Libra New Moon 6th October 2021 - Your Greatest Reset Is Now

Oct 06, 2021

Welcome to your Great Reset Libra New Moon stellium happening at 12:05pm UK on 6th October 2021.

Four cosmic bodies all hanging out in Libra - The Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury (Retrograde). 

The Moon is making a quincunx to Uranus (also retrograde) hanging out in Taurus. 

Thing is Mars ain’t that happy in Libra (it’s too confrontational) and Uranus ain’t that happy in Taurus (it’s too much change - even if it’s been there a while and it’s retrograde). 

Plus Pluto, which has been hanging out in Capricorn since the Northern Rock crisis changes direction today - when planets change direction they are known as “POWER days” 

Translated? There’s A LOT going on! And it’s been building for some time. 

A couple of weeks ago Mercury went Retrograde and isn’t it a corker? 

Tech: My website D-Day changeover had been booked in for 3 years because the host was going down - they set the date - yup THIS Mercury Retro,we got it done in time but the biz emails were down for a week - heck even Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram went down!

Past: 3 soulmates contacted me from the past - one I found the strength to cut instantly, another is a wonderful reconnection on the friend level, the third I hadn’t seen for thirty years and was still just like yesterday, like no time had passed, but in reality, a lot has, we are no longer 14 and there’s no turning the clock back. 

Travel: Fuel shortages, flooding on train lines, booking the wrong time ticket and unable to change because they sent it to my email that went down etc! You feel me? I know you do!

Lessons: Oh my the lessons!...

I channelled the playlist for the AstroTarotDance and October’s cosmic skies.

Starting with the nostalgia of Mercury Retrograde and Carly Simon’s Coming Around Again, it built to a codependent “Never Let Me Go”by Flo and her machine and the Sun moving into Scorpio later in the month bringing on Jessie Wares “ Wildest Moments” 

Just when you think it can’t get anymore intense it raises the bar as Mars moves in Scorpio the day before Samhain, blowing apart our “Castles” by Freya Ridings, and then we plunge deep into the underworld with Navraz MIDIval Punditz Remix - if you don’t know this track then Oh my! Check this playlist out on my apple music profile and you’ll get a definite sense of the times!

But at some point the building darkness and intense pressure pops leaving us in an incredible realignment: 
Some might say even a Lost Tribe’s Gamemaster - Pluto Direct ( same day as the New Moon). 

After which we have Saint Utah chanting “Oooo I just know that something good is gonna happen.” 7th - Venus in  Sagittarius.

Finally with Talk Talk claiming “It’s My Life” and Bliss’s one hundred thousand angels chanting: 

"Woman of peace,Take war from the world. Woman of silence, This song is yours. Woman of glory,Woman of mercy. Woman of love,Woman of love. Lioness of courage.

She who spins and weaves and cuts the way,She who tells the heavenly story.Stand up shiv shakti take your mightStand up shiv shakti take the flight Stand up shiv shakti take God's light.

Take what is ours, claim what is yours. Woman, take one and all of your powers."

But the way to do it is not through push. This is not is not a time to push. 
It’s a time of heavenly gravitas, let the universal energy do it’s thing.

This is one helluva Mercury Retrograde and heavenly line up, and one helluva time for change.

To stand up anew you first have to be knocked down. 

Why are we so afraid to be knocked down? 

It’s that fear that’s the weakness - not finding yourself on the floor.

What if you allow yourself to be afraid, and fall down anyway? 

What if you stop fighting for all the things you are attached to? 

What if you start treating yourself well rather than a slave to society? 

Then you will become she who spins and weaves and cuts the way.

Then you will get up stronger, 

Then you will stand taller, 

Then and only then you will find yourself in true alignment. 

First you must find that elusive “let it go” moment that can never be “grasped”

How ironic! Well, it’s here. I see it happening all around me. 

Beautiful, strong, sensitive, brave souls admitting to themselves that they need to “let go” of some part of them because the attachment is killing them.

The intensity of life is upping and it’s time to get real.

Mums with careers or businesses unable to keep up with the demands of juggling careers, child care and covid. 

Self employed being forced to self isolate with no income help.

The fuel crisis and the vaccine passports.

Just to name only a few...

Perhaps it's all part of the “great reset” - perhaps it’s not. 

There’s ONE message here this New Moon - you can’t fight your OWN reality.  

It’s time to do YOUR OWN GREAT RESET.

Now I am not sure I trust the government’s great reset but I do trust that the universe has a bigger grander plan and if we open to it we can rise above it. 

Which is exactly why I have started the AstroTarotDance sessions in my Manifest a Miracle a Month Membership, you can access the playlist for free on apple music @tiffanycrosara, but the astrological, tarot and guided meditation journey activation  replay for October is in my membership.

Right now you can access for £4.97 for 21 days - this trial will be no more come All Soul’s Day so if you ever wanted to trial take it now. 

It’s intense times my darling, but do not fear. 

I’m honoured to head a community of intuitives and this is what I witness:

A waking up, a coming together to find their own balance and alignment. 

 I see their heartbreaking struggles, their sensitivity and how much life chucks their way, I see their incredible unique gifts, power of heart and strength shine through - strength is a gentle power, not a heroic ego one. 

True strength exists when we say “I am afraid to let go, but I know it’s not right so I’m doing so anyway” 

That's when your greatest reset happens.

Because you just gave yourself permission to stop and drop. 

When you stop and drop it’s only then you can drop into your deepest truth, and from there your truest alignment will rise up. 

That’s your great reset. 

I’m seeing it in all the intuitives at the moment that look like they are giving up on their dreams, it looks like they are being beaten into submission by the intensity of the times - but really, what I’m seeing is….

A slaying of the ego - the story of this month’s AstroTarotDance. Are you ready? 

Do you feel like you could do with a bit of a cosmic connection to power you through?

If there was ever a month to get access to the AstroTarotDance it’s this one.

Join us here and rise wo/man or other of wisdom.

This is your Greatest Reset New Moon, 


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