Super Full Moon in Virgo - Coming Up Trumps

Feb 14, 2019

The Full Moon in Virgo - February 19th - 3:53pm GMT - Coming Up Trumps.

Some astrologers say this Moon falls at 0 degrees Virgo, others say 1 degree Virgo, but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be like a double whammy of the New Moon a couple of weeks ago - do you remember it? I remember the week after being as bumpy as hell! It was like the lid hand been blown off Pandora’s box! Everyone was talking about it being a very prosperous New Moon, but it just seemed to de-rail everything for me (again!)

However, I felt, we wouldn’t really see the prosperity until now, it was kind of like a false start, a rehearsal, a new start before the new start.

Now whether the Full Moon is at 0 degrees or 1 degree Virgo doesn’t really matter, because all Astrologers agree it’s striking the fixed star Regulus at 0.05 degrees Virgo. Plus it’s the largest Supermoon of the year so what does this mean? Well sometimes pictures say it better…

The Fool is number 0, The Magician is number 1, Trump has his ascendant at the fixed star Regulus (and he has somewhat mythologized himself into a “Trump” card) and…. Although some AstroTarotists say the card for this Full Moon is The Eight of Pentacles (Sun in Virgo) I have to disagree.

It’s the Moon in Virgo - The Hermit depicts this closer as The Hermit is Virgo and paired numerologically with The Moon, so if I were to read this what would I say?

Well here’s my bold statement!...

“ February’s Fool Moon, activates a powerful New learning curve, things are changing and fast, what’s here one day is no longer the next, however, the exponential growth we can harness in the next two weeks is off the charts, remove all limits, remove all beliefs, and look back at what you’ve learned, particularly over the period of November to January last year, allow yourself to integrate the lessons, let go and give birth to a new you.”

Today’s a good day for your ego to die, so ask yourself not who you are but who you are becoming”

Who knows we could even find Trump becoming older and wiser!

He does indeed encompass The Fool, The Magician and maybe there is a wise old Hermit in there somewhere too. I’ve watched him go through and be ALL of the TRUMP cards in the Tarot, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that he calls himself TRUMP. I’ve seen him play out his character to the TRUMP and change it with the element of surprise, it’s like flipping another card over in a reading. He bangs on about a wall and then does a speech about never giving up and if there’s a wall infront of you go over it or through it. He speaks with no concern for the planet then brings troops home from Afghanistan, and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Over the next two weeks, his Regulus star will be right in the spotlight - even more.

But what does this mean for us? As a nation, as a world, and as a person?

Well, we are yet to see, these are surprising times.

But maybe another picture will help:

This Full Moon is Trining Mars and Uranus in Taurus:

Maybe we see Trump as The Trump here in the Preachy High Priest ( Hierophant), maybe it’s the whole system and maybe it’s us too.

The High Priest would not like to have his crown blown off, just as much as Trump would not like his Toupe to be revealed! The system would not take kindly to “An Act of God” that humbled man, just like in The Tower of Babel, BUT we do have Mars and Uranus (The Tower) in Taurus, trining this Moon in Virgo, the Earth is shaking beneath our feet and so many off us fear the instant shake-ups and wake ups The Tower brings, but it is the strike of enlightenment, and the beginning of freedom, the fact that we have this happening as a trine (harmonious aspect) speaks of this strike being of a higher vibration, and one that is positive.

Don’t be afraid to let go of your ego. Things are changing and powerfully so, if you can let go of all that has been you, and has been weighing you down, you can be truly and utterly liberated and reborn.

If you have enjoyed the way I’ve explained this Full Moon (and Trump!) through the Tarot and can feel how it’s helped you understand what’s going on then you are starting to understand how I help you understand yourself, your life, your relationships, and the world.

This Moon IS here to help us dissolve separations and start to make sense of everything so at 7:30 pm GMT time on the day of The Full Moon I am going to hold a free live class on How The Magic of Tarot Can Help You Have Harmonious Relationships.

All you have to do is sign up here.

There will be a replay, but if you can, attend live or at least whilst this Moon is full to really get the magic happening.

Sign Up for the Super Moon of The Year Special!

Tiffany x





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