Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2nd July - 7 Secrets of Staying Open To Receive.

Jun 29, 2019

“Three things don’t stay hidden for long, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth” - Buddha.
The first eclipse of the season is here and it’s a total eclipse of the Sun…

On 2nd July at 8:16pm BST the Moon (subconscious) will pass between the Earth and the Sun (conscious) completely casting a shadow over the Sun.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which can make this subconscious shadow work doubly as intense.

The eclipse happens at 10 degrees Cancer. So if you have any planets within a 6-degree orb of 10 degrees Cancer you’ll feel it pretty powerfully.

I have my Moon at 14 degrees and my Venus there smack at 10 degrees in my IC in my 4th house squaring Pluto.
Meaning it’s not really possible to “feel” it any more than I am, and my writing is going to come from that place.

Now are you thinking oh no this is going to be a "woe is me" blog?

If you then think again!

This blog is about getting through the emotional tides without shutting the heart down, so that you can stay open to receiving.

My placement in Cancer has given me good training!

Moon in Cancer (Persephone) - The psychic sensitive Moon, past, mother and childhood baggage, strong tendency to self sabotage.

Venus (Demeter) in Cancer - Maternal factor again strong.

I/C - Your most deepest, personal, core wound, primal instinct.

4th House - Your home, your past, your mother, your most private self and place.

Hard aspect to Pluto (Hades) - death, birth, rebirth, trauma and transformation.

Is it any wonder I was:
1. Abandoned by my father as a baby.

2. Brought up by an overworked single mother.

3. A very lonely only child.

4. Psychic from birth.

5. destined to give my own daughter over to Hades.

6. A stepmother to someone whose own mother abandoned them?

Let's say that the path of motherhood has never run smooth!
Is it any wonder that as I sit here now, an old friend (Cancer with Cancer rising) who has been living with us is moving out? They stopped speaking to me “because I remind him of his mother” with this astrological placement I tend to remind everyone of their mother! Oh joy! We will be okay - one day, we’ve been working at that since 1610!

And tomorrow my stepdaughter moves back in. I feel like home will be a happier place than perhaps ever now, but the past has been rocky and the emotional tides are strong.

I’m feeling the old past triggers as I am sure you will be too somehow in some way.

This eclipse brings up the old subconscious shadow stuff for everyone.

What planets you have where will show you how it will play out in your life.In general, I am seeing it in us all.

The deepest, most wounded inner child parts of ourselves emerging, like a jack in the box. We squashed it down, but at some point, it jumps out with a shocking force.

Don’t squash your Jack in the box down so well that you forget it’s in there.

Stay aware of your need to regulate your Jack in the Box this New Moon.

If you do that, then you can start to reap the benefits it holds, and it does hold a lot.

Here are Seven Secrets of staying open to receive so you can and stay open-hearted and receive instead of self-sabotage.

 1. Don’t overestimate your progress:
Because that’s one way to undo your progress fast! You could see some really great things happening around this eclipse, enjoy them like a warm glow in the present rather than a green light to go full pelt ahead.

 2. Don’t underestimate your needs:
This Moon can have you mothering everyone but yourself and then feeling like a complete emotional mess because you are so burnt out. It can be tempting to think someone else needs something more than you do, don’t do that. Listen carefully to that little voice that tells you what you need. Gently, calmly, patiently and consistently keep reinstating your boundaries and putting yourself first. It truly is the only way you can truly give to others.

 3. Keep your feet on the ground:
Quite literally yes, get out in nature once a day - and also don’t be scared to see things and people for what they are - the only thing that makes things unsafe is when we don’t do that. Be real. Deal with the reality in the here and now. Acting in a way in case something manifests in the future is a surefire self-sabotage.

 4. Expect your past like a Jack in The Box to pop up!
This eclipse happens in the strongest part of the pre-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde beginning on 7th, you really can’t expect anything else! Think about the things that trigger you and how you can free yourself from re-enacting the past, what do you need to do when it happens? Take a walk? Meditate? Be prepared.

 5. Move away from the emotion and towards the opportunity.
You might feel a bit prone to the emotional wobbles, and that’s okay, you are only human. The problem is if you get overcome with the wobbles, as that’s when self-sabotage kicks in. There is a lot of opportunity around this Moon, just…

 6. Trust the universe has got your back so you can say yes.
The week before last I spent a lot of time on creating content. My head was freaking out, it kept telling me “Tiffany you don’t have time to prioritise content creation, you have to get some sales!” I knew I had to do the content creation so I carried on, but inside the stress built up to the point where the universe took over. It knocked me out with the deepest sleep for 10 hours, day after day for 3 days after which I could no longer be stressed! It was a blissful state, I’d given up arguing with reality.

If I wanted this opportunity, which I did, I had no choice but to trust it.

The next day, out of the blue…
Three people contacted me about working together, they’d heard of me through word of mouth - no marketing needed.

The first one enrolled on The Transformational Truth of Tarot but it soon became clear it wasn’t right. So I took a deep breath and refunded her the next day - no sooner had I pressed the refund button when out of blue again I received a refund for the exact amount!

The next two connections reminded me what it feels like when something is right. So two new beautiful members of the Transformational Truth of Tarot family began, with excitement and wonder all round.


1. Not fighting with reality.

2. Not listening to fear.

3. Taking consistent action in the direction of my dreams.

4. Whilst also looking at my needs.

I went from self-sabotage to staying open to receive.

The universe could hear my thoughts on what I needed and sent it my way.
There’s an art to doing this, and it’s not that easy to get.

So I will share with you an exercise from my second book “The Transformational Truth of YOU!” Because it was only last night that my students were discussing how much it’s been helping them lately - it’s called the IBA so here you go:

Your IBA: Like your BMI is a measure for your physical health, your IBA is a measure of your manifesting health. This exercise is an incredible key for the clarity in how to manifest. It’s mind-blowing! And I can’t wait for you to see exactly why!

Follow the steps below to start being able to clearly see what you need to work on for successful manifestation of your dream/s:
First, think of a time in the past when you really wanted something to happen – but it didn’t. Now I want you to measure each of the following on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being I was totally doing that) .

  • How much did you imagine it happening?
  • How much did you believe it happening? 
  • How much did you allow it to happen?

*Allowance is tied in with worth so if you find it hard to answer the last question just ask “how worthy of it were you feeling?’

Next, repeat for a situation in your past that you really wanted to happen and it did.

Next repeat for the thing you want to happen now.

Now you can see where you are scoring low and what needs work on for things to manifest.

Don’t worry if it always seems to be the last one that is the lowest (allowance/worth).
It’s the same for the majority -and actually, you might also see from your scores that it doesn’t matter how much you imagine, or belief IF you aren’t allowing.

So the key?

The key is feeling worthy.

That’s what my work is really about.

Helping you to feel worthy, helping you to imagine, belief AND ALLOW.

And I have the wise soul evolutionary archetypes of the Tarot journey on my side to help you.

So…if you would like to see how this journey could help you manifest the life you want...

 Click here to talk to me 

 And if you like the sound of 8 free Transformative Tarot classes:

 Click here to see the big creation!

Most of all have an amazing eclipse.

It’s full of wonder, opportunity and magic.

Look after yourself and do what you need to do to stay receptive.


Tiffany x


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