Feb 14, 2020

Do you start your day with the best of intentions, but at the end of it ...

Realise the day itself, got in the way?  Does that day end up being a week? A month? A year? A decade?

A life?

Scary thought isn’t it?

But try as you might it’s like a 400 trillion things get in the way!

Even though you were the egg and the sperm that were born against 400 trillion odds.

Doesn’t that tell you something? Yup you, you gorgeous, gifted, creative, special, intelligent, go getting individual!

The one that gets older and wiser every year, you were the one that beat those odds!

- AND the one that feels like the odds are stacked against them.

I get it.

Sometimes it feels easier to let life steamroller you into submission, and at times (for a little while) it is.

And then at other times something clicks in to turn it around, But what’s that thing?

Well, it’s not what you might think!

Timetables, 90 day plans, life coaches, goals all of these things are external structures that can really help you, but not if you don’t have “that thing” within to carry you forward and bring you to life.

BUT! 2020 is governed by the archetype of The Emperor and he is one sparky dude!

Being Aries he is the King of the divine spark and ignites it with a power that no other archetype can master.

The good news is 2020 is HIS year and if you feel the call then there’s no time like the present! Here’s how:

Reframe your understanding of the word “creation”

Creation isn’t something reserved for the artists, writers and musicians or something you find in the craft shop, it governs our everything, our thoughts, our speech, or actions, our relationships, our small and big achievements, creation is all of life and HOW we do it.

Home, relationships, family, friendships, dreams, passion, purpose, career, it’s all down to HOW you create in every given moment.

If life isn’t happening the way you want it to then somewhere along the line you are out of alignment with the energy of creation “that thing”.

But, the good news is that you don’t need to wait until “that thing” clicks in again.

There is a way of tapping into “that thing”- here’s how:

  • 1. Google a picture of an Emperor Tarot card.
  • 2. Take a screenshot of the one you like the picture of the most (because you’ll be surprised how much the picture can play out).
  • 3. Put the screenshot on your phone.

🤴Ask yourself throughout the day:

1. How is The Emperor showing up in your life today?

2. Who is showing up in your life?

3. How are you being like The Emperor in your life?


🤴The Emperor is number four, the number of man-made structure, tables, chairs, walls, cars, all made of four so we have enough structure to progress.

He is the father God Zues, you’ll feel his power! Made of Mars and Astrologically Aries get ready for a day of dynamite!

Then In the evening here’s how you see the magic:

✍️Get your journal and write out your day as you would in a normal diary, what happened, your thoughts etc. Applying these questions at the end:

✍️Who showed up in your life today?

✍️How are they like The Emperor?

✍️What message did they have for you?

✍️How do you feel about them?

✍️How are you being like The Emperor in your own life?

✍️ Read it back, do you see him? If you want my help with it either way you can ask for it in my facebook group here:

This exercise is powerful but there’s a whole buffet of things that could stop you:

Like these four things for starters:
1. You can’t logically understand how putting a picture on your phone can have such power - but what if you just tried it?
2. It seems silly! Or hard to believe - but what have you got to lose?3. You think there are more important things to do with your time (see first paragraph of the blog!)
4. You don’t want to connect with The Emperor! He brings up all the things you do not wish to embody, you see him all that’s wrong in society.

But, that’s not exactly true.

Just like EVERY archetype, he has an EQUALLY dark and a light side -and it’s HOW you work with it that counts.

The light side of The Emperor changes the world for the better - Isn’t it time we all opened our arms to receive a bit of that?

He is also the master of spiritual alignment and a heck of a lot of fun!

This is because spiritually aligned Emperor is free of cares and concerns about his precious ego, there isn’t time for that!!

He was born to forge a new path of creation aligned to his divine purpose, to what he was born to do and live that out on earth.

You have that too an equally powerful purpose.

It might be in the home more than the big wide world. It may not be public but if you have children the legacy will live on for generations.

When you channel his energy clarity, inspiration and excitement move you into so much desire and passion that you ignite and…

  • 1. Your “to do” gets smaller and your “ta da: list grows bigger! 
  • 2. Life and work get busy but creative, rewarding and super fun!
  • 3. You feel accomplished, on top of things and happy. 
  • 4. Harmonious relationships, receiving and support are in abundance, enriched by creativity rather than stressed by it. 

I know it’s hard to believe so here’s some evidence for you:


Maxine Loader:

So if you don’t know what that “something” is, but you want to find it.

Or you know something has to change but you don’t know or how.

And you don’t want to get to the end of another year...

Without having that something you want - achieved.

Even if you haven’t managed to clarify what the heck you want enough to ask for the help you need the very fact you are seeing this means on some level, you are being heard.


So here’s what to do:
1. Release the resistance to embodying your Emperor - I know that’s harder than it might sound so...
2. Open your mind to the possibility that with a bit of guidance it can start to turn around for you - and with ease, grace and fun IF you can...
3. Let go of blame or any sense of entitlement that keeps you externalised so you can clear the way for the divine spark of The Emperor to take you from lack to abundance, blocked to open, and from controlling to receiving.

Give it a go! EVEN if it’s hard to believe!

The beauty is you don’t have to, you just have to be willing to let go of trying to get external proof and go inwards.

I am lucky enough to live smack bang in a place devoted to The Emperor archetype, a protected world heritage city that people flock to from all over the world because in 23 AD the Romans landed and uncovered the sacred hot springs of “Sulis Minerva” a blend of TWO Goddesses - Sulis and Minerva.

Sulis. The Celtic Healer Goddess a “Solar” divinity; her name is a derivative of the Celtic word “Sul” for “sun” and “eye,” and Suilead, meaning wisdom.

She is also a Goddess of healing waters. Her presence is said to be most powerful in Bath. The original resting place for her tomb.

Put Sulis with the great Roman Goddess of war and wisdom Minerva and you get a glimpse of the power of “Sulis Minerva”

The Roman Baths that resulted were much more than a glorified leisure centre.

 Bath was a powerful Temple for healing, divination and connecting with the Gods and Goddesses.

Living here in this land in 2020 I hear it calling me t to plug back into the sacred source of Sulis Minerva that still runs through it's veins...

Open the doors for you to join me in doing so.  But with a word of warning...

If you are looking for The Emperor to tell you what to do, give you a prediction or the oomph to fight for your justice then this isn’t the event for you.

The Emperor only has time for one thing.

Firing YOU up for creation of YOUR 2020 vision -and he will channel the energy through to you for it only when the leaky holes of needing external validation aren’t there.

But if you are really, truly ready to walk away from the need to control and into the creation that is in your power then there’s no other year like it (at least for another 22 years!) - and no other place to do it like Rome’s home from home!

Interested to know how we do it?

Arriving at the Royal Crescent you feel the presence of The Emperor.

The power of which is rising up through you from the streets, it’s a palpable feeling of the powerful personas of the past who once lived here in this very crescent:
1. Thomas Brock, Town Clerk of Chester - number 1
2. Henry Sandford, a retired Irish MP who was described as a 'gentleman of the most benevolent disposition' - number 1.
3. William Wilberforce, the leader of the movement to abolish the slave tradestayed at Number 2 in 1798.
4. Christopher Anstey, a well-known writer, was resident in number 4, although the plaque to him is placed on number 5.
5. Jean Baptiste, Vicomte du Barre took over number 8 in 1778 and hosted parties and gambling. He died in a duel on Claverton Down ( the darker Emperor springs to mind).
6. From 1768 to 1774 number 9 was home to Philip Thicknesse, “a soldier of fortune”.
7.Number 11 was home to the family of Thomas Linley, a singing-master and conductor of the concerts from 1771.
8. The retired Admiral William Hargood lived at number 9 from 1834 until 1839 1866 the same house was home to Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
9. The jurist and explorer Thomas Falconer briefly lived at number 18 before his death in 1882.
10. English professor George Saintsbury took up residence at number 1A in 1916

The centre house (#16) (where we will spend the evening in fine company and dining) was residence to:

The electoral reformer Francis Burdett his daughter Angela Burdett-Coutts, 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts, Elizabeth Montagu, And Elizabeth Montague - founder of The Blue Stockings Society! A gathering of women who came together to discuss literature while inviting educated men to participate, and providing education to the poor.

No wonder Jane Austen ended up in Bath!

Imagine rubbing ethereal shoulders with these powerful personas who all left a legacy from their purpose and passion

And we haven’t even got to the Roman Baths yet!

You can feel the power in the air, like it is still the seventeenth century still, rather than the 21st - and later, we will go back to 43 AD when the Romans landed

But for now, you enter the Royal Crescent for your first activation:

It’s time to unblock your “eye” with Sulis, see the light of your inspired and creative (Emperor) vision and wisdom (Minerva) through FUN!

Tonight you play! Play your little heart out with the gold award winning Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer

Champagne and canapes are included (but rationed so you so that third eye stays clear!)

The Game Changer takes you through a process so that by the end you’ll come away so clear there will be no doubt on WHAT YOU WANT and steps on HOW to achieve it from aligned action -you’ll be amazed you did that by playing a game!

After you retire to your room - or maybe it’s time for a moonlight stroll through the impressive Victoria park to your funky little budget air bnb or many of the other quirky places you are spoilt for choice with, but don’t get too distracted!

Tonight it’s time to get your head down and let the creative spirits work their wonders as you sleep on it.

“Waking up” the next day, arising afresh with a new way of seeing your being.

In the morning after a dip in the spa (if you stayed at the Crescent), a touch of gentrified English breakfast and a stroll through the stunning architecture of the listed city you’ll end up in Queen’s Square for activation 2…

The first of 3 energy activations thiat morning that will clear the way for The Emperor energy to flood through you, free from the residual blockages of your old life, your vibration shifts to an expansive level where you connect deeply with the spiritually aligned Emperor from within, leaving you with integrity and power that supports you from the inside out.

Followed by The “Tarotfeely”  one of the three transformational structures taken from my program The Transformational Truth of Tarot. It’s an incredibly popular, powerful and instant way of connecting to higher self so you act from that place to create - every day, rather than the lower self that blocks you.

After these two powerful energy shifts you’ll need to ground - with proper English tea!

Followed by travelling your timeline and align to your power archetypes!

The Emperor may be the governor of this year but you also have your own personal archetype for each and every year of your life. Often we are quick to dismiss our own power and achievements resulting in an anxiety that erodes confidence, but here we collect the pieces of you that lay discarded over the years and make you whole again, bringing you into the present moment more together and integrated than you’ve probably ever been before, so you can not only start to truly believe in your ability to manifest your vision successfully but know it and feel it.

1:11! - It’s time for lunch! If you purchased a gold VIP ticket then lunch is included across the Square, if not don’t panic! The only challenge will be deciding on the many eateries you are spoilt for choice with!

TIP: Make your mind up  where to go beforehand! The Emperor waits for no- one!

2:22! Time to anchor the divine spark of The Emperor so you can build your Rome!

Now we’ve done the energetics it’s time to apply the practical part of The Emperor.

The one who knows how to communicate effectively so your success is aligned spiritually and harmoniously with yourself and others:

But before we go there, there is one last energetic piece left to do:

The IBA: Was downloaded to me for the launch of my second book (The Transformational Truth of YOU!) at Watkins - I was feeling a bit overcome with nerves, standing on the same spot as the all time spiritual greats such as Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie, and boom from out of nowhere I started channeling this process that wasn’t even in the book

The IBA is the BMI index for your manifesting health. It’s a clear tool to measure how close you are to manifesting your vision on a scale of 1 -10.

You’ll get the gauge and because it takes a measure of your past hits and misses you’ll see exactly what number you need to be at to make it come through - AND what action will take you to that number - or a step closer to it.

Do this weekly to go from blocked, lacking and controlling, to open, abundant and receptive with ease and grace - honestly!

Finally, Divine Communion:

No man/woman is an island and without effective communication. Without it achieving is so much harder, we don’t want that, true alignment comes from a duty to yourself, but not at the cost of your relationships. In fact true alignment to yourself can actually totally heal your relationships and unlock the relationships you dreamed of, here I will show you how, because the key to manifesting successfully is staying aligned to yourself and open to receive from at the same time.

Then It’s time to jump back into that world, taking your new - found divinity with you

But not before your final activation in Sulis Minerva's Temple of the Roman Baths!

Just to make sure you’ve really connected ;)

The early bird invite goes out next week, and like all help from the gods, you won't receive it unless you ask for it.

You'll come away with a clear vision, the plan and transformative tarot tools to stay in alignment as you go forth and create this year.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer Build Your Empire Event is on the evening of 27th and day of 28th of March.

The Earlybird tickets go on sale this week and you can only receive it if you ask for it, to do so register below:

✨Click Here To Register for your Exclusive Earlybird! 

Here's to birthing beautifully into the new you, the truer essence of who you are!

One love, 

Tiffany x


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