Taurus Lunar Eclipse - Red Flag and Tornado - in a Teacup? 8th November

Nov 06, 2022

This week’s Total Lunar Eclipse is a blood moon (where the Moon will go red) in Taurus. As it’s conjunct Uranus, it’s like a red flag and a bull caught a tornado - but is it a storm in a teacup?

This is life-changing stuff.

You’ll feel it if you have planets (particularly Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus) or chart angles (ascendent, descendent etc.) in the fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius - and especially if they are from 15-19 degrees - and actually, even if you don’t! 

We are all in it together, even though it’s playing out very differently for each of us. 

With the eclipse on Tuesday at 11:00 am UK and 11/11 3 days later, we have some massive realignment coming our way. 

What with Uranus (shake-ups and wake-ups) conjunct the Moon in Taurus (stability), there is so much toing and froing, with blinding clarity as illusions get stripped. 

Things look one way one day and the complete opposite the next. So what would I advise you to do? 


The changes are significant, massive; if you sit in the midst, you will gain clarity about where you stand. And yes, some of that may have the Scorpio sting, but the sting will burn through any illusion and set you free, and this freedom, it’s not one you need to declare in a big dramatic way. 

Mercury is still in Scorpio, the mute sign. The power of silence is immense. Right now, more than ever before, our silence says way more than any words, so imagine the power your action has.

What you do now will be long-lasting. So no pushing the river along; go with the flow.

Not an easy thing to do to sit when Uranus is in the mix, and I know this is a similar message to the last blog, but it’s a continuation. If anything, we are moving more into the eye of the storm. We don’t build new worlds then, we sit out the storm and then get to work, but this storm is a magical one that is rearranging your new world around you. The universe is building a new world around you. Your only duty right now is to yourself.

Put your mind, body and soul at the epicentre of your world. Cleanse it, look after it, care for it. 

The dark night of the soul is strong enough at this time of year, let alone without the eclipse season and the reactivation of the Saturn square Uranus that has plagued us since the beginning of 2020. your mind can get as grey and dark inside as it is out, making you retract, overthink and flip out into madness, so where is sanity?

The key - always - is grace -nothing is personal. Forgive those that you suddenly see for who they are.

Thank the universe for the truth, and be aware of any dramatic stories you add to the mix - shed those stories along with the illusions. The saving grace is Taurus here. Good old-fashioned feet on the ground. Maturity is your best friend.

I have my Sun in Leo conjunct Saturn at 19 degrees, Taurus ascendant at 16 degrees conjunct Chiron, and Scorpio on my descendant at 16 degrees. So this eclipse is grandly hanging me up - hung, drawn, squared and quartered!

Since I had my Hip replacement on the Aries Full Moon a month ago, I have had to let go of control, sit amidst the mess, and see the truth emerge as I put my self-care first and watch my world rearrange around me. 

No longer caught in the controlling clutches of terror, but with a powerful sense of knowing that anything falling away is making space for something way better, and why?

That’s the wisdom stripped illusion gives you, and why tonight, you’ve gotta let that shit go. Even though this eclipse is incredibly personal for me, you will feel this play out in some area of your life too, but don’t fear because that eternal collective wish that never comes true just did. 

“If only I could have my time again, knowing what I know now.” 

Wishing you a powerful week of easeful change, growth and evolution.

We’ll be honouring the eclipse via journeying through the astrology and tarot of the times and dancing in divinity at 7:30 pm UK on the day (8th). You’d be more than welcome if you’d like to join us. Read all about it here.


Tiff x


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