New Moon in Sagittarius - Are You Dating Your Inner Winner?

Nov 25, 2019

The Astrology King entitled this Moon “Winners and Losers”. Darkstar dubs it “Taking Risks”.

Forever Conscious says it’s abundant with New Opportunities and Mystic Mama says it’s time for proactive change.

With the Tarot card for this Moon's decan being The Eight of Wands, there is a sense of exciting opportunities on the horizon but the Moon isn't the only planet in the sky! 

Which is why I wrote a post last week about “how you can stick manifesting with the Moon up Uranus” (Ahem! I quaked, but it was actually, shock, horror, one of the most well received posts on my social media of all time).

The Moon isn't the ONLY planet in the sky, just like you just your Sun sign - hence horoscope columns not being that accurate.

Right now, what I wish to bring attention to in our heavenly mix is that we may be out of Mercury Retrograde (which turned direct with a BOOM on 20th) but we remain in its shadow until December 7th.

We must take into consideration the bigger picture of where we have just been if we are going to be a winner. 

The word “winner” applies having one up on another, and that not what I mean at all.

I'm talking about how the winner and loser are both within us.

So when I say the word winner it is from the emphasis of “winning within”.

If there is one thing life has shown me it is that when you win I win and vice versa. If I lose you lose.

I know this sounds like happy hippy clap trap on the surface but think about it.

It is the natural law that others good fortune becomes ours if we think, feel and act in a good way - it's simples:

For instance, the person who works their way up the ranks is climbing up someone else’s good fortune.


Or the person who is the dutiful child inherits the house, for example.

Whereas the person that functions from some sort of entitlement is likely to cut themselves out of the natural law of inheritence.

And it’s that I want to bring your attention to for this "No"vember as it is being dubbed. 

So this "No"vember 26th at 3:05 pm GMT:


The New Moon in Sagittairius makes a quincunx (intense karmic aspect) to a volatile opposition between Mars and Uranus. Two very shocking planets having it off with each other (Oo er! That didn’t come out as planned but that’s the shock energy for you)!

The chart looks like a triangle (so watch out for triangle dynamics) with the Moon and Sun (conscious and unconscious) on one point making a tense aspect to Mars (will) which is trying to force Uranus (change).

Uranus is reflecting back to Mars that if it tries to push change too much it will have some rather nasty shocks.

Whilst the Moon (unconscious) and Sun (conscious) are also putting pressure on Uranus to enforce change now! Uranus usually likes fast change, but it's also a rebellious freedom loving planet and will do unexpected things under it's own rule thank you very much!

So Uranus (change) and Mars (will) are being activated by unconscious karma becoming conscious, resulting in panic striken and explosive reactions.

Are you seeing this around you?

Maybe you are even feeling like you’ve been caught in the crossfire?

Step out of angry finger pointing dynamics, look at what you have learnt, what works, what doesn’t and what changes you can make going forward.

Good long term change comes from the bigger picture and the long term game, rather than short sighted reactiveness. The problem is this Moon wants it all now, leading to self destructive tendencies.

This Moon is shining a light on change - but what you think you may need to change externally, is probably not the thing at all...

It has to come from the “inner winner”.

The one that’s playing the long term game, or you will only leap (Uranus) from one hot sticky frying pan (Mars) to another (Sun & Moon).

For example:

On 20th November (the day Mercury went direct) I was on the receiving end of a great example of this karmic build up.

Someone tried to exert their will over me from a place of "entitlement". When I stood up to it and said no I was on the receiving end of a pile of aggressive and mentally violent projections.

In the short term:

It was very clear this was now done, which was at least something as it had been building for months. (it will be hard to come back from anything pushed or forced this New Moon, it’s a boomerang that will knock you out cold forever on whatever you push).

It was clear as day that in that moment they were resonating with their “inner loser” and me from the “inner winner” even if I had a nasty repercussion - as Warren Buffet says:

“You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing things with logic. True power is restraint. If words control you that means everyone else can control you, breathe and allow things to pass”

I came out of that situation not in total pieces like I would have done in the past.

But with a total crystal clear clarity on how I’d got in it in the first place and what I needed to do to make sure it never happened again.

So here it is: The “inner winner” plan verses the “Inner Loser” plan, that I wish to share with you. 

Check yourself against the list to see where you are resonating from this New Moon. If it’s the Inner Loser and you don't shift fast then boy are you going to have some karmic wake up calls.


1. I know that real long lasting change takes long lasting commitment to facing things that may make me want to run.

2. I give from a place of service with no thought of instant gratification because that’s the way to a strong healthy community and support network

3. I trust that as long as I commit to a structured plan that abundance will keep growing in my life.

4. I invest in relationships for the long term taking my time to get to know people before I let them into ANY aspect of my life (professional or personal)

5. I put one foot infront of the other consistently on my long term path. I may meander or take a break at times but I remain awake to the times that look like I am further away than I am. Those times that are easy to lose faith and feel tempted to burn the bridges and jack it all in - and chose to have faith.

6. I know that good things come to those who serve, listen and find the middle ground.

7. Someone else’s success means I too can be successful

8. My self esteem relies on me on. I don’t need to justify, defend, or attack, to prove someone else wrong or have that last word. I know whatever someone says or does is about them, not me. 

9. No-one else is responsible for my problems.

10. I will take full responsibility for my path ahead and commit to it step by step for the LONG haul come what may.


1. I’ll give it a shot for a while, but as soon as I have to face some things I don’t want to in myself i’m out.

2. I will give because it’s part of the game plan for myself and if I see i’m not getting what I want I will withdraw.

3. I need to do whatever I can right now because I need the instant cashflow.

4. I need the instant result that person that just showed up in my life will give me.

5. If I don’t get there within the time frame or budget I allocated then I am out.

6. I’m entitled to have things exactly the way I think they should be and I am always right.

7. Someone else’s success means that i'm losing for them to have it

8. My self esteem is so fragile because of what the world has done to me. I need to make the rest of the world wrong in order to win.

9. I’m going through a hard time and it’s your fault.

10. My life is a mess and the way to fix it is to get people to pay for what  they have done to me,

How many do you resonate with and from where?

I will share with you honestly that I found myself in the said situation because at the time I connected with this person I was resonating with 3 and 4 on the Inner Loser list.

3 and 4 on the inner loser list has been hard to get away from because:

1. My signature program The Transformational Truth of Tarot ( aka TTT)  has been constantly open to the public so if people don’t join there and then there is nothing to make them join, which creates a sense of urgency for the cashflow.

2. So the way I was trained to do business was to get on a call with a “lead” and convert a practical stranger into a long term client with an attractive incentive for taking action NOW- along with a signed sealed and delivered contract to boot.

But now, I can see the problem with that model, can you?

It makes me rush into marrying strangers!

They say in this biz model that you can tell on the first call if it isn’t going to go well, just like if you didn’t have a good first date, you’d be silly to go back for more, so at the end you don’t say “let’s make it official!”

But in reality you don’t make things official with someone until you’ve known them a good wee while right?

In this situation I did not feel like our “first call/date” wasn’t good, otherwise I would never have offered to work together. Plus they came through the word of mouth (one of my best clients) so on a law of attraction level that was good enough for me. I gave them a contract and made it official.

Looking back now that’s bat shit crazy!

Would I have “married” a man that my best client set me up on blind date with straight after the first one?



So what has the Mercury shadow been about?

Mercury is the messenger and you’ll have to see what the message is for you.

Can you see it as clear as I can see mine?

For me, it’s about changing the way I do business.

I expect my clients to come from the inner winner because if they don’t I can’t work with them, and how can I expect them to come from it if I am not?

I’ll be damned if I ever marry a stranger again!

Thus I am working with my clients on the importance of nurturing long term relationships.

It's just as important for you to know, like and trust your potential client as it is for them with you.

I’m changing a lot up next year -  here’s how it will change up our relationship:

1. Come Easter TTT (The Transformational Truth of Tarot)
will be totally revamped, updated reborn for the first time ever since it’s first run in 2014! It will be a year long personal and professional course with the focus being on living your life in true empowerment. (Business is one of the biggest courses in personal development you will ever get as this blog is an example of)
2. Instead of TTT being open to join anytime it will open for enrolment ONLY once a year. 
3. In the meantime, I will show up to serve you, and you won’t need to be in a program with me for that to happen (although if you are you will get that on tap with extra cream on top!)
4. Throughout this time I will look to see if you come from the “inner winner”. I want to see if I know, like and trust you enough to commit to your evolution for a year come Easter, and I invite you to do the same with me.
5. The way I will do this is through a mix of free support and trainings (webinars etc) and mini paid programs that will run for about a fortnight to a month long. Such as: "The “Transformational Truth of AstroTarotRegression” “Zero To Hero” “Isolation To Intimacy” “Fire Up Your Intuition” “Know Your Worth” and “Court Your Relationships” 

Would you like to start the honeymoon period by coming on a date with me this Saturday? 
If so then lets go and see the 5,4,3,2,1 Formula show (+ Missing Secret) for opening your heart to love and life without fear of it breaking in the process? Sound good? 
All you need to do is sign on the dotted line!
But this dotted line doesn't mean marriage!  It just means I'll be showing up for you this Saturday - and it's up to you if you come along for a couple of hours or stand me up!

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Embrace and live and Enchanted life,

One love, 

Tiffany x


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