Sagittarius Full Moon 29th May 2018 - Don’t Get Upset, Get Universal

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sagittarius Full Moon 29th May 2018 - Don’t Get Upset, Get Universal - blog post image

Yo! Tell me what you want what you really really want - but really really don’t tell me what you don’t want….(even though I just did!).

With every day that the Sagittarian Full Moon grows fatter in the sky, I am amazed by the power and the glory that it gains.

My god this moon ain’t for the faint, but maybe it is for the saint.

It’s as if heaven’s angels have taken the archer’s bow and arrow, yup, be ready to pay with your posterior if you are galloping and galavanting because the grass is greener over there, even if you aren’t doing that now but have done in the past.

Beware if you think that all that glitters is gold, and be careful about how you say things to others.

This week has shown me so many moo-hasive lessons it’s hard for me to quantify actually, but it all comes down to ...

"Yo tell me what you want what you really really want - but really really don’t tell me what you don’t want"...

My intention that I set over in my Facebook group on Magic Monday this week, was “completion” - now I am very aware that when you set an intention it doesn’t always show up in the way you might think…

So the universe got this letter loud and clear and here is what happened:

  1. I found out that the platform I built my NEW site on, that I spent well I think all I am prepared to say is far more than a small fortune on will be no more (e.g completed) in 3 years time ( and I will still be paying it off in 5 years time).
  2. Because of the above, and the fact the company the site is are American they are not GDPR compliant nor are they going to be - don’t panic! There's a happy ending - but not on this day.

Now the news above landed in my face at the same time as the news below:

A barrage of messages from numerous sources telling me what they did not want, rather than what they did want, which left me feeling (amongst other things) frustrated at not knowing how unable to make anything better.

The culmination of all of this happening on the same day was a blessing, but I did not realise how just how much of a blessing until I sat down to my storytell the next morning.

For those of you who don’t know what I mean by storytell, it’s a daily practice I do with Tarot, where instead of shuffling the cards, I purposely choose the cards that I feel showed up in my day.

So, there I was  - feeling weirdly okay, and in fact, aware of a strong sense of optimism, and I proceeded to get my deck and choose the cards I thought were around for me yesterday….

As my fingers picked out The Tower, The Nine of Swords, The Ten of Swords, The Five of Wands, The Five of Swords, The Seven of Swords, The Seven of Cups, The Nine of Wands, The Ten of Wands, and Death.

I sat there and thought CRIKEY! Yesterday was REALLY tough!

And then I had another realisation...

Although yesterday was really tough, I hadn’t tortured myself further by any of the options below:

a) Sweating over anything I couldn’t do anything about.

b) Crying to the point that it exhausts and depletes to the point that i'm reduced to a numbnuts for about 24 hours afterwards - in fact, I didn’t even shed a tear.

c) Screaming or running into the kitchen and pretending I am in a Greek Taverna as soon as I see the what is soon to be no more crockery.

I then had another realisation...

 About even just a year ago I would have done ALL of the above.

So I got Strength out and slapped her down at the end with a great big smile on my face :) (now the way I have said it here hasn’t come out sounding respectful but believe me, it was full of fat respect and attitude of major gratitude). Yes! Finally, after teaching others to trust that the universe has a master plan I'd finally been able to properly embrace it myself...

We teach what we need to learn right? 

The lessons kept coming this day around showing me how important it was not to get upset but to get universal, here’s how…

  • The messages from others communicating what they didn’t want, but not what they did want showed me how impossible it was then for me to give them what they wanted because I didn’t know what it is they wanted - so don't communicate like that then! How many of us complain to try and get what we want? Yo tell me what you want, what you really really want!
  • My Facebook memory flicked up that at the same time last year I had panicked about a scenario, but caught myself before bed, handed it over to the universe and got the answer to something I thought was impossible when I woke up.
  • I was led to a blog that answered my prayer about how to make then non GDPR complaint emailing system in my site compliant.
  • The content of a training day I was on got changed at the last minute to provide me with exactly the right content for everything I was struggling with.
  • I began to notice how the universe had been giving me what I needed for all week, just by being clear in my head what I needed, literally strangers with the right gifts just started contacting me with the answers - random! Awesome! :)

I may not have got the answers about what others wanted - I guess that’s because they have yet to get clear on that, but one thing was now CRYSTAL to me, and that was… Don’t get upset, get universal.

So how do you do that? Here’s how in 5 easy steps:

1. Stay calm, breathe.

2. Remember what you want and what you need

3. Communicate it to the universe just via your thoughts is enough, ask it to help you - or communicate what you want via words to another human but…

4. Be patient - sleep on it.

5. Be awake - watch the events as the unfold over the next couple of days or so.

Don’t react, and all will unfold, the answers will come -if we come from this place.

Now on to the next step of  Yo tell me what you want what you really really want - but really really don’t tell me what you don’t want: 

- The mighty G(o)D of Protection Regulation! (GDPR)

Mighty Life lesson learnt!

Thank you G(o)D of Protection Regulation!

You see, back in 2013 a quite well-established publishing house headhunted me because my book had won an award, that was until they saw my list had 400 people on it.

"Come back when you've added an extra zero on the end"

Well fast forward to GDPR 2018 and I just managed to add that extra zero on the end....

I thought about whether to send the re opt-in or not, and I decided I wanted to do this in a way that felt right to me, so I went for it, expecting to be back at the normal 10% opt-in rate 400.

I’m going to be totally transparent here and let you know that the final results were actually 229.

Despite what might seem like a very hard and bitter pill to swallow I feel really good about this because I feel like I have just been left with all the people that really, really want me to serve them, which means I now can, a heck of a lot better. 

I've learned that all that glitters is not gold such as big publishing houses and putting thousands into Facebook ads.

The key to it is serve your butt off with mega presence and gratitude to your core group, to the point they get so excited with results that they can’t help but spread the word for you - this we all know, but things like fb ads, emails and big publishing houses feel like the answer when you are a soloprenuer trying to do it all on your own.

If I could go back in time to little me a few years ago, I'd let me know - all that glitters is not gold, but then again I can be a belligerent sod, so I probably wouldn't listen anyway!

So looking back at this week knowing that any chances I had of finally getting published by a bigtime publisher after five years of literally spending thousands on Facebook ads have now bitten the dust along with 3731 potential customers and that I’ll still be paying off my website for five years after it’s dead and gone...

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I have every reason to be crying, screaming and going for dinner at a Greek taverner, but...

No! I’m going to be celebrating just as forever consciousness said about this Sagittarian Full Moon:

"Take a moment to focus on the journey of your life so far. Soar above the day-to-day drama for a moment and reflect on what you have learned, how far you have come, and how strong you have made yourself."

We're encouraged to "laugh at our mistakes" in order to make light of the past instead of harping on it so we can ~spring~ into what's next. Forever Conscious further explained, "reassess your goals and dreams in all areas of your life, and see if they are still aligned with your current vibration." Because Sagittarius is all about doing what you love, this full moon is a good time to get back to the heart of things.

- Forever Conscious

This week, we may have had some almighty kicks up the posteriors from the centaurs hoofs, and the angels firing the arrows so we reach so high we strike the saint's bullseye, but that is the fantastic lesson of Sagittarius for you. 

Be truthful, be optimistic, be in alignment, keep your eye on what you really really want, and you'll find your freedom - not necessarily externally, but definitely internally, and you know what?

That's the real thing that glitters and because it is gold. 

And you really, really know what? 

I think it's better for you to hear all about finding that internal freedom from not one but TWO of my Saggitarian clients. 

About a month or so ago I released (to my list) two interviews with a couple of clients that had completed The Transformational Truth of Tarot - both of them had HUGE external changes happen from doing so. 

Next up to be released was two of Sagittarians clients - both of which had nothing shift on the outside, but profound shifts internally. I planned to release them, but then, well the God of Protection Regulation happened - and delayed it until the time of this Sagittarian Full Moon. 

The universe and it's divine timing and all that!

So now it' really is time to hear it from the horses mouth, as Sagittarian Tim Toma Law Attorney, teaches us about where real freedom really is:

Click To See Lawyer Tim Toma Talk About finding True Freedom

And another Sagittarian - teacher Katarzyna Kulbowska shares with us what happens when you realise you didn't know yourself at all:


Click To Hear Teacher Kataryna Describe What Happens When You Discover Yourself

This moon will serve you well, if you head the philosophical lessons Sagittarius is the ultimate teacher of, 

Here's to a while new life, not beyond the horizon on some far off distant plane. 

But right here, right now. 

Wonder- full full moon wishes to you, 

Tiffany x






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