Jun 07, 2021

"This is Major Tom to Ground Control, I'm stepping through the door and I'm floating in a most peculiar way and the stars look very different today. For here I am sitting in a tin can far above the world. Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do. Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles I'm feeling very still and I think my spaceship knows which way to go”

Dare I say I’m no Bowie fan (SORRY!) but sat here in my non tin can, I asked for divine guidance to come through about the…

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on 10th June - the event of the month (and it’s an eventful month)

And straight away I heard “Ground control to Major Tom” I had to look up the lyrics - yup, I don’t know them! And I’ve taken the part that feels like it sums it up alright!

We are going DEEP this month, so deep we don’t know which way is up, not even the weather knows what to do!

But in a peculiar way there is a profound sense of stillness…

We are getting to the core of what has caused everything up until this moment to be tits up!

We are finding the courage to take the blinkers off and step through the doorway that made an appearance with the blood moon on 26th May, and as soon as we do there’s no going back.

What’s done is done, but if it’s left undone, you’ll be done.


It’s HUGE stuff, and if you are anything like me….

You are sleeping OH SOOOO MUCH and feeling SOOOOOO tired but OH SO LUCID all at the same time.

I am having a job to get out of bed before 10 and I haven’t slept so much since I was a teenager! It’s like gravity has this MOOHASIVE magnetic pull on me at the moment.

I'm going so deep like i’m being pulled back through a vortex plughole

Right through my past lineage, and it’s flattening me.

But I have this profound sense of this flatline being the baseline, I always new the baseline was there, but I danced around it, looking the other way, very much never wanting to go there, so paradoxically I have always been carrying SO much baggage behind me (very 7 of Swords).

Now I have stopped hiding, stopped denying and it’s POWER FULL!

I’ve arrived at basecamp and can drop the baggage.

I’m flattened right out by it, but in true paradoxical Gemini fashion I am standing up straighter, taller and way more powerful than ever, because I no longer have the baggage I was carrying. Finally I am being rewarded for having the courage to go there - after 44 years.

I wonder if this makes any sense to you?

I wonder if you have been feeling it too?

Have you been feeling a massive old way of being landsliding away from you since the Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26?

We are in an in-between phase. Things are no longer as they were and are not as they will be.

But The New Moon Solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 gives us clarity on what has been cleared for us by the Blood Moon, and where we are heading.

It is EXACTLY conjunct Mercury Retrograde, BOOM!


But it’s also square Neptune (feel like you are living about 2000 other lives every night in dreamtime right now? Ahuh! )

Things can feel so incredibly overwhelming and confusing, you may not know what it is real and what is just Mercury being the trickster.

We are digging very deep indeed, things from way back may be coming up and out, no longer in hiding, and these are BIG things.

BUT! This eclipse is a ring of fire, halo special! Accentuating that light cannot be overshadowed by the darkness.

What is divine will be rebirthed from the clarity that comes.

And BOOM! It’s going to come! Bring on the clarity, direction and willpower!

Because the very next day the fiery arrow of Mars enters Leo, being ruled by the most massive disc of light there is - the Sun.

Then on the 21st we have the Sun at 0 degrees Cancer.

The Sun literally changes direction on this day - and so do we.

There is no better time than now to activate your authenticity than now, which is why on the solar eclipse I am starting a 10 day bootcamp on Activating Your Authenticity.

Activate Your Authenticity is NOT a Tarot course, it’s an enlightening inspirational Transformational Personal Development Course that works with Transformational Tarot to get you there.

Through working with the most harrowing suit of The Swords in the Tarot, you will reveal your innermost fears and doubts activating and aligning to a YOU that is POWERFUL, HONEST and ROOTED in CONVICTION.

If you find yourself thinking one thing but saying or doing another, then berating yourself at the end of the day for living out of alignment again, no matter how much you set your intention otherwise.

Or that the fear of being criticised or rejected keeps you small... until the build up becomes too great and then you erupt in complete self sabotage.

Then this eclipse marks a time to do the journey to...

  • No more doubting who you are.
  • No more compromising or pleasing people.
  • No more feeling scared to live and speak your truth.
  • No more feeling flat and uninspired with day to day humdrum.
  • No more disconnection from the magic in you or the universe.

 Get in for just £1 here!

See under my signature for your New Moon reading this month and I’ll see you on the other side of the halo!

I’ve chosen three cards for your solar eclipse reading below with the intent that what is uncovered helps you do exactly that.

If you'd like a card read on.

Take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out and then allow yourself to be drawn to 1,2,or 3 then read the write up below:

Got number 1?  You got "The Choice"...

Oh my this blog/eclipse is so relevant to you. The choice you have right now is no lil decision to make like what to paint the walls.

Welcome to the head/ heart axis of Gemini. It’s a pivotal life changing place to be, will you be able to free yourself from duty? Can you speak the truth with love?

The other name for this card is The Lovers. How are you going to make sure you come from love and align yourself with the end result of true healing?

How do you make sure you do not disempower yourself to empower another, because let’s face it that’s not true empowerment of anyone - that’s co-dependency.

Co-dependency is something inherited down the bloodline.

This card brings up to the surface the need for ancestral and generational healing of the past so we may provide a better future for those to come.

Learn how to conduct yourself with grace and speak with love and truth within 10 days - start Activate your Authenticity for £1 on the eclipse here!

Number 2?  Welcome to Temperance.

Here we have Sagittarius on the quest for the truth, whatever you find out now you are unlikely to bury again. Instead you’ve set your intention for healing, transformation and transition, you know life may never be the same again and you welcome that with open arms.

You have the optimism, positivity and belief that whatever happens is a good thing, there’s an innate trust in the divine and you are letting go, shedding, and welcoming the bridge of ascension this eclipse is opening up.

Kudos to you!

In this picture we have a leading light Florence Nightingale ( aka lady and the lamp as Temperance stood at St Michael’s Mount.

Why St Micheal’s Mount?

Firstly I’m convinced that’s where the Temperance card in the RWS is situated.

Secondly I was in my Temperance year when I lived in Mounts Bay and received a channelled message from my Sagittarius daughter in spirit that there was a backlog of souls from the two world wars needing help to pass over.

The direction was to get a global group of meditators together to visualise the rainbow bridge getting stronger from St Michael’s Mount all the way round to Uluru and back again.

That’s what the goddess Iris does, she oversees the sage passage of the newly departed taking them to one of the seven planes through rainbow 🌈.

The full story is in my second book - The Transformational Truth of You!

As for flo, she’s not a Saggi, but she has Uranus I/C Sagittarius that feeds in and reverberates through the rest of her chart like a web - a real mover and shaker from deep within.

Just like you!

If you got this you are being called to St Michael’s Mount I have one place left on my Stone Circle Winter Solstice retreat in mounts bay click here if you feel called.

Got number 3?  You got The Sun.

Time to nurture and heal your Mother Wound by paying a lil visit to your inner child within a visit.

The sun ☀️ is shining on the truth right now and it may blind or sting a bit whilst it downloads intense healing on shame, shame can only survive in the dark depths of hiding and it’s no longer allowed to fester, we are getting right down to the core of childhood shaming and blaming and fostering understanding, compassion and taking a huge reality check on what needs to happen.

The inner child needs you to be the parent and make sure she/he/they are now safe, what boundaries do you need to put into place that are loving and truthful - first to yourself? This is deep stuff, so if you need to talk to me ask for it here and I will get back to you.

And/or if it’s just that girls (or your inner child) just wants to have fun click here to be taken to the Goddess in Granada AstroTarotFlamenco Retreat and get in the sun🙏💗



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