New Moon In Cancer AstroTarot Mantra - July 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Hello and welcome to the energy of the Cancer New Moon, are you feeling it?

Below are my Top Ten effects The Cancer New Moon could be having on your life, along with your tarot, astrology and mantra for the month!

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Six side effects of the cancer new moon:

1. Your dreams are strong, repetitive, leaving you with the feeling that it really is time to start a dream journal.

2. You are nesting! Even if you aren't a domestic Goddess, the pull to get new things in for your home is so strong you have to barricade yourself in your home before you turn into a human magpie!

3. Food! You can't stop thinking of it! Even if you aren't the hostess with the mostess you might feel you've been taken over by the spirit of one, now where's that dusty Fanny Craddocks recipe book gone?

4. Food! You can't stop eating, thank god its summer and everything looks better when it's tanned, rather than white and round like the moon.

5. You are so in touch with your feelings it's scary. There is no hiding from them. The good thing is this marks a time for a fresh new emotional start, the possibility to address needs and relationships so things shift is well supported.

6. Your psychic senses are heightened, as is your intuition, but perhaps you feel you are going crazy? Remember you can apply for some help here: Just click this link I am writing this just after the Sagittarius Full Moon Weekend June 10th/11th) which was really tough and challenging for a lot of us on both a micro and macro level, elections, terrorism, fires, and just disasters in general. Whatever that brought up for you is being cleared now in the cleansing water of Cancer. Personally I am really excited about this moon, my moon is in Cancer and I can really feel that personal cleansing happening now, it's like I have been covered in crap for many many moons! Can you imagine how excited you would feel about finally starting to feel all shiny and clean? That's what I'm feeling it happening now, and my wish for you is that you feel it too :)

So lets now look at how you can make it work for your specific sign:


Tarot: The Six of Wands

Aries, last month you had The Ace of Wands, now you have The Six! You've made progress and fast, but what else would we expect from you? You are now carving out your leadership role with a powerful sense of unique individually, just don't get so forward focussed that you forget people along the way. Your energy is quite explosive right now and you could easily burn some bridges, maybe that's needed, but be careful to choose the ones you want to burn, rather than self combust. Your mantra from last month is still applicable:

Mantra: I know myself, my purpose, what I want to create, how I want to shine, and nows the time.


Tarot: The Six of Pentacles

Last month you had The King of Pentacles, this month you have the six. This is great! There's a sense of you having worked on your own security and foundation so well that you can now work with it to help others and that in turn will also help you to get to the next level. Work and community feature more highly this month, than home which was last month. Now it's time to broaden your circle and look what positive contributions you can make to the world around you. You may be feeling quite inspired to make a change in the world after all the recent disasters, and you will.

Mantra: I know I am in possession of many things that will benefit others and it's time to make that happen.


Tarot: The Ten of Pentacles

At last! Your hard work is paying off! It's been a hard old life for you Gemini! The challenge of actually focusing on one thing long enough for it to actually become grounded and solid is a tough one, but it feels like you may have finally cracked it. Home improvements, buildings, property, investments, or just putting all your eggs in one basket for once seems to actually be helping you to have more time for you, to do what though? Start another project of course!

Mantra: It's okay to concentrate on getting all my energy together in one place.



Tarot: The Two of Swords

Happy new moon in your sign Cancer! So why are you struggling? Oh yes! It's Cancer! You are strongly attuned to the past and this new moon marks a new beginning for your future, and your home. Stuck between two places? Two decisions? Two lives? Two feelings? Two relationships? How can you make it come together? Maybe you don't? Maybe you do? The serenity prayer comes to mind, God give me the courage to change the things I can, the acceptance to change the things I can't and the wisdom to know the difference!

Mantra: What could be possible if I just went with my heart and trusted the flow?


Tarot: The High Priestess

The most priceless thing in the universe is a well developed intuition and this Cancer new moon is attuning yours so finely on the run up to your time of the year, what with the eclipses in your sign this year too, Leo it's all about you coming into your power. It always is! But, you've been beset by many a challenge for many moons and the deeper the lesson the greater the learning. Take time to slow down and listen to your inner voice, it's becoming so attuned it's like you have your own wisdom hotline going on - and people know it too.

Mantra: I take time for the unseen side of life to be heard.


Tarot: The Seven of Pentacles.

Work, work, work, work, work! But hey! You are no stranger to it, and I see lots of pride and joy in it so what's the problem? No problem! Well, okay, maybe you are hiding in it a little, but if this new moon is making you feel a bit introspective then why not? You do seem to being a quiet and reflective phase, but then aren't you always? Give yourself the month and if you still feel that in the Leo New Moon then you know it's time to get out there and try being on the social list rather than the asbos or awols!

Mantra: It's okay to be hidden and it's okay to be seen too.



Tarot: The Nine of Swords

Ouch Libra, this new moon is squaring your sun and demanding to plunge you into your darkest depths. Not easy for a sign that likes to keep things light and on the surface. You really could be feeling challenged on all front and completely pulled to pieces (like karma for eating crabs in the past). Cancer is breaking down your tough shell and reaching right into your soft underbelly. Its necessary surgery though. The only way is up from here. See it as a really deep spiritual detox, we pay hundreds to go on juice detoxes, this one is being given to you for free. Do what you would do on a detox, batten down the hatches and treat yourself with love, it will be so worth it soon.

Mantra: This too shall pass, and I will be better off for going through it.


Tarot: The Nine of Wands

So last month I asked you to take yourself off somewhere to recharge. Did you do it? Because you look a little uptight to me. This moon in particular could be making you feel exposed and vulnerable and to counteract that mighty defensive. How about taking yourself off now? Before you wind yourself up and others any more? Our energy conveys to others and particularly in a Cancer new moon, you could also be picking up on others, so now it's just like a cranky squad ball reverberating off the walls. If you can't stand the hits you can get out of the court. You don't have to treat yourself - or others this way. Referee is calling time out! Here's your mantra from last month:

Mantra: It's okay to retreat for a while and take time out for me.


Tarot: The Two of Cups

Relationships, dynamics, communication, it's all up in the air! Maybe you can't quite see the woods for the trees yet Sagi, but holy moly! There's some great opportunities in the air to learn, grow and just generally benefit from secondary chances as they come round again, and even if you don't yet feel it, you are older and wiser than before, but you must help yourself to believe that if you are really going to jump on the ride that's going to take you forward rather than round in circles.

Mantra: I am older and wiser and now I do things differently.



Tarot: The Four of Swords.

Last month felt a bit taxing on the security front for you cappy, and this new moon might be leaving you feeling a tiny bit crabby, all that is needed is a good dollop of rest! How many times are you being told this? I have a shocker of a breaking news headline for you: It's okay to take some time out for you to do absolutely nothing! Why don't you try it? You might be surprised by it. It feels like you are saying to me " but I am not tired" but the minute you let yourself relax, boom! Then I hear "gosh I didn't realise just how tired I was!" It's become the norm for you to push yourself, you deserve at least half a spa day!

Mantra: Resting and playing is just as important as working.


Tarot: The Hanged Man

Gosh, well isn't this moon turning everything on it's head for you. Quite a challenge for a visionary like Aquarius, try not to tie yourself up in knots for not being psychic enough to see what was coming. Life is unexpected, otherwise we'd be dying of boredom. It does feel as if you had just got it sussed, but that's usually when life happens - because you had it sussed. It's time for the next level. But don't forget to congratulate yourself for having it sussed first. The game plan has changed and once you get your head around it it's going to be liberating.

Mantra: I let go of the vision I was tied to and allow the new to come through.


Tarot: The Fool.

What a wonderful new moon for you Pisces, it's trining your sun and making you feel carefree, a strong intuitive spark leaves you feeling beyond the problems of the world, like you can see through the illusion straight into the heart of inner peace. There's an urge to be free, perhaps you are feeling like no-one could possibly understand you right now as you really do seem to be somewhere else completely. Even if you don't travel physically your daydreams are so real it's like you don't even need to spend a penny to go somewhere. Beautiful!

Mantra: My connection to the most high runs throughout my very being.


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