777 Graces of The Libra Full Pink Moon 16th April

Apr 10, 2022


Welcome to the flickering cross-over point that has been building up for so long. Many times lately, you may have felt you were nearly there, the day of change on the horizon, the switch you've been craving to flick, the finally free fool taking that leap of faith, with that gust of wind behind your back sent by God to help you let go and fly high through the air. 

But when the gust comes, it turns out to be a fart in the wind!

Contrary to popular belief, astrology does not predict. Instead, it mirrors back to us our collective consciousness, so is it any wonder that since 2020 we are mere blow-offs in the wind??

And have we got it back to front to wait around for a helping hand from the universe to get going?

Maybe we need a lateral laxative?!

Can you guess I have no idea what is coming out as I type? 

As usual, I have spent the last hour reading up on this Moon because (believe it or not) I still suffer from a lack of faith in my channel. Even after twenty-plus years of committed practice, it's like a ritual I can't let go of every Moon blog, I read all about it, decide it doesn't resonate with what's brewing in my head, go to write out what's in my head, but my fingers start typing something else. 

Farts in the wind and lateral laxatives weren't in my mind!

They appeared as I typed!

so now I find myself interested in the meaning of "lateral" (as this word is so familiar to us now)…

The adjective lateral comes from the Latin word lateralis, which means "belonging to the side", or moving in a sideways direction.

Now I find this VERY interesting! I have no idea why Covid tests are "Lateral Flow Tests", But it makes sense for a Libra Moon. 


Libra is the scales; in Tarot, she is Justice.

Both exist for equality and balance. Libra is, of course, an air sign and both air and fair have felt in desperately short supply, covid has been the most significant transfer of wealth in history, and that was only the beginning.

Is it just me that sees this as the greatest get rich scheme the government may have ever pulled off? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I remain careful not to believe anything I tell myself, but with all that's happening, it's tough not to feel immense anger about how the ones in so-called power are treating those not.

Working in social care, I see how "living with covid" affects the most vulnerable people in our society. Let's not get started on the unfairness of the attack on Ukraine because the lower energy of Justice is a slippery slope that's more infectious than COVID. Eris, the dark, repressed feminine dwarf planet, is very active at this Libra Full Moon, so the pull to the angry warrioress face of Justice is raging strong. 

In the early stages of any connection, we have to know that archetype before harnessing it for the highest good, so in the early stages of connecting with Justice, we can feel: 

The following 7 symptoms: 

  1. Extreme responsibility

  2. A huge does of comparisonitis 

  3. Paranoia over imperfection 

  4. Warrioressness and weariness 

  5. Feeling pissed off, keeping it in resulting in bladder issues

  6. Eaten up by the unfairness and injustice of life

  7. Burn out and defeat

I'll stop at 7 - Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, and the number 7 means to endure. 

So how do we stay in an existence that feels out of balance or unfair?

Justice is an arse-kicking queen. When my students step in the Justice Tarot card to meditate with her, they often remark on how cold, alien, robotic or unemotional, even inhumane she feels, and they'd be right. 

Joseph Campbell's study of the Tarot resulted in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I've always felt he is talking about the Fool card as The Hero - but EVERY card in the Tarot is a hero with at least a thousand faces - in truth, I don't think we can put a number on it. 

Cold, alien, robotic, unemotional, and inhumane are all faces of Justice - she has to remain impartial to do her job. She must stay aligned and free from people-pleasing to serve the higher plane. She is, after all, the Egyptian Goddess who weighs man's heart against a feather to see if it's light enough to enter the kingdom of heaven that she guards.

There she sits with her colossal sword perfectly aligned. How difficult is that for a human to maintain? That takes an angel, not a human being.

No wonder we feel extreme responsibility and fall into comparison and perfectionitis when we first connect with her, so what's the key to embracing such a scary face-off?

The warrioress energy can only last so long, thank God. The more we connect with warrioress, the more arrogant and less gracious we can become, self-esteem issues reign supreme, and we fall into victimhood. 

Weariness is the saving grace, so if you feel tired, rest.

Hand it back to the universe to sort and let the process release you from the need to be a superhuman superhero and transcend to the higher octave of Justice, which is grace.

Grace (Libra) understands that something is there for a reason (even if she doesn't understand the reason), arrogance (Aries) gets angry and sets about changing it into the way they think it should be. 

Aries and Libra might be opposite signs, but all opposites have the same shadow. The Aries/Libra shadow is selfishness (in the negative sense of the word). Aries is more in your face, Libra covert. We feel this to the hilt when the Aries Sun reflects the Full Moon in Libra. 

So what is the way through? Introducing the next 7…

  1. Release the way you think things should be.

  2. Choose your battles wisely. 

  3. Don't give your energy away to anything that feels wrong - e.g. your trying to be nice, but it doesn't feel right (Justice has a powerful karmic backlash on that!) 

  4. Remember, you can't empower another by disempowering yourself.

  5. Practice the serenity prayer - God give me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I can't and the wisdom to know the difference. 

  6. Remember spirituality has nothing to do with being "nice" and everything to do with looking after your needs before anyone else so you can love from a full cup, rather than people please from fear. 

  7. And for this year's pink Moon, in particular, energies are still low; take a massive dose of slow self-love. 

Step back, meditate, strengthen your connection and attune to the most crystal clear broadcast in the sky. 

Because when we cut through the lower planes and connect to the higher, well, that's when those lateral laxatives kick in, and the air that we've gasped for the last couple of years becomes abundant again. 

And we will reap the final 7, living a life of: 

  1. Peace 

  2. Release 

  3. Alignment 

  4. Balance 

  5. A higher perspective

  6. A higher connection

  7. Grace  

You'll feel it in your heart, mind, soul, and relationships.

So to summarise, in the run-up to this Full Moon, we might experience intense lessons around caring about what people think. Still, we also feel the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces all month, an extraordinary alignment for reaching higher states of consciousness. So if you ever want to achieve that bliss state of nirvana, there's never been a better time to start meditating. 

Ecstasy is achievable only when we get out of that lower state of Justice. Now, we can achieve this state of grace easier than at other times. 

This Libra Moon is a massive heart opener for a much higher love, being ruled by Venus. She'll be hanging around with us for the next month or so as the Sun moves into the other Venus-ruled sign of Taurus only a couple of days later, heralding in Eclipse season at the end of the month. So the next month will be time to put our money where our mouths and our hearts are, and that's some powerful alignment. 

And let us not forget about Easter; it's time to let yourself be free of the unfair narrative and be born again into your higher self. 

If you are still gasping for air or fair and would welcome a powerful gust (rather than a fart in the wind), join us in the open circle for AstroTarotDance at 7:30pm UK on 16th here

And for full-on lateral laxatives, Rebirth your Worth, the 10-day journey through the Pentacles commencing on Easter Sunday!

If you are like, "Yup! I need that!" Click here to get started, and I'll see you on the other side,

Wishing you a wonder FULL moon xx



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