Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NEW MOON IN LIBRA 19/10/17 - TIME TO CUT THE CORDS - blog post image


What a build up we are having to the New Moon in Libra this Thursday 19th October at 20:11 BST.

The winds have been blowing so strong that it has spread fire, floods, and dust all over the world, debris is being kicked up here, there and everywhere, lives have been lost, and not just to the freakish weather conditions, whenever I go online I just see news of recent passings or posts of people remembering their loved ones.

Death hangs in the air due to this week kicking off with Mercury (air) moving into Scorpio (death/ rebirth/ transformation) followed by the night of Kali (Indian Goddess of death and destruction for rebirth) and then the Dark Moon, we really are being asked to surrender into our depths.

One of my favourite quotes is "relax, nothing is in our control" and that seems apparent at this time, however, what is in our control is HOW we work with what the environment is presenting to us.

It's time to make an offering to the universe, whether that's to Kali, Scorpio, Libra, the big guy or even the big apple pie in the sky, whatever floats your boat really - it doesn't matter, they are all multi-facets of the one.

And here's how:

1. Spend some time in quiet meditation, with flowers or some other offering.

2. Think about where you are feeling blocked in your life.

3. Send your thoughts out to the universe, let it know that you are ready to let go of whatever has been blocking you and ask for its help with it.

This is the moon of the year for clearing out, and in particular, the ol' heartstrings, so you might feel them being twanged and plucked, just so you actually know which ones need tuning up and which ones need to go.


1. It's a great time to do some cord-cutting, you know the relationship dynamics that are getting you down right? You can change it powerfully and in an instant, I'll show you how in the Cord-Cutting Ceremony Class in the Akashic Library of my Inner Transformation Circle here.


2. Once you've cleared yourself of the old and broken heartstrings it's time to set your new intentions, this could be to welcome in new relationships or new intentions for the old ones.


3. Stick to it. If you've set an intention to go out there and meet people, then do it - regularly. If you've decided that you are going to walk away from an existing relationship if they treat you that way again, then do it - or don't be surprised if nothing changes. Energy work is powerful, but it only helps those that help themselves, it will help you follow through if that's what you decide you really want to do.


The AstroTarotMantra (your horoscope, Tarot and Mantra for the month) is now a part of The Inner Transformation Circle, along with your monthly wallpaper to keep you on track: Click here to see yours.

Leaving on a bit of a high note, what I will say is, it seems we all achieved a heck of a lot in the last month, if you don't see it, then look back on last month's AstroTarotMantra in the circle too.


Whatever you do, don't fear, it's just another rhythm for us to do our best to honour <3, whatever we may have to sacrifice or live through will mark a powerful path of transcendence.


Tiffany x


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