Feb 20, 2020

The annual New Moon in Pisces in basic terms it means now is the most powerful time of the year for a rebirth of your spirituality.

That doesn’t mean “right I have to go out there and be all spiritual!” Spirituality is quieter than that.

You don’t need to push the river along.

Especially with this New Moon which has a minor grand trine with Mars and Uranus.

A grand trine brings out the good aspects in an easy flow.

The good aspects of Mars are positive assertion and empowerment. The good aspects of Uranus is freedom of the visionary reformer.

Can you see where this is playing out in your life?

 In the build up to this Moon Mercury went retrograde.
The river banks have split (like they have in the North of England - Micro/Macro).

The rebirth for your spirituality, is right here, right now, in front of you, in how you conduct yourself right now on a day to day basis.

This New Moon births on 23rd in:

  • Los Angeles, February 23 at 7:31 am
  • New York, February 23 at 10:31 am
  • London, February 23 at 3:31 pm
  • Delhi, February 23 at 9:01 pm
  • Sydney, February 24 at 2:31 am

And the run up to it has been a powerful surge of uncontrollable change:

The storms, destruction, crisis and passings of souls have ramped up another level, what is this about?

The energy of a Moon builds up the week before, climaxing on the day itself.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac - a water sign that doesn't want to be constricted, it wants to merge and be at one with everything, everyone, and the one great God in the sky, so that makes sense, but this last week has also seen Mercury turn retrograde.

So lets decipher what’s going on with Mercury:

Mercury Retrograde Pisces/Aquarius 16th Feb -9th March:

Mercury went retrograde on 16th February - but whats been presenting itself to you since the 2nd when it started to prep for the change is a great indicator of what journey this Mercury Retrograde will take you on.

Take a moment to reflect on what’s been happening the last couple of weeks: 

It’s always good to keep a journal, and especially during Mercury Retrograde.

It helps you come out of the fear of Mercury Retrograde (don’t sign, don’t buy, don’t travel, don’t breathe!) and tune into what it’s about - an inner process. Mercury (psyche) retrograde (go within).

Learn to see it this way - and WOW you are about to learn so much! Particularly with this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (The Hanged Man).

 Here’s an example from my diary - be warned, it's a bit ranty! But it is a typical picture of what Mercury Retrograde can be like, and if you stick with it, how to get the gift!

Tuesday 11th - Early morning emergency call received to say my Mother in Law has had a major stroke, Rich leaves for London straight away, I stay home.

Message? Things change in an instant and will never be the same again.

Wednesday 12th - Problems with the car insurance. Apparently, I have two claims going on that I didn’t declare so they are cancelling my policy unless I get proof. I spent the day getting proof. They tell me at the end it’s not me they need proof of it’s my husband. I am enraged at their lack of clear communication and I explain why I won’t be bothering him right now, there is no apology, support or leeway given.

Message? I assumed my husband had no claims - previous assumptions can come to bite your ass in Mercury Retrograde - and at the worst time possible. It’s all about taking responsibility for slip-shod communication.

Thursday 13th - Husband returns home after hospital withdraws treatment for his mum - insurance is the last thing on our minds.

Friday 14th - Prepping for being at the hospital for at least the weekend - insurance doesn’t get a look in.

Saturday 15th - Spent all day in the hospital with the family - insurance doesn’t get a look in.

Sunday 16th - My husband and I are the only ones present at the moment my mother in law passes. In that tiny window that his dad went home for a quick shower - his leaving words ... “any change call me”...

The change was quick. We made a snap decision to be fully present with her and not on a panicked phonecall-  afterward all my husband could think of was how he needed to go and tell his dad. He jumps in the car drives there, drives back to the hospital and then drives back again. Only after that do I clock that the insurance said that we had a grace period “until” 16th - not including.

MessageYou can only do what you can do in the given moment, some things are just more important. Trust you know what’s right to do, choose love, and don’t let the fear and demands of the outside world sway you.

Monday 17th - It’s time to return from London to Bath, but we are no longer insured. The family is grieving downstairs. I shut myself away tiny trying to sort this fiasco out. You know, the usual. On hold, transferred, jump through hoops, red tape, almost getting there, getting cut off, starting again. Two hours of this…

Only for a refusal, because, wait for it… I work with Tarot! And that's "fortune telling" and lumped with pornography and gambling...

 It's nothing I haven't heard from big companies to do with money and legalties before, sadly I am becoming quite used to it.

When I point out that has nothing to do with my car insurance, they come back to say it does because I could be using it “to do things other than socialising” 

“Erm like commuting? The box I already ticked?”

“Erm yes, but for this it’s now £300 more”

“So let me get this right because my occupation is tarot I have to pay £300 more than anyone else?”

“Erm yes, sorry”

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to give my hard earned legal limited company cash to a company that discriminates.”

So I plastered it all over social media that Grove & Dean broke the Equality Act 2010 - although they aren't the only ones...

 In fact "tarot-phobia" is on the rise rather than the decrease.

Tarot is not seen as a “belief” (which would then be protected under the Equality Act). It's not seen as "the way you are" it's not seen as a respected valued career path, or even a career path at all. It doesn't matter if you are a published author, with an accountant and a limited company. It stays Rather as a “fortune telling con” because it serves those in power for it to do so. So there's the loophole.

Ever wondered why it's called an act? The act is an act. Nothing has changed.

 The rights of power belong only to those in power. Result?

Get in line, we pull the strings, don’t obey, be outlawed.

Message? Every Mercury Retrograde it comes around again. It’s bigger than me, him, or what we are going through, it's something trying to work it's way through on a grander scheme of things. All I can do is try to grow each time.

February 18th - Get back to find the Mercury Tech Gremlins have eaten into my Early Bird Funnel - repeatedly - it gets fixed, it breaks, it gets fixed, it breaks, with a pile of deadlines I have missed and the urgency of the insurance which I can't seem to get for trying,  in fact I can't seem to get anywhere for all feels a bit harsh.

Message? You know what you need to do to rectify this in the future and why you haven't let yourself yet, you've got the message of what to change but now?....Let goooooooo!!!!!!!!!

That’s a diary full of Mercury Retrograde lessons on the ‘EXTERNAL’ level.

 Here’s a brief summary of the “INTERNAL” journey:

Tuesday 11th - Total shock at the family news.

Feeling? Helpless.

12th, 13th, 14th - Total rage at the lack of clear communication and consideration from the big corps, wasting time that we won't get back and we need now.

Feeling? Disempowered and helpless.

15th & 16th - Total embodiment of my practice of The Four Agreements. I let go the mess of the insurance and get present as the person in the family who is grieving the least and oversee everyone’s alignment with truth and compassion.

Feeling? Empowerment.

17th - Total repression of boiling rage at yet another discriminative company whilst trying to remain there for the grieving family.

Feeling? Helpless/Disempowerment/Empowerment.

18th - Total frustration at not being able to get anything sorted!!!!!

Feeling? Helpless/Disempowerment/Sheer frustration!

Conclusion? To be honest?

Past caring about the things that don’t matter. e.g - external rules

Hence the candid honesty here in this blog.

Every day the squeeze of this society to conform gets more and more, it’s inconspicuous but strong.

Every day I am forced more and more to conform or be an outlaw.

Every day I am reminded more and more about what’s important.

Not forms or conforms, tunnels or funnels but people.

Show up for PEOPLE and don’t let SOCIETY get you down!

And this is how Mercury Retrograde works, it's twists and turns that drive you insane but lead you back to YOU. 

I do wonder if one day I will end up in prison! You know, for being me! Sounds a bit dramatic but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I mean homosexuality is only recently legal. It wasn’t long ago that society thought it was something "curable".

What about Nelson Mandela? Can society cure him of the colour he was too?

What makes you might not be as easy to see as a colour or a gender.

It might be something deep inside that you are so connected to you couldn’t be any other way if you tried. But the world will try to bash it out of you none the less - in fact even more if it’s not seen on the external.

A belief? That can change. But the colour of your skin or the sex that you are?

 A belief may change yes, but your soul won’t, and that stays with you LONGER than your colour, your sexual preference or your body.

I’ve tried to raise awareness, petitions etc of “tarot -phobia”. But at the end of the day, all I can do is the best to free myself of all the ways society tries to bash my soul out of me. No matter the consequences.

This is the minor grand trine with Mars, Uranus and New Moon in Pisces talking.

 I have a belief that when you are connected to the truth you are protected by the truth.

Think about it.

It’s only when you try to be something you are not that things go wrong because you attract the people and situations that are not true for you.

So there you have it.

The rebirth of your spirituality is right here, right now, right in front of you. It's showing up in whatever rite of passage you have in front of you. You don’t have to do anything other than show up connected to that conscious source of doing right by yourself, and the people you are connected to.

Connection to your soul, connection to your truth, connection to who you are.

 Connection to the people you love, connection to the people you love.

Anything not in alignment with that doesn’t deserve your energy. It’s Mercury Retrograde! Time to go within!

We have no control over others, only our own actions. I can tweet it, facebook it, blog it.

But the rules of the external world aren’t mine to change.

 The rules of my internal world are.

Be the change you wish to see. I will never sell out to society. I will never change my beliefs for survival. Even if one day that means I lose “everything”.

What I will gain by leading by example, leaving a legacy, staying true to who I am, my purpose, my passion and my people will far outweigh anything they can do to me.

And this is because I have the true protection of true connection. 

 We are in an Emperor Year FFS!

At the beginning we will face all that is WRONG about The Emperor. All the things you do not wish to embody, all that’s wrong in society.

But, EVERY archetype, has an EQUALLY dark and a light side -and it’s HOW you work with it that counts.

When you work with the light side of The Emperor it’s incredible how your world changes.

If you are looking for The Emperor to tell you what to give you the oomph to fight for your justice then you aren’t in the right place.

The spiritual Emperor only has time for one thing.

 Firing YOU up for creation of YOUR 2020 vision.

And believe me he will channel the energy through to you for it, and you will know it when he does. But he will only when the leaky holes of needing external validation aren’t there.

If you are ready to walk away from the need to control and into the creation that is in your power then this year is the strongest one for 22 years. When The Emperor comes back around again. As is this moon the strongest time for a kickstart to your spirituality.

True alignment comes from a duty to yourself, but not at the cost of your relationships. In fact TRUE alignment to yourself heals your relationships and unlock the relationships you are in alignment to what is true for you.

This is the year to make sure you are connected to the right source.

 So now here goes it!

The Mercury blips actually means you and I have a second chance to meet in the Roman World Heritage City in Bath on the weekend of 27th March to help you get in your zone of power, instead of feeling disempowered by external events, lets help you build your Empire instead!

Let's connect you to the Emperor source at the Roman Baths!

Leave inspired, fired up and crystal clear on how to build your Empire in a year!
The Earlybird tickets were to go on sale this week. But I expect you can tell from above why there has been a delay - so you now have a second chance to register your interest.

Don't let it pass you by this time because...

You will only receive the earlybird invite if you ask for it, to do so register below:

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Here's to birthing beautifully into the new you, the truer essence of who you are!

One love, 

Tiffany x


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