8 Symptoms of The Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse 16th May 2022 + Mercury Retrograde.

May 14, 2022

The other day a Facebook post of mine went viral; it was called - You know Mercury Retrograde is aligning with an eclipse when:


1. Your dreams are crazy vivid

Yup, even the seasoned "I don't dream" believer is dreaming - BIG time. Not surprising. A Scorpio full moon is as deep as a moon can get - and that's deep, man! They are powerful, mystical, mysterious and magical, and a blood moon eclipse is a thousand times more potent than the "normal" Scorpio full moon!

Then there's Mercury *the messenger" retrograding ( within ) and with Jupiter moving into Aries, we are talking BIG visions - dreaming about BIG houses, anyone??


 2. You're dog tired

That'll be the massive ending that this eclipse is marking - you are processing a cycle from 2014, time to drop it all. Scorpio is death, one of the most ancient primal archetypes, marking a slow deep climax and passage of time. Mercury retrograde whispers us to retreat and reflect. You can blame dreaming like the clappers too!


 3. You feel flutters and anxiety

Like an annoying gnat you can't quite get at, this is a mix of the eclipse and the retrograde. The remedy? Meditation - been hearing the call to do more? That's because right now, your spirit guides are just as active as that pesky mind midgies!


 4. You feel flattened

The sun is out for the first time in months, you've got dosh in the bank, and the world is open once again, so why does your ass feel at one with the sofa? Put it down to the considerable planetary gravitas - but do try to at least do a bit of Ring Fit Adventure in your living room unless you want an even BIGGER ASS! (note to self:))


5. You Know you've changed.

This eclipse makes the present the past. It's been happening for a while, but now is the final crossover, and you feel fine! When you never dreamed in a million years, you would! Even when the retrograde brings back your long lost love, there are no flutters (the anxiety is more about survival) romance? Not a whiff! - just a sigh! Oh well! 


6. You know you can't stop it.

It's time for the wardrobe you've been harbouring since 2014 to go - even if after eight years you can fit in it for the first time again, you look in the mirror and the words mutton and lamb come to mind. You are more aware of the precious mortality of everything and everyone than ever before and feel the call to prepare.


7. You feel like you could sleep for a thousand years.

Scorpio is the oldest and deepest archetype there is. There's no staying on the surface. It pulls you into the dark magnetically. Of course, you need to lie down in a dark room and sleep, so do it because sleep heals soon enough...


 8. You will see a new life is happening.

Feeling a lightness in the air that hasn't been there for aeons? Well done! Scorpio's most important lesson is knowing it's a survivor and therefore shedding aeons of trauma and its armour - then it becomes the phoenix rising from the ashes - so if you are feeling the new life in the air, you are so nearly there! Jupiter in Aries will help this. Mercury direct on 3rd June? There will be no stopping you then! :)



    Eclipse season occurs twice a year and always has a vital message from the universe.

  • During eclipse season, there is the opportunity for us to take stock of our lives and make changes. It's a time to reflect on our past actions and decide how we want to move forward. When it comes to our personal lives, eclipse season is a period of transition that can be difficult or joyful depending on your perspective—but it's always necessary for us to grow as individuals and as a society.

    Eclipses also affect humanity on a collective level, serving as an important message from the universe about what needs changing within our world at that particular moment in time. These messages are vital and presented through symbolism that we must interpret through careful observation.


    The blood moon in Scorpio will have us exploring themes of deep, profound, intense and overwhelming transformations.

    Scorpio is the sign of the detective, so it's an excellent time to dig deep and look at what is really going on in your life. Use this as an opportunity to explore themes of deep, profound, intense and overwhelming transformations.

    Let's look at Scorpio's house: the seventh house (partnerships), and then what house Scorpio rules for you? Do you feel like that theme is coming up for you?


    An eclipse helps us move forward into something new within our lives or out of something that has served its purpose. 

    In astrology, an eclipse is a time to take stock of your life and let go of what is no longer serving you. It's a blessing in disguise that can help you move forward into something new within your life or out of something that has done its purpose and is taking up too much space within your life.

    An eclipse occurs when the Moon and Sun align with one another on the same plane in our sky simultaneously. This alignment blocks all light from either celestial body for up to two minutes per cycle (a partial solar eclipse) or up to seven minutes per cycle (a total lunar eclipse).

    Blood Moon Eclipses get their name from the reddish hue the moon takes on when a Total Lunar Eclipse occurs. It is the rarest, most potent lunar experience, signifying an ending not just in our lives (like a regular eclipse does) but on our soul journey too.


    Scorpio brings us face-to-face with our thoughts around the end of life and death. We may be faced with new ideas around loss, ending cycles in life, and letting go of the old.

    Scorpio is a fixed sign, so it is always at the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Scorpio is about endings and beginnings, loss, rebirth and transformation. The themes of Scorpio are death in life (and vice versa) or letting go of the old to move forward into something new. As a water sign with an emotional streak running through its core, Scorpio can be prone to bouts of despair when things fall apart around us - but don't let this fool you into thinking there's no hope for us all! This eclipse energy will help us make peace with our feelings around loss so we can take action towards growth rather than wallowing in grief or regret.


    We will be questioning where our loyalty lies and how we can create more security and safety in our relationships.

    You'll be faced with big questions about your loyalty and how you can create more security and safety in your relationships.

    How can you make them more secure? How can you make them more stable? How can you make them more loyal? How can you create a real, true, and solid sense of trustworthiness within your relationship?


  • Don't worry; the best is yet to come.

  • But it's essential to stop and mark the massive gravitas of this moment. A lot has happened not just over the past couple of years but the past eight, and now you've had enough time to process it, you are at the end, and it's time to honour the closure now you are no longer so emotionally involved and reactive.



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