Sagittarius New Moon & Jupiter Direct - The Tide Turns

Nov 21, 2022

After a crazy eclipse season, this week's new moon in Sagittarius is a welcome breath of fresh air. 

The mid-October Aries hunter moon, Scorpio solar eclipse and Taurus blood moon stripped us bare, naked with the truth of our battle-weary wounds in full view.  

We've had to sit, face them and heal, head-on. Now it's time to release. 

Forgive, step into the light and rewrite your life. 


We have had a lot of hurts to deal with this season.

In my last two blogs, the message was sit. Sit and, well, continue to sit some more.

As one of my dear soul sisters says…

“Sometimes you need to sit amongst your own s***”

and Oh, haven't we just had to do that?

But something remarkable emerged as we sat. 

These days the more we rush, the more we feel the need to. The instant fix is so ingrained it takes a lot of willpower and discipline to do nothing, and that's the lesson this eclipse season gave. 

Sit for long enough, and a realisation dawns that nothing needs to be done until it's truly time.

Now, Jupiter, the fiery expansive major benefic ruling planet of Sagittarius, trines itself and turns direct this New Moon!

It's time to get clearing and moving now.

Jupiter finishes up in the final degrees of Pisces.

Marking the end of the journey. These last degrees of Jupiter in Pisces will help us understand the journey we have been on since May 2021 - if anything comes back to you threefold from this time, it is now!

Jupiter in Pisces is a deep spiritual journey, one where we've had to do a lot of inner work on ourselves and give our inner child a lot of love. The healer has had to heal itself, and now it's ready to express love from the place of a full cup. 

"And then I learned the spiritual journey had nothing to do with being nice. It was about being real, authentic. 

Having boundaries. Honouring my space first, others second. And in this space of self-care, being nice just happened. It flowed not motivated by fear but by love."

– Michelle Olak 

The recent challenging time of the eclipse season gives us a final hurdle over the rubble of our hearts, but it's no longer time to sit in the s***. Instead, it's time to get up and clear it brick by brick. 

As you do, you'll unearth potent magic this Sagittarian New Moon

Discover things you never realised before.

And make incredible changes that expanding your mind, horizon and your life.  

Jupiter heralds a growth spurt. We go through our own Jupiter return every 12 years, for example, 12 - puberty, 24 - adulting, 36 - midlife, 48- Chiron return time, 60 - maturity, 72 - retirement, 84 - end of life. 

Well, this moon feels like a 3-in-1 growth spurt - like little Timmy, who went to bed a boy and woke up a man! 

Jupiter is the major benefic.

Just like the wheel of fortune is in the Tarot. 

The real meaning of which is expansion of that which came before, rather than luck. So it carries a karmic lesson. However, we've dealt with a lot of that! So we now have a triple whammy of fast and robust growth.

Jupiter is the giant planet in our solar system.

With this triple whammy, it towers above us and demands us to rise. 

So on Wednesday at 7:30 pm, over in my open circle, I'll be holding an ultimately uplifting AstroTarotDancePrayHeal session, a steamy elemental mix of fire and water only - think of it as a proper steam clean! In fact…

Why not have a bath first? I may join you! Lol! Not like that :) 

I see my consultant on Tuesday, marking the end of my recovery since the mid-October Aries hunter moon when I went under the surgery knife, and I am hopeful he will say I can finally take my pressure stockings off, drive home and have a bath! 

- This is a literal example of the life-changing clearing going on after a full-on couple of months we've had.

It's time to look ahead, so here's what I have to offer you this winter 


See here for HSVW - A 10-day Transformational Tarot journey with the Cups 


Review your old year and reset your new year with transformative Tarot, and we will journey with the Wands from Solstice, too - When the light returns :)


Also, surprisingly, to me (and perhaps to you too). I am re-opening The Transformational Truth of Tarot on January 11th! So if you want transformation in a powerful magical tarot way in 2023, see the details here.


Tiff x




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