Leo Full Moon - Bring me a Higher Love - 16th Feb 2022

Feb 12, 2022


What a powerful week we have for the heart this week!

Monday - Valentines Day

Tuesday - Mars and Venus Conjunct (12th-16th)

Wed - Leo Full Moon @ 4:56 pm UK

Thursday - Random Acts of Kindness Day.


Leo rules the heart, a Leo full Moon means to expand that heart, and this is how you do it - plus the magic that happens when you do! 

Now, as a Leo, I can tell you that although Leo's, in general, are incredibly generous-hearted, our need for control is as big as our ego, and being The King of the Jungle - that ain't small! 

So what's the biggest issue with opening up our hearts? 

Pride. Or even the C WORD …CONTROL! 

I've had to work hard to swallow my pride, tame my ego and let go of control - it's an ongoing battle. In fact, this week, it snuck up on me again!...

My team had an office day at the headquarters in Sheffield, four hours drive away, and because I had something on in the evening, I couldn't go. 

Oh well, no biggie, I'll join them online; I sat down to join online and seconds before it started, they removed it because they don't have anything to raise - Hang on! I do! 

Disappointing, but I get it. 

Next WhatsApp came alive with happily reunited colleagues, ping, ping, ping. Yup, now I am really feeling it!

I think my manager realised as he sent me a message saying,

"Can you do a team meeting in Reading on 29th Mar with a night out then?"

"Calendar says no."

"Okay, how about the next day?"

"Calendar says no, just go with the majority. I'll be there for the meeting whenever it is and hopefully can wangle a night out."

Now I feel like a martyr, and my inner child is having an inner tantrum!

Leo egos don't do well with not being the centre of attention! 

The week continues with WhatsApp ping pinging with people meeting and bonding, my meetings keep cancelling and i'm generally feeling out of the loop. 

Finally, I recoiled to lick my open wounds, old stories flying out of them as I did. 

'You don't fit in, you never have, you never will."

Then I caught myself and my bratty inner teenager. No one did this on purpose. This isn't about me. It's not that I wasn't invited, it's not their fault my calendar is insanely busy- it's mine! 


I catapult out of my head and judgment into my heart and love. The stories stop, and the magic began:

  1. I lost 6lb! 
  2. I gained 15k! 
  3. My broken car stereo fixed itself!

AND then YESTERDAY happened! Backstory…

There's another team meeting happening (they happen fortnightly now), and it's the only one I could do if it wasn't for one thing in my diary with another manager that I don't feel comfortable cancelling.

Urgh! What to do? I've been tousling with this for a couple of weeks now. 

Opening my inbox, I find that manager cancelled my place at their meeting today! Hmm! - so the cancelling continues! 

Deep breath! Let's go into the "that's interesting" place with this instead. 

I email back…

"I totally understand your need to change your agenda last minute. It's a shame as I was looking forward to putting some names faces so I could hopefully book in some visits with you on the 2nd, particularly as I can no longer do the 22nd."

Hovering over the send button, do I? Don't I? Cue the electrician!

"Mrs Crosara, your fuse box is illegal, I need to bring it up to regs, but your power is going to be off all day. Is there a day you won't be working from home?" 

-' YES! Actually, there is! The 22nd!!"

I exclaim hitting the SEND button! 

So what's the moral of the story? The answer is always within. 

Take responsibility for how you feel and make it right.

Not by trying to change anything outside of you (something Leo's in particular need to learn!) But by noticing when you don't feel right because things are out of alignment, observing patiently, and striking at the right time. 

Just like a Lion!

You might have noticed I said that this week my car stereo fixed itself, I lost 6lb and gained £15000! But it didn't happen instantly. In fact, it's taken years of knowing something is "wrong" but accepting that it wasn't the right time to fix it. 

My car stereo:

Stopped working a couple of years ago. Then, the other day, I was driving along thinking, "I really need to find a place that can help me fix this, thinking of Halford's or something." 

Parking in a multistorey, I see there's a valet service, not precisely a Halford's but still a result as it's overdue a clean, so in I go. 

£20 less later I return to turn the key my stereo starts working!

No, it hasn't been 2 years since I cleaned it! Result! Pay for a car clean and stereo fixed for free! MUCH cheaper :)

My money:

I went back into employment because it was costing me increasing amounts to stay self-employed. I had some serious pride and ego slaying to do before I could do this -  it took years, wracking up debt as I went - what a costly lesson!

For years I've hung in the balance, trying to get a debt consolidation loan that wouldn't mess up my credit rating, but all I could ever do was get YET another credit card.

However, now I am employed, ding! You want a loan to consolidate your debt? Yes madam! No problem!

Result? An instant pay rise of about £200 a month - kerching! But as you can see, the backstory is far from instant. 

My weight:

An ongoing battle of the bulge. In 2019 I went from 14 to 10 stone - just in time for lockdown! 4 lockdowns later and I'm stuck in the middle - quite literally.

I couldn't fix it despite many attempts, but now I have not one but two reasons: 

  1. The opportunity to meet people in person. 
  2. A private referral from the NHS for a bi-lateral Hip op (another bit of magic after years of getting nowhere) and the private surgeon telling me I need to lose at least a couple of stone if I don't want any complications, 

Well, now is the time then!

Let's summarise:

Leo is a summer sign - a Leo Full Moon happens six months before summer when all the planets are partying in the opposite sign of Aquarius. That will make any person with strong Leo in their chart feel precisely like I did this week - left out. 

But, Leo's gift is power and their lesson is knowing how to use it wisely. 

This valentine is about finding the love and acceptance within yourself and the higher love in the universe. As you do, not only will you be allowed back into the party, but the magic will come. 

Not only because Leo rules the heart, but also because Venus (The Divine Feminine) is conjunct Mars (The Divine Masculine) throughout this week. 

For instance...

I ended my week on a call with my manager, my slider partially over my webcam by accident - when that happens, it makes me appear like a load of atoms! If I am wearing black, it doesn't look good.

Think poltergeist made of flies! Not good!

But this time I was wearing turquoise and gold.

So when I answered it, all he saw was a vortex of turquoise and gold stars swirling around! And all I saw was him moving backwards in his chair with hair on end!

I realise what's happening and move my slider! Whoosh! Like that I manifest! Lol! 

By that time, he is totally mind blown!

"WOOOOOWWW! That was soooo strange! It's like you are Glenda the Good witch or something!" 

I think about owning up to the slider, but everyone has a slider on their work computer, and it's obviously not a known phenomenon - so I smile and simply state...


Leo is the most influential creator of the universe because the Lion knows what it wants, sets its intention and waits, knowing the universe will provide. Then, all it has to do is say "how high" when the universe says jump - because that's the BIGGEST lesson for the Lion. 

It might be the most potent creator in the universe, but only because it is a part of it. 

On that note, this week is indeed powerful. Over in my membership, we "Go From Isolation to Intimacy in 16 days" starting on Valentines and AstroTarotDance with the big, bold, brave Leo Full Moon on Wednesday at 7:30pm - is it time for you to come and embrace your power?

Join us here and bring yourself a higher love.  

Note: Don't say I didn't invite you!

Wishing you a wonder- full Moon, from your fave Leo :)


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