The Cup Countdown to Honouring Your Still Voice Within

Jan 20, 2022

Have you ever wanted to know how astrology fits with tarot and how that helps your intuition? The cup countdown from ten to one is on!

By the time you reach number one, you’ll be well on your way to honouring your still voice within!

Ready to dive in? 

Let's ride the waves and go with the flow, yo!

Starting with….

The Ten of Cups!   

Named The Lord of Perfected Success by The Golden Dawn, its Astrological placement is Mars in Pisces.

Where Mars is fire, Pisces is water, where Mars is Will, Pisces is grace.

My husband has this placement, and I remember in our early days of being together, we did a personality profile and his score? 0% will! 

I’d never seen anything like it! A few years on, I started seeing him as The King of Wands (will) my god! What happened!? Me apparently!

Well, I’m a fiery Leo Snake with my Mars in Gemini (his sign), so he was destined to get a hefty dose!

The Rider Waite card shows a happy family - my hubby is definitely the leader, shaker and maker of happy families - and when it comes to that, he always had an incredible magical will; without it, we would have sunk a long time ago.

The Nine of Cups was named by the Golden Dawn as "The Lord of Happiness" and has the Astrological Association of Jupiter in Pisces.

Many people have an aversion to the Rider Waite Nine of Cups because the character looks quite smug, but a great way to think of it is as an ultimate card for self-care ... and…. it's currently missing from my deck!


The Eight of Cups was named The Lord of Abandoned Success by The Golden Dawn, which sounds a lil harsh!

It’s because it's astrological placement is Saturn in Pisces, and the two don’t really go together…

Saturn likes to build sturdy structures, and Pisces likes to dissolve them.

It reminds me of the nature sandcastles.

But because it’s a number eight, there’s also a strength in this - a strength to walk away from anything that is nearly but not quite right, so you can find what is.


The Seven of Cups was named The Lord of Illusionary Success by The Golden Dawn!

It’s astrological placement of Venus in Scorpio is a bit of an intense and mysterious trip through the emotional landscape.

She doesn't take crap from anyone and wants to merge at a soul level. Venus in Scorpio doesn't mess around — she wants deep, real connection, and she wants it now.

This all-or-nothing energy can be great for love, but it's also a lot to handle, mainly because the Planet of Love is in it's detriment when it's in Scorpio.

Venus tends to do well in water signs, but the Scorpionic waves are just a bit too intense, and as the number 7 suggests, something here is to be endured.

As a result, Venus's time in Scorpio can stir up jealousy, obsession, and manipulation — all tough stuff, but with the higher purpose of teaching us a lesson.

This could be dealing with an obsession in your life, tackling some jealousy that’s leaked into your relationships, or just some good ol’ fashioned shadow work.

Venus represents our value systems and our vulnerability, so whilst this is not for the faint of heart, it uncovers a lot of deep material that has been lying beneath the surface so you can move on.

Healing leads to wholeness, which leads to liberation, which leads to owning your true power.


The Six of Cups was named The Lord of Friendship by The Golden Dawn.

It’s astrological placement of the Sun in Scorpio speaks of a loyal and intense bond that finds it hard to let go.

Scorpios don’t forget a thing and, when pained, will strike with a sting and yearn to return to the time before the pain…

“The Greek word for “return” is nostos. Algos means “suffering.” So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return.”  ~ Milan Kundera,

Water signs, in general, need to revisit the past before they can progress - I totally get this having a cancer moon. It’s hard to let go of the people you’ve loved and lost along the way.

And then, one day, the past comes back around again. Maybe for a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or more, and things are most definitely different for the past can never be recaptured, but if we can let it go and embrace the return for the new gift it is, the magic is incredible.

This energy is very similar to Venus Retrograde (which we are in til the 29th)


The Five of Cups!

Named The Lord of Pleasure Lost by The Golden Dawn, it’s another harsh-sounding title because it’s astrological placement is Mars in Scorpio, which pictures that powerful backlashing sting in the tail …

5’s represent change ( 2021 was a 5 year), and with it comes a loss of a life once lived and a period of grieving.

In the traditional Rider Waite Tarot, a figure is pictured crying over three spilt cups by a riverbank with a bridge; the figure has turned their back on the other two cups.

This is why the Rider - Waite rocks. It may not be young fresh eye candy - but it was the first deck to get across such powerful imagery - a picture says a thousand words, and that one certainly does.

River - Time goes on

- It's all destined to be water under the bridge.

- Crying over spilt milk

- With every loss comes a gift

- But you need to grieve first


The Four of Cups!

Named “The Lord of Blended Pleasure” by The Golden Dawn.

It’s astrological placement is Moon in Cancer which is interesting because we just had the full moon right there …

In traditional Rider Waite Tarot, a figure is pictured sitting with his back against a tree, looking fed up that he only has three cups, but if he just looked up, he’d see he is being offered a gift of the fourth cup by spirit.

I have my moon in Cancer and know this feeling of getting caught in the problem and not seeing the gift - in the first twenty years of my life - and when I started to see the gift, it took me another 20 years to learn how to use the gift to change the circumstances!


The Three of Cups!

Named “The Lord of Joy” by The Golden Dawn.

It’s astrological placement is Mercury in Cancer.

In the traditional Rider Waite Tarot, three figures are celebrating good, emotional (Cancer) news (Mercury). Maybe this is a wedding, christening, the joy of new connections or reconnections with old.

I am lucky enough to witness the power of the Three of Cups in my group work ( which all my work is, and this is why!) - it’s presence is keenly felt through the following:

Group Tarot Journeys

The Transformational Truth of Tarot GameChangers

Manifest a Miracle a Month Inner Circle



In particular, what I LOVE about in-person retreats is that people will have journeyed with each other online beforehand (it’s compulsory), so by the time the retreat comes, there’s so much power running through their connection already,  the joy of union and reunion is palpable.

One client in the inner circle last night said:

“I’ve just had the joy of meeting the circle in person when they came for a retreat nearby, and I miss them, and I wish they’d all move here!”

This is Mercury in Cancer - well, maybe we are still in the Four of Cups here, and the Three is the joy of union and then the reunion.

Where do you see the Three of Cups in your life?


The Two of Cups!

Named “The Lord of Love ” by The Golden Dawn.

It’s astrological placement is Venus in Cancer.

In the traditional Rider Waite Tarot, two soulmates meet, and as I see it activate a soul contract with rising kundalini pouring forth.

I think most of us have experienced something like this? I know I have. Twice.

Both times I saw past lives, I couldn’t sleep for months, and it tore through my present-day life and relationships.

I have my Venus and Moon in Cancer, a heart ruled Leo, and a fire snake. OMG.

But most people love getting The Two of Cups okay…. Myself included!

Do you resonate?


The Ace of Cups!

Named “The Root of the Power of Water” by The Golden Dawn.

It’s astrological placement is Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

All three are deeply sensitive and intuitive signs that need time to feel into things and process.

There are two types of intuition:

The fast type that lands in your head from nowhere - the challenge with that one is to accept it as it is and not second-guess.

The slow deep type that swells in your gut, it requires you to slow right down and listen to that still voice within.

It’s the second one that gets honed in 10 days with the “Honour your Still Voice Within” activation journey with the Cups.

We start on Saturday 22nd - this is your call to raise your glass here if you want in!


Tiff x


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