, but like Iza, my general nature is opened hearted, trusting and loving coupled with a curiousity that keeps me going until I find the right time and place. It's why I do what I do, and just because it's my profession it doesn't mean it's not a challenge to keep that nature when I have a hard time but:

If you keep feeding the cat that belongs rather than the fearful feral wild cat, one day, in the not too distant future you’ll wake up to find residency and belonging is yours on the inside AND outside too.

This is so key right now, your chances are half chances, but it's how you respond:

This Full Moon may be opposing Mercury Retrograde, but it’s also supported by Neptune sextiling Saturn, a place of dreams. You might slip back for a bit, but look at that as a mirror for how far you have come, it’s not about what’s gone wrong, it’s about how you can make it right.

Concentrate on that  and you’ll feed the feeling of belonging , rather than "be -longing" and wake up to see heaven truly "iza" a place on Earth”.

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Wishing you a “wonder- full” moon!

Tiffany (and Iza) x



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