Sep 05, 2022


The Virgo New Moon on 27th saw Mercury revving up to change direction, and underlying things got brought to the surface with a bump.


And so I wrote to ask if you …

Had any magic, madness and second chances yet? 

Maybe you feel restless and anxious?

Sense significant change on the horizon?

Perhaps old patterns and partnerships are popping back up for deeper exploration?

And maybe it's time to get to the bottom of things? 

The last fortnight has been life-changing.

If you are anything like me or my circle:

The so-called "permanent" parts of life are now unanchored and lost at sea. If this has happened or is happening, it's time to release and remember that it's all part of a higher plan.

The arrival of the Pisces Full Moon brings the end of an era and a stark reminder to trust the process, no matter how confusing and conflicting it gets.

The New Moon in Virgo marked Mercury going into storm, and the Pisces Full Moon marks the start of Mercury Retrograde.


Translated to Tarot?

It's Hanged Man Time.

The Hanged Man in the Tarot is the mystic, tree-hugging hippy, the yogi, Odin hanging upside down on the World Tree, Jesus on the cross and Buddha sitting under the Bodhi Tree.

Whichever way you look at it, one thing is clear. We are on a journey of deep inner soul searching.

If there was a time to journal as if your life depended on it, it's now. An investment in a pen, journal (and perhaps a hefty tarot deck or two) will serve you well this autumn.

The more you write, the more paper you'll have to burn and keep you warm this winter (sorry, poor taste, I know, couldn't resist).

Pack some powerful playlists and transformational tarot in your old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile! :)


This month, we are in number 7 territory.

Plunged deep into Neptune's murky but magical seas.

So get yourself a pen, a cuppa and maybe a pacca tarot. 😉

Let's settle down for some self-reflection, shall we?

Ready to take the plunge? Wring out your mind, Give it up to the page.

The more you get it out, the more you'll get out of it. Go for it.

  1. How has your life changed since the 27th of August?

  2. What have your dreams been about?

  3. What do you need?

  4. What do you want?

  5. Are you fulfilling your current purpose, or is there a new one beckoning?

  6. What is your intuition telling you?

  7. Who are you becoming?


Have tarot?

Then take it a step further:

If you lay down one to three cards for each question of the seven soul-searching questions above, it will take you deeper 

Write down what the universe says for each one, and there you have it. Direct communication with the universe (so Pisces Full Moon!) - And if you have studied with me, you know what step to take before that!

If you haven't studied with me but would like to, the door is always open, but you've got to walk through it to begin.

This month the focus is on getting justice in your world in 11 days.

We start the day after this full moon.

It's the first time I've run Get Justice in Your World since December, and I don't know when it will come around again, so if you feel the shift is calling you along those lines now, help yourself here. 

Wishing you a wonder-full moon.

See you on the other side :)


Tiff x

P.S.) Fancy spending the Solstice on a Transformational Truth of Tarot Stone Circle retreat in Cornwall? Book here before the 18th of September to spread the payments over four months.


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