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Monday, November 13, 2017

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Are you feeling the Scorpio New Moon yet?

It strikes this Friday 18th November at 11:42 am.

I think the word "strikes" is particularly fitting for a Scorpio Moon.

I'm sitting down to write this on 11/11, 6 days before this new Moon and I'm sitting here feeling "stricken" the amount of upset, drama and sudden deaths that have swirled around me this week have left me sitting amidst a deeply Plutonic bomb.

If you've been feeling deeply shaken and stirred it could well be that Mars, with its own sting in its tail, is also adding potency to this New Moon. We are being shaken and stirred, we are being forced to burst out of any repressions, and we are being deeply cleansed of old traumas, although any recent ones could have us reeling in all the ones that have gone before, and it may well feel more like just another scar to bear, than a healing of all that's gone before, but up and out it shall come, like a red hot lance, piercing us to die to who we were so we may be reborn.


A New Moon gives us a chance to wipe the slate clean, but i'd be surprised if we can do that quickly this New Moon, so here are four things you'll need to take on board to support yourself through this time:


The Scorpion Survival Kit:


1. Forgiveness: For yourself as much as others, you could be backed in a corner licking your wounds because of some perceived wrong was done to you, or because you unintentionally hurt someone you love and you just can't forgive yourself or that other person. If you find yourself unable to forgive it's probably because of the need for this:


2. Non Judgment: Of yourself or another, how stupid you are, how petty they are, and so on, what would it be like to live without the labels? Time and time again things end up not being what we think they are, here's a tiny story to demonstrate:


On Friday I attended my friend's Flamenco class for the first time, I gave her a fiver and she said thank you. Later I said to her...

"Next week I'd like to go to lunch with you afterward and hang out around Granada"

As she is just starting this new venture she replied..

" I'd love to but I really shouldn't be spending what I earnt straight away"

So I said...

"I'll take you as a fiver is really cheap for the class"

It turns out it wasn't a fiver, it was a tenner, I had seen a promotion and thought it was the price, and she didn't tell me because she thought I was paying some kind of unannounced mates rates. This seems small, but it's a good demonstration of why we need to make an extra effort to....

3. Understand Where Someone Else Is Coming From: and we do that by making a well-concerted effort to communicate as properly as we can, rather than making assumptions and judgments about another's behaviour. Scorpio is known as the "mute" sign and the Moon is in its detriment here in this sign. It's not comfortable with emotion, let alone being able to articulate it so, last but not least...


4. Patience: With yourself, with others, with life in general, you'll need a big dose of it, so keep this mantra in mind " Patience is the ability to wait with a good attitude."

Speaking of Mantras, do you know I do one for every Zodiac sign at the time of the New Moon each month?
It's called the "AstroTarotMantra" and it's a mix of your Astrology and Tarot for the month, along with a mantra, or positive affirmation to help you keep in mind what is important to get the best from your month ahead. It also comes with a downloadable wallpaper so you can have a visual cue to keep you on track.

There is a beautiful thread of hope and charity for mankind and the world running through all the signs this month, like we are being much more concerned with the world than ourselves, I wonder what events will bring us together in solidarity like this, whatever it is or isn't, it's beautiful to see.

So what exactly did I say in your AstroTarotMantra?

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